Top Ten Pokemon Female Gym Leaders

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1 Skyla

Hottest sexiest smartest and the best

Skyla has one of the best gyms ever! (Do you think it hurts when you get blasted by a cannon into a wall? )

Her Pokemon are strong like an hurricane! Anyone who doesn't vote for her will die from Swanna's hurricane!

She is the most beautiful gym leader ever!

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2 Elisa

Elesa is so cool! She's a model, but she isn't dumb either. (I could never get past that Zebstrika! )

My favourite gym leader of all time...

She is awesome! She is my favorite by far. Also you spelled her name wrong.

Hot, beautiful, do I really have to say anything else

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3 Flannery

Her gym is enjoyable to dash through, her personality is cute and it's fun to battle her.
And have you SEEN how she looks? Her luscious hair, her beautiful face, her sexy body and her wonderful and cool outfit. NUMBER ONE FOR ALL TIMES SAKE!

She's hot! Get it... no? Oh well I tried...

Sexy as hell. Sorry God. When I first saw her I had my mouth open for about 10 minutes.

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4 Sabrina

Sabrina was the toughest of all gym leaders. Ash should have lost to her at least 5 times in a row!

Defiantly Sabrina she has a very unique back story in the anime. - egnomac

Sabrina is just very unique, and good looking

She is so cool. Especially in the anime.

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5 Misty

We know why we're voting for her AND WE SHOULD TOTALLY VOTE FOR HER, PEOPLE.

Watched Pokemon when I was younger... A year ago I'm a fan of it and played the games pikachu the best do! X

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6 Lenora

She is quite a tough cookie. But for some weird reason I defeated her with the my dewott's razor shell

Pretty hard to beat, clever, AND quotes are not irritating like Elesa.

I beat her first try. when I was at her gym, I picked a random book and stairs appeared leading to her... lucky me!

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7 Maylene

Agreed with the person who says Maylene is underrated. In platinum, we got a lot more on Maylene. Her father gambles, yet she stays optimistic. She's surrounded by strong man who make her look weak in comparison and she powers past. She's considered a Tomboy by nature, yet she still enjoys clothes and accessories. She walked BARE-FOOT up a snowy mountain just to see a 'friend'. She also seems to have confidence problems. That's all in the games alone. Maylene needs more love.
- Shadowofdimentio

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8 Whitney

There are many strategy's to counter miltank but if you don't know them your gonna have a bad time

She is an awesome gym leader. She should be higher than this!

Clefairy with metranome and mimic, MILTANK'S rollout, stomp, lum berry, two hyper potions and milk drinks

Miltank was here

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9 Clair

Clair's so evil... She messed up my entire team when I was 12... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Viola and Korrina are ahead of her? You people are messed up. You must have just not have voted for her because she was ridiculously strong!

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10 Fantina V 1 Comment

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11 Jasmine

She is the best she is the only leader I had to do 4 times!

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12 Iris

I love Iris. She's so funny. And yes, I like her in the anime

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13 Valerie Valerie

Her beauty is the epitome of the word ethereal. Just look at those out of this world but still beautiful eyes...

Please bring her up she is the best

14 Winona

The definition of hot

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15 Viola

She's smart in the anime.

16 Karen

Since there's no elite four list, she deserves to be here

17 Erika

She's cute and pretty strong, unfortunately grass types are weak to almost everything

18 Candice

She is definitely my favorite because I really love her design and the fact that is the only female ice leader. - Oscarzxn

19 Lucy

Shes not a gym leader, but she deserves to be here

20 Roxanne V 1 Comment
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