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Dawn is a character from Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. In the games diamond, pearl, and platinum version she was one of the playable characters you can choose from. She will be an assistant for professor Rowan if you choose her male counterpart, Lucas. ...read more.


I don't see why people think Dawn is so annoying. For me, I saw her as a brave, determined, playful, sweet, ditzy, girly, fun-loving, character. And not only is she lovable, but she's a role model with the reason being because she's relatable. She got cocky and lost appeal rounds in two contests. And this made her question her ability to achieve her dream. But afterwards, Dawn beat May in the Wallace Cup, and had won a major amount of maturity because of it. This was a very important lesson that we all need to learn and for me, it was portrayed very well with her. And besides, Misty was rude, Iris was annoying, and Serena I can't begin to describe. And May was great, but Dawn is the winner!

Dawn the best female in the series in my opinion

Dawn was the best, she was never girly, she had a Mamoswine and a Quilava, and sure she liked to dress up, but who hasn't dressed up in their life, at least once, but she actually showed how hard it was to be coordinator, unlike May, who I don't mind, won every time in a contest, she actually worked hard for her goals and actually did some non coordinating competitions like the tag battle competition, and when she returned in the black and white series, she actually made it more enjoyable to watch. Misty was a bully, Iris was rude and annoying, May and Serena are okay, but no one can replace Dawn. - Sunset

DAWN IS THE BEST! I grew up watching diamond and pearl! Best Pokemon anime seasons ever! I cried in the last episode!

People will hate me for this, but I think Dawn's character was handled better than any other female companion. I mean, she didn't fade in the background, had reasonable motives for what she did, and had actual development that didn't soil her as a character. Plus, she was the first Pokemon girl who actually made it clear of what she wanted to do. And before you say May, you have to remember that May didn't even know what she wanted to do. Not only that, but half of her contest ribbons were earned through pure luck and little to no practice. But because she won a lot of ribbons, everyone wants to prove that she's a great coordinator. Just because Ash won all his Kanto badges doesn't mean he worked for them.

I hate how everybody thinks Dawn is girly for wearing all these fashion things. Sure that's her style. Hey, what about in the Pokemon Contests? What about those dresses? Let's be honest, we all knew she had to. It's a Pokemon Contest. Everybody there at least had to look good. How they released their Pokemon, how the Pokemon's moves look, everything. So it only makes sense for Dawn to at least fit in with good clothes and not her original clothes.

Everyone is saying that Dawn was 'too annoying and girly', but the fact is that not everyone is a tomboy, and I found Dawn really amusing. After Misty and May, seeing a completed different character was a breath of fresh air, and why I loved the series so much. When she lost the two contests in a row, I really liked how you saw her grow as a person as she had to try and rebuild her confidence. I just love Dawn! #noneedtoworry

She's really my favorite. Dawn is second favorite for me after Serena. Like I said she is so much prettier than Misty. Why does everyone prefer Misty so pretty? Yeah many boys like her but if I was a boy anyways I wouldn't because she's just so annoying. Dawn is my top character actually, she's just the best I mean it

Dawn is awesome. I love the way she cares so much for her Pokemon, and I love her relationship with Ash. I like her hair and style. I think she could be even better than Serena actually. She's a bit girly, but she's also hard in the head and she'd do anything for her Pokemon. So I think she's the best.

She's way better than Misty and clueless May this list is crap.

Dawn is just great! Her Pokemon are all cute, and wonderful! (Particularly Buizel). Her personality is relatable, she struggles, and feels real! Everything the May should've been!

CHILDHOOD MEMORIES! I also grew up with pearl, diamond and platinum, and a Dawn is amazing. She has my favourite Pokemon, and I LOVE how she wears a beanie.

She is the perfect one, cute hot kind loving adorable, loved Pokemon, passionate about contests, polite with everyone, those sapphire eyes, those blue hair, that nature, who can deny that she is the most effective character in the Pokemon anime

Dawn is by far the best anime character. For one, she is very relatable. She likes clothes? Ok, that's fine, I do too. Also, she showed how hard it was to actually catch a Pokemon. Unlike ASH, who is a selfish screen hog with his dumb yellow rat, she takes care of her Pokemon, and involves them all equally. Ash just throws his Pokemon away like empty soup cans! Except for Pikachu and Charizard, the most overrated Pokemon in the whole damn franchise! Dawn also owns many of my favorite Pokemon, like Pachirisu, Buneary, Piplup, and BUIZEL. S

She is perky and sweet and she is the best female traveling companion the show has and will ever make.

Dawn is the best! She's definitely better than May, but I still like Serena. Just not as much as Dawn!

The first AWESOME girl character in the anime is still my favorite.

I hate that this is so low because Dawn is just amazing.

I love Dawn. Yes, she was girly, in it for fashion, and had an interest in Pokèmon contests which included battling.
Dawn is way better than that dumb blonde, Serena.

Brave, motivated, so many good traits. Sure, she could lose her temper, but that is natural. Best cooperation with Ash as well! #hightouch

At least, she's better than Misty, the tomboyish mermaid, who always talks about her bike all the time, yo. - NaruHinaBlaze1

When I was little I grew up watching the diamond pearl series of Pokemon

Some of my favorite Pokemon companions have been Dawn and May, but I'm gonna have to give it to dawn on this one for being in my favorite ship Pearlshipping

The ONLY one of Ash's female companions who wasn't clueless/just plain weird. And she uses Piplup and Togekiss (two really beloved Pokemon from Gen IV).

Dawn is okay but I think her voice can get a little annoying and she is a bit too girly. And also The green haired dude is Cilan.