Pokemon Characters Who Should Be Created


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1 Elliot

Elliot who would be a new trainer who would also be Ash's new companion, in something that has never been done in the Pokemom anime he will also compete in Gym Battles not only that but also competing in Pokemon Contests making him both a friend and Rival, unlike most of Ash's other friends like May, Dawn & Serena Elliot began his Pokemon training at a very young age along with his Pokemon partner Tyroge who evolved into Hitmonchan, Elliot comes from a world famous family who are all successful trainer beginning with his father whose the Pokemon World Champion, his mother Lita is the region champion, his late Grandfather Angelo who was the very first Pokemon world champion and world famous trainer who not help trained him him but several other well known Pokemon trainers like Lance, Bruno, Cynthia, Clair, Max and Mays dad Norman, Brocks dad Flint, Bass his brother and sisters and most notably his father Demetri and many more, he also has 4 siblings 3 of them who are former league ...more - egnomac

2 Forrest

This would actually be a decent idea, in my honest opinion the Pokemon series never really had a decent ghost type gym leader sure Morty and Fantina were good but not what I would picture a ghost gym leader to be the fact that Forrest's gym would be held in a hunted mansion at night is the perfect atmosphere for ghost Pokemon.

A new gym leader who's character design is loosely based on the Crow and The Undertaker whos a both a ghost and dark type trainer and he has Dark mystical powers that allow his ghost Pokemon to use super powerful moves that othets can't and also makes them part dark types with all of the strenghts of dark type and none of the weaknesses. - egnomac

Forrests gym is very unique in the pokemon world for starters his gym is only open at night and to get the gym trainers have travel through a dark and creepy forest filled with ghosts and ghost pokemon among many of the ghost include The Buziel Gang who are based on the wiesels from the live action movie Mr. Toads Wild Ride, a mysterious masked woman based off the Japanese urban legend the Slith Mouth Woman, a headless knight and his horse and many more, those who make it trhough the forest will find the Gym which is actually a Haunted Mansion with ghosts and other terrifying things Trainers can either choose to battle Forrest for the Crypt Badge which is an impossible task or search the mansion for a Crypt Badge which is easier said then done. - egnomac

3 Jet

Jet is a world famous Pokemon trainer having won every league championship and self proclaimed worlds greatest coordinator like Diantha Jet is also a famous actor like a typical Hollywood actor he's a complete narcissist always brags about how good he is and constantly putting people down who aren't as great as him.

Though he claims to be from Hollywood he's actually from Ceruleon City formely known as Eddie before legally changing his name to Jet was originally suppose to take over as Ceruleon Gym Leader but refused, he has a sister Marin and a mother who he is estranged with who never wanted him to be a Pokemon trainer who holds a lot of tension towards him which is the anger she has for his father who abandoned them to become a Pokemon trainer and never returned she ends up taking all her anger towards him, in the begging all Jet ever wanted was for his mother to be proud of him but no matter how many championships he won it was never enough their last encounter both lost ...more - egnomac

4 Rock

Rock.is by far the most dangerous and meanest trainer you will ever meet, he's a trainer you never want to battle against as his pokemon as his they are just as mean and dangerous as he is mainly his number one Pokemon who's a new Pokemon whos a fighting type with the personality of Brock Lesnar who has only one goal that is to dominate and physicaly hurt other Pokemon, Rock is an A hole and enjoys being one his goal is to be the most dominant trainer in the world he respects no one that goes for gym leaders, professors, elite four members, and even champions Rock really hates Pokemon Coordinators in his own words Pokemon Contests are a disgrace to Pokemon battles and all coordinators are loser trainers who couldn't make it in the big league.

One thing he loves more then his Pokemon physicaly hurting other Pokemon is pissing people off not surprisingly he's made enimies with a lot of people including some of Ashs friends just to name a few Brock and his family, the people of ...more - egnomac

5 Cody

The son of gym leader Bass, whos a bit of the runt of the litter he's not as big and strong as some of his older brothers and is not very confident with his abilitys as a Pokemon trainer, he secretly wants to compete in contests but his father really doesn't approve in the idea so he secretly disguises himself as a masked wrestler so his family dosen't recognize and surprisingly becomes a more confident trainer. - egnomac

Codys family includes: His Father Bass the Gym Leader, his mother Roxanne, 5 Brothers and six sisters Seth the oldest, Roman, Trish, Brad who goes by Bradshaw, Arista, Mike, Jolene his twin sister, Owen and triplet sisters Mimi, Nini and Deedee.

He would form a rivalry with Drew in the Contest circuit, and later meets with May and develops a crush on her. - egnomac

6 Demetri

Elliots father and The cuurent World Champion, while each region has its own champion there would be one trainer that would represnt as champion of the world defending the title against all top trainers from all the region's, Demetri won the title from his father Angelo which he's held on to for 25 long years consider to be the greatest trainer in the world now is at a crossroads in his career after beating all the top trainers Demetri now feels that there's no challenge anymore and vowes to retire when he loses the title. - egnomac

7 Janne

Elliots yonger sister about Bonnies age a child prodigy whos one of the toughest kid trainers, her Pokemon are Golem which she raised from a Geodude, a Sneasel and a Stunky shes also a one of the 4 gym leader in their home town as the first trainer challengers face before her other siblings she may be small but she's no pushover and managed to beat trainers with twice her experiance. - egnomac

8 Olivia

Elliot's other older sister and one of the 4 gym leaders whos both a top coordinator and master trainer and was the first trainer/coordinator to win both a grand festival and league championship in the same year not only that but did it 3 strait years she also helped train elliot and also teaches him about contests. - egnomac

9 Marin

Jets little sister who eventually was allowed to go on a Pokemon journey while on her journey she attempted to search for her missing brother, she eventually returned to Ceruleon City befriended Misty and become a apprentice working at the gym.

With Marin they can finally allow Misty to travel with Ash again as she secretly wants to take over as gym leader, Ash returns asks Misty to travel with him again with Misty and her sister's agree to let run the gym for them and later during the league championship she recognizes him as her brother which later leads to a series of confrontations.

Like Misty Marin love water Pokemon almost as much as Misty does, Marins Pokemon are Blastoise, Vaporeon, Jellicent, Spheal, Kingdra, Feraligatar and many more. - egnomac

10 Mina

Shes a gym leader who unlike most Gym Leader's dosen't focus on mastering one type but rather has an enormous variety of Pokemon types, in her gym the battles are full 6 on 6 battles however she will always uses a different set of Pokemon for every challenger which can make battles a little bit easy or very hard depending on which pokemon the trainer chooses because her pokemon are always diffrent trainers will have a really hard time preparing for, trmanage to who manage to beat her will earn the Mystery Badge - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Bass

Bass is a wrestler turned gym leader who's character design is loosley based on Mike Hagger from Final Fight who specialisis in fighting types though he would rather be called a wrestling type gym leader as he's help taught his pokemon several wrestling moves to use in battle, as a matter of fact his battle field is actually a wrestling ring his main Pokemon is Machamp with its signature finishing move called the Seismic Piledriver which is a 1 hit knockout if it connects, he's also a father of twelve 2 more than brocks family and also friends with Demetri, Flint Brocks Dad, Norman, and Ash's dad. - egnomac

12 Brodus
13 Gaston

A member of the elite four and cousins with Fantina, Gaston specialises in Water, Poison and Psychic types. - egnomac

14 Matt

Childhood friend of Jet and Alice who traveled together, Matt and Jet were at one time the best of friends until jealousy and ego tore them apart Matt become jealous of all of Jets success it infuriated him to see to see him climbing up the ladder of sucess so quickly while he remained in the same spot never achieving any sucess making things worst the girl he loved Alice is in love with Jet and lost his opportunity as Gym Leader for Ceruleon City when Jet was chosen to take over instead of him. - egnomac

15 Alice
16 Joyce

A new gym leader whos the very first member of the Joy.family to become gym leader who specialises in Normal Types her main Pokemon is Chansey with Fighting type moves she also has a Snubbull, a Audino and a Purrloin, she carrys the Medicine Badge. - egnomac

17 Genghis

Genghis is a very unique challenge to his gym in the anime he would have a system similar to Ash's gym battle from Virdian City in season one where both participants are in a box and every time the pokemon takes damage the trainer gets shocked if the trainer gets knocked down they have to the count of 10 to get up if they don't they automatically lose the match regardless of how many of his Pokemon they beat. Genghis specialises in both Dragon and Fire types the reward for beating him is The Conquers Badge. - egnomac

18 Gavin

A rockstar turned gym leader and the nephew of L.T. Surge he specialises in both Electric and Ground types he carries the Lightning Badge. - egnomac

19 Antonio

A member of the elite four who's dressed like a matador a former coordinator, Antonio doesn't really specialise in one type of pokemon his Pokemon consists of Tarous, Maractus, Barbaracle, Lunatone, & Blaziken, he may have possible inspired Kenny to become a Pokemon Coordinator he even dressed the same was as him with his bullfighter costume. - egnomac

20 Lita

Mother of Serena, Leo, Olivia, Elliot and Janne and wife of Demetri Lita is the region Champion she follwed in her mother's footsteps a former league winner she and Demetri have know each other of since childhood and at one time fierce rivals she is considered one of the strongest female trainers. - egnomac

21 Captain Silver

A new gym leader who's character is loosley based on Captain Long John Silver from Treasure Island, he's a water type gym leader who's gym is actually located in a cave trainers need to use surf or get a ride to the gym Silvers main pokemon is a Golden Gyarados beating him earns the trainer The Captains Badge. - egnomac

22 Lili

A member of the elite four a young an elegant woman whos loosley based on Lili de Rockfert from Tekken, she specialises in Fairy, Steel and Flying types. - egnomac

23 Sheamus

An elite four member whos a fiesty irishman who specialises in Fire, Fighting and Grass types. - egnomac

24 Leo
25 Fred

Fred should be a Fire type master who is the Champion of some future region his main Pokemon is Flareon and his friends who are also members of the elite four are Umbrielle, Dark type master, Shiro, Fairy type master, Lucas, Grass type master, and Veronica, Water type master. I would love for this to happen I'm even writing a 300 page book on their journey to protect the Pokemon world from Necrozma, and Team Plasma which is becoming much more powerful due to their new weapon Project Destruction.

26 Ghetsis Jr

The biological son of Ghetsis.

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