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41 Hunter J V 2 Comments
42 Mallow Mallow


43 Ghetsis Ghetsis Ghetsis Harmonia, or simply Ghetsis, is the main antagonist in Pokemon Black and White and the direct sequels, as well as the adoptive father of N, Concordia, and Athea.
44 Smosh

What the heck? Smosh isn't even in the Pokemon Anime, manga, OR ANYTHING!

Can't wait till Pokemon in Real Life 6!

Well that's totally wrong they should show other girls like may in various outfits...serena is just a imature girl and ash will soon replace him

They did an anime of Pokemon in real life. Called Pokemon in real life episodes 1-5. I'm your biggest fan smosh! Hei kan subo jun baji kurai tata gano, goho la sero ku ibi. I know eight languages English' French Spanish Japanese Korean Chinese Russian and latin

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45 Daisy Waterflower

I know that this Daisy is one of Misty's sisters but "Waterflower" is not her official surname. It's great to see her on this list because she along with Lily and Violet are good characters in my opinion. - Nectaria

46 Solidad
47 Kenny

He is Dawn' true rival and a nice guy. Where are the fans?

I go Dawn and Ash all the way. Sorry!

Dawn would rather hold Lucas e's hand then be your girlfriend dawn hates you for calling her Dee Dee.

"Hey Deedee.."

"give it up Kenny, I'm with Barry. Buzz off"

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48 Barry

Funniest character! Where are the fans?

He is awesome where are the fans?

I'm gonna fine you 1 gazillion pokedollars for not making me at the top of the list!

49 Frogadier Frogadier

It is ASHNINJA and a Pokemon

Frogadier is a fearless frog Pokémon, and one of the best. I'm also surprised that Chespin did not make a placement : T. Also : Frogadier is loyal, and nicer than Pikachu at times. I mean, he does use his frubbles a lot, but they work.

50 Sawyer V 2 Comments
51 Samson Oak Samson Oak
52 Miette Miette

Errr soz this is the wrong list she should be on the worst Pokemon characters list *sigh* well at least she’s a minuscule bit better than serena miette is the second worst pokemon character ever

What is wrong with this website I already put a comment saying she’s really annoying and now I can’t see it get her off this list

53 Officer Jenny Officer Jenny A Police Officer who appear in the Pokémon Anime who made her first appearance in the episode "Pokémon Emergency" throughout the series there are countless Police Officers who oddly are all named Jenny and are all related to one another in one way or another since they all look a like its impossible more.

Jenny always seems to be accusing Ash and co. of things she has practically no evidence for, AND she lets so many crimes slip by. Worst cop ever, but hilarious in all!

"Oh I'm sorry, I always jump to conclusions! " Officer Jenny said, FOR THE ONE MILLIONTH TIME!

54 Cissy

"You'll never beat my sis, Cissy! "

"shut up, squirt."

"Hey! I was just cheering for ya! "

She is the coolest gym leader. She's rocking and smart.

55 Sparky

I wonder if this Sparky is the trainer from The Battling Eevee Brothers episode or it's the Pikachu that is owned by Ritchie? I like both Sparkies but I'm more of a fan of Ritchie's Pikachu. - Nectaria

56 Johanna

Have you noticed that she is very pretty? I think she is very beautiful and cute.

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57 Arceus Arceus Arceus is a legendary Pokémon from the Pókemon series. He first appeared in the 18th Pokémon movie alongside other Legendary Pokémon.

He created the Pokemon World (it really was the owner of Nintendo but in the Mythology) so without him none of these characters would exist

Thank you arceus


58 Trip

Not only does he change a lot through the series you realize how he and I can be pretty similar to Ash out of all of Ash's rivals trip is probably my favorite

Trip changed a lot throughout the series,

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59 Burgundy Burgundy Burgundy is a fictional character who appears in the Pokémon Black & White anime series, a C-class Pokémon Connoisseur and rival to Cilan who she vowed revenge after losing to him in a Gym battle and evaluating her Pokémon she became motivated to study and become a high ranking Connoisseur in order more.

I like her and all, but she never won a battle ever. And why does she care about beating Cilan? She should be higher!

Good. Burgundy is last. I hate this French spoiled brat. She deserves to be here. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

60 Oralie

Isn't she an oneshot character? She never appeared in other episodes after her debut. I think it's okay to put one shot characters to this list. - Nectaria

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