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Serena has proven to be a kind and polite girl but she can also be openly rebellious towards her mother, Grace. In Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!, she refused to wake up when Grace ordered her to, and gave a sassy response to her mother's call to watch the news. This tumultuous relationship more.


What's with all the hate against Serena? I will admit that she's a bit bland and Mary Sue-ish, but by no means is she terrible. I used to be a Serena hater, but now I've changed the errors of my ways. She wasn't being rude to her mother. She just didn't like how she forced her to be a Rhydon trainer. And it's evidenced by the fact that her relationship with her mother had improved ever since. And what's so wrong about being girly? Misty had instances of being girly in spite of being a tomboy, so why is it wrong for Serena? As for Serena barely catching Pokemon, it's because she's a performer. Performers mostly focus on their own Pokemon. And finally, she isn't as obsessed with Ash as you say she is. I'm not an Amourshipper anymore, but there's a difference between jealousy and possessiveness, and as far as I know, Serena is more focused on other things than her feelings on Ash. Handing the handkerchief was a bit creepy I admit, but I don't think she intended to act like so. - yungstirjoey666

Best girl ever and her character was meant to be like that to go out to 1st meet ash and then find her goal I think her character development was way better than many girl in show, it was new and I liked it like coming out of house and seeing a new world where people are finding their dream seems quite interesting her character was meant to be like that, why go on same old like pikachu destroys the girls bike and she follows ash, it was getting boring and why go on same old stuff either female character is wants to be coordinator or just want to be some type master in 1st 10 episode the girl gets some 3 new Pokemon it was sick and hating her cause she has canon crush on ash but not your favorite pokegirl for god sake grow up. Serena character development was great like after losing the match and then cutting her hair down was great and then working hard to win she even went to finals and really had to win. After seeing misty in top positon I really hate to say but this page is no ...more

Serena's my favorite Pokegirl (I don't mind her being in love with Ash, Misty had an implied crush on Ash and was FAR more possessive of him than Serena ever has been so how is Serena liking Ash a problem)? In fact I like her crush on Ash (admittedly I'm an amourshipper, but that isn't the reason why she's my favorite Pokegirl). I like how after Serena spent who knows how long being forced into doing something she didn't like with Ryhorn Racing than tracking down Ash who taught her to always try even if she would fail and she has failed before but she got back up and became even stronger/confident/diligent because of it. Ash is a source of inspiration for her and she in turn is more inspirational to Ash than the previous Pokegirls. Despite traveling with him for a short amount of time she knows him well enough to pull him out of a funk that the others probably wouldn't have had much success with and give him his confidence back.

Serena didn't have a goal at first other than ...more

1st of all watch pokemon xy series and comment. Many people are hating her cause she likes ash like seriously cause she has a canon crush but not other girl and she did much role than misty and her character was meant to different like just roam around until when she decided what to do in her life and it was well written why always go in same storyline accept it or not she is way better than misty and one person commented she is top in most hated and annoying character like imagine coming to online just to vote to top her up and plus its like this serena vs misty and dawn and may

I hate serena. She is really annoying. She cares about only herself and Ash. She is very dull and boring as a character. She does not even looks good with ash as a couple. Rather Misty is away better character than her. She a stupid girl and does not even deserve to be in this list and also Pokemon.

After seeing the comment section I can say now easily she is the best pokegirl These people who hate her saying she hates her Pokemon lol there was never such episode aired like that but misty hate toward psyduck was sure aired ever episode and seriously she likes ash so you all are hating her lol ever heard hinata loves toward Naruto or sakura toward sasuke, even Chichi loved Goku at very young age and please watch the show before commenting it's so annoying that people who never saw xy series comment

I don't get why people dislike Serena! My favourite girl character used to be Dawn, but now it's Serena. In my opinion, I think she's very sweet and has a great relationship with all of her Pokemon!

Serena needs to tell Ash how she feels. She also really needs to get more confidence. I mean, look at her! She doesn't even have enough courage to tell Ash anything that bothers her.

Wow! Serena reminds me of a little bit DAWN but so bad that she is still not COOL as dawn.i don't care of serena that she is GOOD or BAD because dawn will aways be my number ONE

She is pretty much a useless person and I'm pretty sure ash will lose intrest in her soon

I've seen Misty, May, Dawn, Iris and all those other girls, but mostly Serena. She's fair-haired, slim but has a GREAT FAT HEART OF LOVE for Ash. Yes I like Iris but Serena is ultimately better. She's kind to Ash unlike... Let's say Misty! Misty wasn't a doll, she was a stupid tomboy with carrot hair who physically abused poor old Ashy. Serena is different and she well should be. she actually might surpass may in a beauty contest probbly

If Serena was obsessed with Ash, why would she leave him so willingly?

Dawn, Misty, Brock, May, and even Clement were better than Serena. - AliciaMae

She's so beautiful and way better than Misty. She always will be Ash's first, truly and also best girlfriend. - NaruHinaBlaze1

Get this useless jerk out of this list! Overrated and Overhated at the same time - Unharmless

Am I the only one on this website who likes this girl?

She has much more intrest in Ash which is meaningless and what she wants!

She is the best character in the world. Her development is amazing.

Serena is weak and boring I mean seriously she ain't good at anything else but Pokemon showcases boi she is way to girly I wanna vomit boi

Hooray for serena she is a better character in the world

What the heck she is doing on the list?! - horerfett

Serena deserves to be number 1,000,000 on the list she is a stupid and boring Pokemon character.

Don't know why anyone hate her, but she's way better than Misty. - NaruHinaBlaze1

Serena is the best character from the anime and no one will tell me otherwise.

I know that Serena is always better than that Misty who complains, a lot. - NaruHinaBlaze1