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1 N is a Zoroark

When you follow a Zoroark in black and white, after that the Zoroark is no where to be seen and there's just N standing there. The hairstyles look similar, too.

Have you ever wondered why N is the first to be able to communicate with Pokemon?

2 Arceus Used the Unown to Create the Universe V 1 Comment
3 Gengar is Clefable's Shadow
4 Cubone is a Baby Kangaskhan

I like this theory because it seems so obvious! Cubone looks just like a baby Kangaskhan, but it just has some bones!

5 Ditto is a Failed Clone of Mew

There are so many similarities between those two Pokemon! Same colour, same shiny colour, same weight, both can learn transform, there are so many!

6 Blue's Raticate Died
7 Porygon is Real

What? Even though that would be cool, it's very unrealistic - Pokemonfan10

8 Ash's Coma

This theory is nice because it would explain why Ash never ages he never seems to get hurt. (Sometimes he jumps off cliffs and it didn't leave a scratch! ).

9 Slowpoke is Omniscient V 1 Comment
10 Butterfree and Venomoth Swapped Places in their Evolution Chains

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11 Humans Eat Pokemon

There don't seem to be any animals in the Pokemon world... but sometimes Ash and his friends are eating meat! This must mean that humans can eat Pokemon!

12 Vaporeon, Flareon & Jolteon Died in a Fire and Became Suicune, Entei & Raikou

What? - Pokemonfan10

13 Mimikyu is Porygon
14 Mimikyu is a dead pikachu possessed by Huanter!
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1. N is a Zoroark
2. Arceus Used the Unown to Create the Universe
3. Gengar is Clefable's Shadow



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