MLPFan Reviews:Lavender Town Syndrome(CreepyPasta)

MLPFan Introduction
So I earlier I was having pasta for lunch and the word 'pasta' made me remember about Internet's horror tales, In other words, Creepypastas. While I enjoyed infamous pastas like Jeff the killer, there's this pasta that caught my attention the most. The Lavender Town Syndrome, one of Pokemon's first creepypastas and a pasta that I've been paying attention to for a while. And now, I will make a review about It and questioning about Is this pasta real or was just made from boredom? Please, continue on!
The Pasta
The story mentioned that there were a peak of suicides and illness back In 1996, at the day the beta version of Pokèmon Red&Green was released. It may sound strange at first glance, but It was explained that the cause of such events is the audio of Lavender Town, a level on the game that was portrayed as a pokèmon cemetery(which we went to after we accidentally killed Gary's ratticate). For those who want to know more, you guys can check out the link I'll left at the end of the review. But let's just continue on.
My opinion about It
Despite being criticized as "ridiculous", It was a rather fine pasta on my opinion. The grammar was used well, It doesn't overuse clichès(please remember that I'm mentioning this trope at the time there weren't much Lavender Town pastas based on this syndrome one, so no Buried Alive, White Hand, etc. The clichès I meant are cheesy stuff like: POINTLESS VIOLENCE MAKES IT SUPER SCARY U GUIZE). However, the pasta Is uneven towards the more popular pastas. In other words, It may not be one of the best or was bad enough to be a troll pasta. It was pretty good and worth at least a read.

A thing I love from this pasta Is that It rarely has clichès No "POINTLESS VIOLENCE MAKES IT *blahblahblah*" no "ENGLISH, MUDDAF***A!!! DO YOU SPEAK IT?!", and no typical tropes that would make were used to describe trollpastas. The 'Lavender Town Pastas' may be considered as a clichè, But that was at the time there were already a bunch of Lavender town pastas. But this was the first one so It doesn't count as a part of the clichè.

(None as the pasta doesn't have any characters In It. But If you're mentioning the one with the detectives, inspector and staff. That's a different story, but the link would also be given

I loved the pasta a lot. Great pasta. But I'm afraid I
can't give It a really high rating because of having to calculate the points. But here...
1)The story=85
2)Clichè or not? =90
3)Characters=0(since It doesn't have characters)
Original rating= 6.25/10.0
But for being one of my favourite pastas and one of the pastas that started the Pokèmon Creepypasta genre, PLUS for being one of the pastas that people thought Is real, I'm giving a bonus. Add 10 points.
Final rating= 7.25/10.0

Recommendations If you liked this(In no order):
1)Pokèmon Black= Both are one of the Pokèmon pastas that started the Pokèmon creepypasta. Both may not be similar, But If you're looking for another pasta that started the PokèPasta genre, you might want to check this out
2)Missing Frequencies Mystery= Both are pastas about Lavender Town and both heavily mentioned the Lavender audio. The different things are that the LTS rather focuses about the events while the MFM focuses about the binaural effects the audio contains.
3)Polybius= Both are stories about video game urban legends. You might like to see both if you're a fan of video game horror tales.
4)Project Eeveelution=Both have iconic pokèmon creatures on their pasta. Project Eeveelution has an Eevee while Lavender Town has a ghost pokèmon
5)Buried Alive= Another Lavender Town Pasta. They are a lot different, but you should read this If you're a fan for Lavender Town Pastas

The main pasta=
A version with some characters(I found it somewhere on this page)=


Wow, great review! 10/10 IGN rating, Sartika! - TwilightKitsune

Nice. I like this creepypasta a lot, and you did it justice with this review! - Absolite