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May is a female companion to Ash in the generation 3 anime. She was also the female character in Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire. May (anime) debuted in the 275th episode, "Get the Show on the Road!" She was going to be a trainer, but wasn't excited about it. After meeting a more.


Ever since my first Pokemon Advanced episode, I've always loved May. She was sweet and girly, but at the same time, tough and tomboyish. She caught and raised the coolest Pokemon, (Venasuar, Blaizken), won more than 12 ribbons, and made runner-up in the Wallace Cup. Not only that, but she was also the prettiest poke-girl ever. If you ask me, May was way better than all the other female companions. Misty was kind of mean, Iris was really annoying sometimes, and Serena is downright stereotypical. Dawn was nice character for me cause she reminded me of May. But no one can compete with the original.

She won 13 Ribbons, competed in 2 Grand Festivals, has three starters and two of them are fully evolved and can Mega Evolve. Even her small and cute Pokemon can fight. She was similar to Dawn, but Dawn was the average girly girl. I know it's a stupid things to say, but while Dawn cared too much about her clother and hairstyle (in every Contest she competed in, Dawn always added accessories and other girly things) May didn't think about it. She taught a baby legendary Pokémon to say some words and she cared a lot and helped her brother. I think that she is the best Pokemon girl.
Misty didn't do much in her journey, Dawn was the average girly girl, Iris was just a waste of time and space and Serena is a princess of rainbows and unicorns that is addicted to Ash since her childhood.
So here is why I think May is the best Pokemon anime character.

May is the best of them all! She's tough, but sweet, kind and caring too. She never wasted time on stupid girly accessories, and wasn't babyish and addicted to Ash like Serena and Dawn were.(Ash is a stupid, babyish, wimpy jerk! ) I think May will always be the best.

What really pisses me off about May is how annoying her damn fan base is. If you say you like Misty better then May be prepared to get bombed by her fanbase! She had a god-awful personality, and the worst part is she just breezes through every contest without a loss. She's the reason I gave up on the Pokemon anime for the first. DP & BW anime got me back into it and only the XY&Z anime keeps me watching Pokemon. All of you advance shippers shut up, it's obvious May had a crush on Drew and you Advanceshippers are saying how she hates his guts! In my opinion May is just as bad as Serena. The only good thing about this character is her development but I knew I wouldn't like her once I heard her say "oh I don't like Pokemon" thank you, if you can't respect an opinion like mine, well too bad.

By far the best of the Main Cast in my opinion... Plus her rivals were the best and she had one of if not the coolest teams with PERSONALITY

May had the best character development, Pokemon and rivals in my opinion.

Pokemon Advanced was the first Pokemon series I have watched, and in all honesty, May in my opinion is the best character. - CygnusPlayz

May is cool, just not as cool as Dawn!

I love how cool she looks, her pokemon team, her great rivals, and her character growth. Love her

Dawn is stupid. Serena only really cares about herself. Iris is just annoying. May is always my favorite.

May is total awesome sauce and torchic is super cute

May is a very beautiful and caring. I like her very much.

May is the hottest Pokemon babe.

Because she is very cute and have short hairs like me

When May turned Sapphire she has the strongest Pokemon also. She can do mega evolved. May is just a normal person who doesn't care about clothes or any girly things. She is strong but sometimes funny. I didn't like serena since she wanted to be a kalos queen JUST to empressed ash. Dawn...can be sometimes annoying on her girly girly. I hope May will caught a dragon type. I think Hilda and May can be the best character BFF. I don't like serena since she is so obssed of ash. Serena is sometimes stupid. She just joined kalos queen for no reason

Misty Dawn Iris and Serena stink.

This is my favorite character because she has consistend and well devolped character growth. A beginning and a fitting end. Her presence in the anime was a complete arc. I am one of the few May fans perhaps who does not wish for her to come back in the series nor did I need her to stay longer. Her arc was done, and it was good. She left at the right time. Away from the show new writers can not ruin her like they sometimes do with Ash his character devolpment. I will Always glady rewatch the Hoenn seasons because of her. But will never hate on new female characters for not being May. I will only hate on them for being badly written like in the case of Serena. Possibly the first pokemon character I truly hate to watch. But I don't blame poor Serena, but the terrible writers behind her who could not have been botherd to give her a proper none Ash revolving Arc. No kalos queen does not count, as she wants to impress Ash with it, so it's still about Ash...

You can tell that sometimes May and Ash fell for eachother...GO ADVANCED SHIPPING!

May is the best she is pretty kind and strong you can see Pokemon x and y where serena only had 3 Pokemon but may she is awesome her Pokemon is the best consisting of blaziken skitty beautifly munchlax venusaur and wartortle

Ok so at first I didn't like any character at all then I found 3 series XY/XYZ diamond and pearl and finally advanced battle you can guess who won my heart

I love her attitude...she is totally awsme and have a vivacious smile...i all series of Pokemon ash was mostly addicted towards her and cares abt her

May is best female companion ash ever had she is cool,cute,kind and caring as well unlike others like dawn is always waste of time,serena is a jerk,iris is annoying while misty is irritating may is best beside have a lot of battle experience

Is totally cute,pretty,smart,charismatic character Pokemon series. She was not annoying to anyone...always tried to help other