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21 Cubone's Mother

The story that Cubone mother was murdered by Team Rocket and

22 Abandoned Loneliness

As a eevee fan I found this one as my absolute favorite Creepypasta

Best pasta ever.

I Absolutly Love This Pasta, It Deserves To Be Higher On The List, It Is More Of A Feelspasta Than Creepypasta, Pretty Sad Stuff, Yet A Over All Great Pasta! One Of My Favorites.

I am a eevee fan. When I first seen this pokepasta I thought: 'How dare you to make eevee go through so much pain, death? ' And after I read it I was crying for hour. More feelspasta, then Creepy Pasta, but still. This story deserves 3th, 2nd or even 1st place!

23 Tarnished Gold

Really good story Scared me stiff!

So creepy...

24 Stephanie's Revenge 4: How Rude!
25 Creepy Black

Creepy black is the other name of Pokemon black

26 Never Force It

Three letters S-A-D in the end the poor eevee tried to show its trainer it did not need to evolve And after it killed the trainers Pokemon he ran away and the eevee was left to die she said that she would make it up to him he shut of the game and on his bed was a Pokemon plush eevee and on a bow it said to my trainer from (the eevee's name)

Great Pasta, just read it. I love the Eevee's name, Vey. So awesome and creative.

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27 My First Pikachu

Go check it out on someordinarygamers. So creepy.

28 Tommy Boy

Tommy Boy is pretty lame to me. It's a shiny Flygon that wants his mommy (the little sister in the story). Not scary, at all.

Dude you forget that he is a demon that kills people steal there souls in order to control there body

29 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Death

I am really surprised that this was not put on this list yet. If I say anything, it will be a spoiler, but it is worth the read!

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30 Glitchlett

I read it when I was five (huge mistake, I know) and I'm still terrified of it. I'm surprised it's not in the top ten.

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31 Oaksmessage.txt
32 Pikachu's Scream
33 Easter Egg

It's gruesome, terrifying and outright scary. Deserves to be on this list.

34 Pokemon Sickly Green

I like it. It was a crossover Creepypastas between Pokemon and Sonic the Hedgehog.

35 The Call of Charon
36 Tristan

It's kind of a PokePasta... It was a nice story though

37 Eternal Forest

It's a creepypasta where someguy kills your Pokemon, laugh out loud

38 It's all Fun and Games
39 Blood Red
40 White Ditto
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