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1 Ash and Serena

Best ship in my opinion and why the hell do other shipper come and give arrogant comment, can't you all just accept defeat, sorry to say but no amourshipper are arrogant, you people just go around and make up stuff saying how arrogant is amourshipper. I have never scene any amour going to other shipping videos, pics and comment how bad is misty, may, dawn and iris are but you people just can't be happy and let other people be happy, going to all amourshipping videos and comment how sick or bad this couple are or how worst is Serena, Sorry to say but you people really need to stop those stupid acts it's annoys lot of people, to anti amourshipper it's true you have your opinion but in your opinion it has no meaning cause your hate reason is so dumb like she hates her which Pokemon fan will believe that dumb everyone watched xy and saw how much she loved her Pokemon and so what she always cares about ash, there is nothing wrong in it even though it's a kid show it known as anime and most ...more

I LOVE this pairing. For the first time we have a girl who has a canon crush on Ash (Misty was implied to like Ash mostly for the 4Kids dub, in the Japanese dub it was slightly implied). But a lot of people bash Serena's crush on Ash saying she's obsessed with him (Apparently forgetting Misty was far more possessive of Ash than Serena ever has been). Recent episodes have shown that Serena's love for Ash is the real deal, she knows him well enough to know when he's not being himself and pull him out of a funk accordingly. Serena appears to be closer than Ash than the rest of the Pokegirls, truth be told he seems to treat her better than he did the others. Ash has shown subtle hints of maybe liking her back such as: consistently putting what she wants above what he wants. Ash has established himself as someone who doesn't like to do feminine like things (clothes shopping, or dancing) and Ash consistently agreed with Serena's request of going to clothing/Jewelry stores, he hates dancing ...more

The reason I support this ship is its most likely canon even though its one sided still I think it's better, like ash is 10 yr old and when one new girl arrives people start shipping them, i am like what the hell seriously and when ash meet a new girl who will just appear for 1 episode they wont even leave that girl also they ship them like seriously its Pokemon adventure show not Pokemon shipping show. I really want serena to come to alola so that at least they will stop shipping ash with other girls it's so stupid like when Pokemon ends it will have a record look ash ketchum a 10 yr old guy who is shipped with 40 girl and 40 guys and guess what he is shipped with his Pokemon also. And I think amour is best to end it hater will be everywhere like some people wanted Naruto and sakura, but still Naruto and hinata happened right. I am not saying other shipping is bad like how other say this ship is, I am just saying show some proof that ash as feeling for misty dawn iris and may or they ...more

This ship, I don't know, it just kinda clicked for me
Next thing I know I'm watching the original and nearly screaming at Misty cause she's too near ash which I was confused at because I was a Pokeshipper at the time
Then the kiss happened, watch prb12's reaction to see mine

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2 Ash and Misty

I don't like Amour, but Poke not that great ether. Ash only blushed about her once while TRio made fun of them as a couple but didn't blush when seeing her in a bikini or kimono. Isn't that odd?

Then Pokeshippers want to use the whole Rudy situation as a hint. Well, I like to see how you guys would react in a situation where a judge cares more about getting with someone then your performance. Also Ash whining "what about me? " in that other Orange Island episode again what would you say to your friend who just ignored you for no reason when you're cold? Pokeshipping was as one-sided as Amourshipping is, but it's funny pokeshippers think differently.

Oh, on how 'well' they got along... Misty put down Ash as bad as Gary did, made things worse after the fight with Ritchie, and only when they separated ways did they have a positive conversation. So no, I do NOT think these two are good for each other.

I know that Serena literally has a crush on Ash, but it's also so obvious that Misty and Ash should be together. I mean, seriously. She follows Ash on his quest to become a Pokemon master for no reason! Please don't say that Serena will be with Ash. I disagree completely.

Ash and Misty are a perfect match. The time they been together was really something special and throughout the show they earned each other's friendship and more. Ash may not say he likes misty, but actions speak louder. They care for each other in the long run and they were each other's first crush. Misty will always be remembered to to along side Ash. And ash will keep Misty in his memory and heart, along with Brock and his other friends. But Brock and Misty will always be number one for Ash's friends.

If not Poke the Pearl, I like to see the characters go from friendship to romance. Slowly but surely.

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3 May and Drew

I've seen almost every episode of Pokemon and I have to say that these two have the most chemistry, while they have their fights occasionally they still look out for each other and in my opinion come the closest to being canon from a lot of the popular ships

Yes! I support Ash and Misty, but this is good, too, and to be honest, this one is more likely.

How can you not love this ship! Everything about it is great! I hope they'll make a series for May in Johto. It's obvious that they both like each other and blush in front of each other!

I love this ship

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4 Ash and Dawn

I love Ash and Dawn together! They are so cute together! They even had their own song! They should be together forever and ever! I don't know why people keep saying Ash and Dawn are more like siblings than lovers?! I personally think that Ash and Dawn is one true pairing and to be together! I don't know why others like and prefer Ash and Serena together. Ash and Serena's shipping is just too boring for me. I would always ship Ash and Dawn together even if nobody liked it! Ash and Dawn should be together in end instead of Ash and Serena be together. Ash and Dawn is my otp! Ash and Dawn together for the win!

There's that gif on tumblr where they are both staring up into the sky (why? I don't know) and then he looks at her and it melts my heart.
Also also also in battle dimension when Dustox leaves (which is really emotional because whenever team rocket is sad, I am sad) and they are talking about the Dustox living happily ever after with their true loves, I SAW YOU ASH KETCHUM LOOKING AT HER, YOU THINK I MISSED IT BUT I didn't! Watch that episode and you will see!

"Dawn is not supposed to be with Paul or Kenny, they're not her type. Misty is too possessive and Serena is not ash's type. Ash was much closer with Dawn. They high five, Dawn cheered for ash in a cheerleader costume with her Pokémon. They have each other's back more. They are definitely much closer. Ash put all of his friend's needs before his, so that doesn't make Serena special at all. Serena is thinking of ash all the time and is trying to get ash to love her but it's definitely one sided while ash thinks of Serena as a friend and that's it, that's their relationship, strictly just friends no matter how much Serena wants to be more than friends. Dawn and ash have that relationship where there's more contact, support both ways and that bond that can never be broken. Dawn returned in the show later and ash was very happy to see her. Dawn was very emotional when ash left while Serena didn't. Clearly, Dawn's feelings for ash are much stronger than Serena's feelings for ash. When ...more

Best Shipping Ever - Pearlshipping4Ever

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5 Dawn and Kenny

But in the anime dawn rejects kenny

I love this shipping! But really I don't get why people hate it so much though, look at them they grew up together and at one point dawn said that Kenny looked handsome when he beats ash! It's so romantic

Overhated I thought Kenny was an interesting friend as was relieved we had more of friendly rivals in D/P/Plat seasons than rivals that just put down MC

"Ikarishipping is better...Kenney and zoey are more like true lovers"
Eww y do u hate dawn so much I'd dump her off with the worst choice 4 her? She's never shown interest in him! Believe it or not she's shown more interest in Kenny, & that's saying something

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6 Oshawott and Meloetta V 3 Comments
7 Ash and May

I do not know why I like this couple so much but it is my favorite. I like Ash and Serena too but I do not know the way Ash takes care of May is so sweet and he saved her a lot of times. Best couple in my opinion.

What got me was how Ash is always supporting May. He was there to comfort her when she missed the boat to get to the contest, and he saved her life from falling down a cliff while being attacked by Mageton. Not to mention the Manaphy movie.

They just really seem sweet together

They look more like teacher and student or siblings...and how can u guys forget contest shipping that shipping is the most cannon in the series...and ash and misty look like true lovers

It's the best shipping ever. I'm sure this should be above pearl and contestshipping

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8 Wobbuffet and Kirlia

This one was sorta cute. They fell in love in one of the episodes. - Oliveleaf

W t f? How did this even enter the top ten? This ship makes no sense...

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9 Darkrai and Cresselia V 1 Comment
10 Dawn and Paul

This is literally so cute! I know a lot of people say they shouldn't be together since they are so different...but...opposites attract right? I don't know, I jut think it would be interesting to see someone with a peppy attitude paired with someone who seems really cold.

AWFUL SHIPPING! Why is this in the top ten? Not only did Paul & Ash have more positive conversations (which is saying something), but they barley communicated at all

This ship is so overrated. These characters have barely made contact.

I don't know what's crazier, Ikari or Diode.

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11 Snivy and Pignite

Yeah. It is cute, but I lean more more towards snivy x oshawott, but not Ash's ones! I prefer snivy x lignite on that one! I just think the species complement each other!

12 Bonnie and Max

Well. I saw a picture that Bonnie kissed Max and good they're the youngest couple I seen yet. Yep! I like this they are so cute together!

They look cute together. Best youngest couple in the series

I like this one! It's so cute! They ate so perfect!

Yes! I know they never met before, but fourthwheelshipping for the win! They better travel together at the end of the anime or there with be death

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13 Gary and Ash

My favorite! Ash looks cuter with a boy than with a girl. He will never truly LOVE any girl. Sure almost every girl has a crush on him, but he really should meet up with Gary again.

This is one of my favorite ships of all time!

This would be cute

Really? ONLY a 2% of votes? This is the best ship of the universe!

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14 Jessie and James

I don't get why they're not more popular, they're the ones with the most chemistry and they really care about each other. Rocketshipping is so painfully underrated. But I think I know why and that's because the new audience of each generations are mainly children and they are less likely to understand grown up characters. I've shipped these two since the beginning and my friends didn't get it back then, when they got older they understood what I meant. - Trivona

Deserves to be higher. The only pairing among the main characters I can take seriously, Ash and most of his friends are too young and the younger you are the more likely are breakups.

This is so underrated. Why do people like those unrealistic Ash pairings? He's a kid, his female friends are kids. I find it disturbing how people ship kids so seriously, when the actual adult shippings are underrated.

Underrated, painfully underrated.

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15 Elekid and Marill
16 Cilan and Iris

Cilan is too awesome to have a girlfriend. Need I say more? Also, 5 year age gap. - RiverClanRocks

This is good. Its nice and sweet they protect each other from their own fears.

I have always seen Cilan as a brotherly figure to Iris and ship them as a BROTP, but I'm kinda okay with this ship.

Iris is like fire with an fierce,reckless,adventurous personality,and Cilan is like water with a calm,cool,and cautious personality.They maybe opposites but as they say opposites attract in some cases and in my opinion
I think they should be together they would be such an awesome Pokemon couple! =3


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17 Pikachu and Buneary

Worst Ship

First of all Buneary has a crush on Pikachu and pikachu doesn't have a crush on Buneary

Stupid ship, you name it

I guess its one sided


But how do you know pikachu is a boy and bunary is a girl maybe they're both boys or both girls maybe bunary is lesbian or bisexual or gay... We may never know

Pikachu is a boy and Buneary is a girl. Watch the anime, my friend. - Absolite

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18 Iris and Ash

I'd say it's pretty underrated, but Iris as a whole is pretty underrated. They look cute together and shown they can have fun together by swigging on trees and hanging out in that one city. Cute shipping wish it wasn't as disliked.

Idc what people say, I think they go well together. They even had an entire episode together doing fun activities without Cilan. Ash even turned down an offer to _battle_ the subway masters because he promised to spend the day with Iris.

Its actually a pretty good shipping

I think that Iris and Ash are REALLY cute together! Unlike what other people think, I think that Iris actually likes Ash, or else why woold she be following him during the first few episodes? When others mention that Iris sometimes calls him a kid, I myself think that she is just trying to deny the fact that she likes him. If others think that its weird, well, let me tell you, its actually quite common for people her age! First, the girl tries to always be around the boy, then she tries to play it down and deny the fact, then starts being nicer to him but tries too do it ina friendly way, still playing it down.

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19 Male and Female Frillish V 1 Comment
20 Brendan and May

If you played Pokemon oras you should know this is almost canon.

Contest shipping is more nice

One of the best shippings in the games and better than anything in the anime

This at least deserves to be in the first page

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