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Misty, known as Kasumi in Japan, is a fictional character in the Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo and created by Satoshi Tajiri. She’s the gym leader in Cerulean city & specializes in water Pokemon. In the games, she’s known as ‘the tomboy mermaid.’ ...read more.


Misty's the best, yes she's annoying and does give Ash a hard time but considering that she grew up with three sisters who always making fun of her and putting her down but deep down she's a sweet and caring person. - egnomac

She mostly annoyed me when she had a focus episode. 'Heartbreak of brock' 'princess vs princess' when she pushed her way to see togepi, & how she only cared 4 pikachu but didn't care about the 'little kid' (yes she was the one who started it) she fished up who was being dragged by the river till she fished him up & harped on him without knowing what he's been through when obviously something happened with him. How she only cared about herself & in some instances tried to force ash & Brock to do all the work & do nothing but get the reward of them doing the work.

But after the worst female in all of Pokemon came along (useless stereotype Mary Sue aka Serena), I found her to b a bit more of a sympathetic character & have opened up to her more. Her backstory is so deep & makes u really understand her character. She is a girl to look up to as she was determined to prove her bratty sisters wrong about her. She is no pushover & isn't afraid to speak her mind. Great girl to look up ...more

Misty always felt the most realistic. She had an inferiority complex because of her sisters and she struggled to improve. Ash helped her and she helped Ash. They butted heads buy it also seemed more realistic stubborn than Iris and Ash. Also, Misty'so feelings for Ash grew because of being around him for so long and her insecurity towards the girls ash talks to is a feeling most pokemon fans can relate too May was too successful too quick. (Though I think May did a great job filling the role). Dawn was a rehash of May's character which made for a good contest battle later on but kinda unoriginal. The Unova anime was bad and it should feel bad. On the point of Iris, she didn't grow much as a character she even seemed to be surpassed by Ash in a few ways later on (which would have been a given in earlier gens but not with Iris). And then there's Serena...who is basically a stereotype on stalker obsessed preteen girls. She doesn'the even accomplish anything like the other four. A very ...more

I think Misty is the best wife for Ash because she cares for him a lot which was shown when Ash catches a ghost Pokemon and Ash also love Misty because at the orange generation Misty had a great crush on Dany and Ash gets jealous and Ash Tracey why did she cares for him a lot and as shown in the picture that Serena kisses Ash there should be a red mark on his face but it was not there so Ash only likes Misty as may like Drew and Dawn likes Paul and Iris someone and Misty and Ash are made for each other and also Misty asks Ash to get married with her and Ash nods and tells yes and after that gets a shock at heartbreak of Brock they two love each other from the first day

Not exactly my favorite character, but I really enjoy her realistic personality, which most characters don't have in the series. I didn't like how she abused Ash in the first season, but she became a lot nicer as the series progressed, and I would consider that character development. She also is a tomboy with a girly side too. She had flaws and some moments when I can't really stand her, which is understandable, because it makes us easy to relate with her. Overall I have mixed feelings about her. - yungstirjoey666

I liked how Misty was a tomboy and had an actual talent of being a water Pokemon trainer, plus she's the co gym leader (with her sisters) of cereulean and later the sole gym leader after the Johto journey. It's very hard to replace the original companion who originated in the very first Pokemon episode and stayed for far more episodes than any other female companion. Misty was actually supposed to be the female companion in the Hoean episodes too but because her Japanese voice actress quit they took a drastic measure to try replace her- this didn't even work as fans were really mad at her being replaced and she had to be brought back a number of times in the Advanced and chronicles episodes while the Hoean season was airing. Now its just a pattern of a new female companion each region with the previous appearing for ONE episode which is honestly the most stupidest thing ever. I also loved how Misty put Ash in his place and was hilarious, her and Jessie are my favorite characters.

Why do so many people hate Misty? I think she's really cool!

I LOVE MISTY! She is the best female companion Ash ever had.

Misty had spirit, she had fears, which made her more real. That facts of her fears made her unique. She was not afraid to stand up, and had a big dream and to become a great person someday. ( Like a strong Gym Leader. )

She is the only crush of ash! Misty is awesome she should return back in the show!

Ash doesn't have a crush on her either. Yeah, he blushes sometimes, but he does stuff like that with the other girls. - yungstirjoey666

Misty ROCKS! She got to slap Ash for being stupid, and was way better than all the girls on Ash's adventures. Plus, she is a Cerulean Gym Leader which makes her twice as awesome!

That wasn't very nice of her, but I guess she became calmer over time - yungstirjoey666

Misty is my favorite pokegirl. I mean sure, she may be very short-tempered and will often be mean to Ash and Brock but the poor thing grew up with three older sisters and felt inferior to them and I can understand, after growing up with three older brothers. And besides, in most cartoons, the girls are just stereotypical and girly and had no special personality. Misty on the other hand, is sweet and fenimne, but at the same time she's strict and tomboyish. That's what I like to see cartoon characters. Not only that but she had an original design. Sneakers, red hair, emerald eyes, Misty is the greatest pokegirl.

Misty is the worst! Ash is the only one worst than her, misty is extremely annoying and she is mean to team rocket and everyone knows team rocket is the best characters in the series hands down! Team rocket should be number one of this list (anyone from the trio is better than misty). James Jessie and meowth are 100 times better than misty!

She is the best character in the series. Plus all the original Pokemon episodes featuring ash, brock, misty are lot better than the rest episodes

Misty rocks she should be at first!

Misty is the best girl character. But Ash should be on the first.

Is possibly the most annoying Pokegirl ever. Of all characters, Misty is the worst. I know it says Top Ten but I don't get how people like Misty so much and she abuses everyone. She's NOT cuter with Ash than with Serena. She is definitely, what can I say she is just damn annoying

Misty is radical. She is kind... But sometimes mean. She is better than any of the Pokemon girls. She deserves to be at the top!

She was Ash's first traveling partner besides pikachu. She was the original female partner. All the female partners are cool besides Serena.

Misty is so cute and awesome, the anime isn't the same without her

Misty is a pretty girl in Pokemon.. East or west misty is the best

She is basically iris but more snooty girly and abusive because iris was even helping ugly and scary pokemon

She's WAY better than stupid Serena

I don't really hate Misty; I simply just dislike her. Her fanbase is what I hate.

I like the couple of ash and misty than ash and dawn or ash and may

Misty is ashes only BEST friend HE EVEN ADMITTED IT HIMSELF you don't hear ash saying YOUR MY BEST FRIEND to May dawn iris or even Serena!