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1 Vaporeon the vapor

Vapor Vaporeon! Is water type - Mudkip5103

I like vaporeon but the others are good as well. If I had a pet vaporeon, I would name it rainsplash. =^v^=

2 Glaceon the icy

Glaceon for the win she is so cute

Like the name!
I can tell you why shes called that!
Glaceiar I think that's how its spelt :3! Don't say I'm a little kid because I'm not! - Mudkip5103

3 Flareon the fluffy

Flareon is like... SO FLUFFY! - Mudkip5103

4 Umbreon the moonlight

It so op

Everyone else thinks he's cool so I do! - Mudkip5103

5 Eevee the evolve

Does not really count ;3 - Mudkip5103

6 Leafeon the leafy


Laugh out loud so leafy! - Mudkip5103

7 Jolteon the bolt

Jolt Bolt so fast but a low cry... - Mudkip5103

8 Espeon the cat

Espeon is powerful pretty and cute. What else can you ask for on this psychic cat. It has a great ship as well Esbreon.

Physic types look very elegent - Mudkip5103

THE best. So elegant and pretty and mine has 5 hearts. ^_^

9 Sylveon the fairy

Sylveon rules


10 Sunkern the kern

What an amazing Pokemon

But everyone knows it evolves from charizard so...sry bro you're wrong

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1. Vaporeon the vapor
2. Jolteon the bolt
3. Flareon the fluffy
1. Vaporeon the vapor
2. Glaceon the icy
3. Sylveon the fairy
1. Glaceon the icy
2. Vaporeon the vapor
3. Flareon the fluffy

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