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1 Pokemon HeartGold

The game is fantastic. If you are looking for a new Pokemon Game, then pick this up. If you are having trouble with your starter, I think it is based more about your personality. To start off is Chikorita. Chikorita is a Grass Type Pokemon that will give you a hard time in the game. So if you're looking for a challenge, then choose Chikorita. If you wanna make the game even, then choose Totodile. And of course, if you want an easy and quick adventure, go with Cyndaquil. Chikorita is the less overrated, kinda cute though. Totodile has a really high Physical Attack. Remember, it's Physical. So don't teach it the things you think are super strong like Surf, and Water Sport, and those fancy stuff. Cyndaquil is awesome, but it can't learn that many moves. I hope this helped you but now, enjoy your game.

This game is pretty shi-
*hears gun click*
-I mean this is the best game ever made, I always play it when I'm in the middle of world war 3 and when I should be taking care of my kids...
welp there goes my life...

This game is the best and it should be number one on this list of games the best game ever there are a bunch of legendary pokemon that you can catch like ho-oh, kyogre, groudon, latias, suicune, entei, and raikou. There is no doubt about it this game is the best

Come on I got an emulator... Played this game all my school friends love it too its just that I have no money to buy a ds but this game is sweet as it's the same story as the books gold and silver

2 Pokemon SoulSilver

DO NOT VOTE FOR PLATINUM vote for coal the mascot is cubone soul silver is good too

Could be just pure nostalgia but after starting the game again years later hearing the soundtrack just makes me happy

The game is the same as heart gold. But this games feels so original compared to it

I feel like this game is underrated and really shouldn't be. I could ask every single person that enjoys the pokemon game franchise and ask them what was your favorite game out of all the games and they would all say, Platinum, Diamon, Heart gold, but never ever Soul Silver. This game has amazing graphics, soundtracks, and storyline. Like what can you ask more from a Pokemon Game - K3vin

3 Pokemon Platinum

I love Pokemon platinum, its having awesome Pokemons and graphics. The storyline is very interesting.

I've played through Platinum about 4 times and I have loved it even more each time!

I like this game the best because you can GO UPSIDE.

I love this game. I have 5 gym badges!

4 Pokemon White

This is the first ever pokemon game I've seen someone do the story line is amazing andi definitely recomend it

This Game is Awesome... Plus I really love the mascot for this game That being Zekrom It looks so badass Way better than Reshiram

Pokemon white is the best pokemon game ever because there's so much more pokemon and for the first time there's a fire and sicic pokemon and the graphics are so good and you can actually catch a pokemon from there dreams and go to the entrelink forest and catch it and you can go into other peoples world

Great story line, and still playing even after beating the game ha. A lot of extra things to do after beating the Pokemon league

5 Pokemon Black 2

Even though I has born in 2007 I have have played this and it is good

Pokemon Black 2 is by far the best Pokemon game ever. It's amazing how it makes you take a stroll down memory lane-- revisiting Unova, discovering the remnants of team Plasma and going to the previous main character's house (Pokemon Black). This game is AWESOME!

Awesome game, even better than Platinum. AND THAT'S SAYING A LOT.

Cool game. Cool Pokemon. cool everything

6 Pokemon Black

It rocks. It is the same region as white but Reshiram is stronger than zekrom and plus there are Pokemon in black that are not in white. Even the graphs are pretty snazzy and good. It is d best game ever. The only game that can beat it is black 2

7 Pokemon Diamond

Prolly the most beautiful Pokémon game ever

Great story, and I prefer the graphics over the newer stuff, for some reason :S. - Lem

Not fair heartgold and suol silver remakes don't count much blue rescue team remake of red rescue team this should be before

The best. Ever.

8 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

Keeps me entertained for hours! Recruiting legend arises, good storyline, amazing post storyline, Hoenn, Kanto, and Johto starter, this game has everything!

9 Pokemon White 2

This game is not COMPLETELY like black 2 there are many AMAZING Pokemon you can catch in Pokemon white 2 that you can not catch in black 2 this game should be about, 2nd or 3rd because it is a really amazing game, my whole neighborhood has bought it and all of them love the game, They all love the Pokemon that you can catch in this game that you can NOT catch in black 2, So this game is well, not the best ever but still a really good game to play these kind of days.

This game is fantastic and I am so glad that they made it!

This and black 2 are the same games Both are amazing

This one is myfav

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10 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky

This game has it all! From the music when Dialga is near the end to the sad times when Grovyle waves goodbye. The stimulated spirit and friendship you and your partner held to the rest of the guild and their adventures not to even mention the post story missions, emotional value and sheer epicness. A small part of me went grey when I say this was 12th and had no votes. This deserves to be 1st and it must be first but WE must make it 1st!

This game has an amazing soundtrack and storyline. How many people cried at the end?

This is way better blue rescue team!

Greatest game of all time

The Contenders

11 Pokemon X

Best Pokemon game yet love the new Pokemon and I think the best music in the whole series of Pokemon games is when your talking to prof. Sycamore

X is my favourite Pokemon game, but this is for the DS games, not the 3DS games.

It is incredible


12 Pokemon Pearl

The last good Pokémon game

I beat it it is really fun. I would recommend it. START OFF WITH CHARIZARD

13 Pokemon Sun

It is aaawweeessomee

14 Pokemon Omega Ruby

Come on man, not even a top ten?

Great dungeons and gym leaders. My second favorite 3ds game after Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Pokemon Omega Ruby is so Awesome!

It is too awesome and by far the best HOW IS IT #14

15 Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Top 5 for sure. Better than Omega a Ruby as well

16 Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

It good

I completely forgot Pokemon ranger even existed

I still play it

In my opinion the best Pokémon spin-off there is, maybe even the best pokémon game of them all. The story is so good too and the mechanics which are used (making circles around pokémon on the touchscreen to catch them) are amazing as well, altough it did kind of break my 3DS's touchscreen because I was a bit too enthusiastic...

17 Pokemon Moon

Truly an amazing pokemon game. Graphics, story, and one heck of some great pokemon

18 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness

I have finished it

I like the game

How could you put explorers of sky but not its predecessor I have countless hours in this game and I still haven't done evrything

19 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time

I think time is better than darkness. - MissRosie

I have Pokemon explorers of time I play it AM to PM should be first

20 Pokémon Y
21 Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
22 Pokemon Conquest

Cool idea for a pokemon game

Pokemon conquest is a good game!

23 Pokken Tournament

But this is a wii U game...

So good grafices r real it's a classic

24 Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond

It's really awesome! I'm like WAY too old for this, but I just LOVE IT!

25 Puki Monsters: The Return of Pukimak Kau

The best POKEMON game ever


26 Pokemon Dash

This game is underrated, it is good and enjoyable.

27 Pokepark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure

My childhood

28 Pokemon Snap

Hardest yet

29 Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs

My first pokemon game I got in 2nd grade and I poured hours into this game I know its pokemon ranger but how many pokemon games do you get pichu with a ukulele

30 Pokemon Ranger


31 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
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