Top 10 Best Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension Season 11 Episodes


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1 Strategy with a Smile

Dawn and May battle each other in the finals of The Wallace Cup in an epic battle. - egnomac

2 Tanks for The Memories

Ash and the gang arrive at a milk bar run by a trio of sisters and their miltanks, Brock ends up helping one of the sisters Autumn who's Miltank refuses to obey anything she says and Dawn, Ash and there Pokemon help out by dressing in maid costumes in running the restaurant even Ash is dressed in a maid costume who doesn't mind it too much. - egnomac

3 Shield with a Twist

Ash finally gets his long awaited Gym battle with Fantina in a very hard fought battle and it was also really funny seeing Fantina reaction after losing a round.. - egnomac

4 Tears of Fear

I spot a reference. - GehennaTheSecond

5 A Full Course Tag Battle

May makes her return and meets Dawn, she invites the others to eat at a restaurant in which trainers eat for free if they can defeat the owners Ash and Brock easily win there match leaving Dawn and May to battle next until Team Rocket end up stealing all the food for themselves and May becomes furious that she and the others hunt them down and take back the food and even though they earn their free meal by bringing back the food May and Dawn insist on finishing their tag battle. - egnomac

6 Crossing the Battle Line

Dawn challenges Maylene in hopes of restoring her confidence as gym leader and she actually does a pretty good job during the battle. - egnomac

7 Lost Leader Strategy

The gang arrive up at Velstone City where Ash looks to battle for a gym badge and find Paul's brother Reggie and the gym leader Maylene who has lost her confidence after losing to Paul who straight up broke her down telling her that she's the weakest trainer he ever fought and Dawn decides to help her regain her confidence back. - egnomac

8 Pokemon Ranger and The Kidnapped Riolu
9 Battling The Generation Gap

Dawn enters a Pokemon Contest the same one where famous Pokemon stylist Lila who was once rivals with Dawn's mother Johanna who battled each other years earlier and won, the episode even starts out with a flashback of Johanna and Lilia during a contest battle. - egnomac

10 Team Shocker!

Dawn participates in the Solaceon Contest and loses in the first round again. This loss leaves her so upset that she's sure whether she'll compete in contests in the future. Since she's lost in the first round twice in a row, this loss makes her depressed for the next few episodes, unsure of what she will do. - dels

The Contenders

11 Ghoul Daze

While attending a Pokemon Summer camp Ash, Dawn, Brock and new friend Angie and their team compete in a challenge at night where they must navigate though a Forrest with ghost Pokemon lurking all over the area and retrieve a special item Ash and Angie are paired together meanwhile a mischief's and dangerous ghost appears and puts them in danger. - egnomac

12 A Triple Fighting Chance
13 Crossing Paths
14 Go Team Go
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