Top 10 Pokemon Episodes Featuring Team Rocket


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1 A Fork in the Road A Parting of the Ways

I love TR and I hate Ash and Co. (Except for Brock and Dawn (the rest I haven't seen enough of them or hate them))

2 Pokemon Emergency

Episodes? I call them memories. Even know I wasn't in those memories - Mewtwo_

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3 Holy Matrimony

Great episode and gives us more insight into James

This episode features growlithe

4 Ignorance is Blissey
5 Once There Were Greenfields
6 A Festival Trade A Festival Farewell
7 Pikachu Re-Volts

One of the few times Jessie and James decide to do good by helping Ash and friends stop Butch and Cassidy. - egnomac

8 Dressed for Jess Success

James takes Jessie place in the contest and wins without anyone noticing its him. - egnomac

9 Friends and Faux Alike

Realing lets us know more about hawlucha and froakie

10 Meowth Rules

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11 The Treasure is All Mine
12 Go West, Young Meowth

It makes you cry. I nearly cried out loud. SO MOVING! I suggest everybody in the universe to watch it. WATCH IT PLEASE

13 Battling into the Hall of Fame

The chefs are team rocket

14 Noodles Roamin' Off
15 Crossing Paths
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