Top Ten Pokemon Shippings

The Top Ten Pokemon Shippings

1 Ash and Misty

This ship was by far the most mutual. Yes it was partly due to 4kids but still.

Yes Misty would rag on or hit Ash. But a lot of those times Ash had it coming by having a case of "Foot In Mouth" syndrome, and Misty went on the defensive. At the same time she has done it to Brock over supporting Ash when Brock fawned over Jeanette. Ash and Misty got along great when they would not push each other's buttons. I've seen people say Misty and Iris were very similar but Misty did not relish in bashing on Ash if Ash did not deserve it. Iris did it just for kicks.

The two also had the most reactions when the other one was flirted with. Misty would get jealous when girls flirted with Ash, and vice versa when guys flirted with Misty. That's a detail that has not been seen much with other females.

Whenever something would happen to one of them the other expressed a lot of concern, sometimes not even mentioning another character who was in the same peril.

Even ...more

Best couple! Meant to be together! If anyone has ever been in "True Love" they will understand Ash and Misty's relationship perfectly!

The only person who Ash actually likes or has liked is Misty. Ash just never acted attracted towards anyone else. Sure, it may be hidden, but there are many moments low-key showing they like each other. All the other Ash related ones are one sided, or even no sided. They also have the most comparable personalities, both are rash, somewhat mean to each other, but both secretly care about one another a lot, and both actually train Pokemon. The other girls are either too girly, think they are better than anyone, or are just his friend.

They are made for each other if you are also a Harry Potter fan then you probably think what about Ron and Hermione similar relationship even if they grew up not like the Pokemon kids.

2 Ash and Serena

Nowadays we see people sharing their opinions here and especially screaming out, that Ash and Serena are meant to be for one another. And I personally think this is true. Like, hello! It's rather special don't you think, that really, after such a long time from meeting in childhood, Serena still remembered Ash and had feelings for him? Don't comment badly on this - it's true because after that incident Serena never saw Ash again, or knew his name, until she was a teenager and saw him in the middle of a Pokemon battle. I kinda liked the idea of downright, sharp-tongued Iris to be with solid, hard-working Ash, because it's rather funny, but honestly I think Ash and Serena are better together. And really, Ash only argued with her once, and Serena is always kind and helpful to him. Iris is really funny with Ash, in my opinion, but she's too hard with Ash and argues with him. Dawn? Oh, she's completely marvellous and is like Ash's female clone but really she's a bit hardheaded and rather ...more

Ash and Serena were meant to be besides Serena did kiss Ash on the lips

And did you know Amour means 'love' in French? Cute ship by the way. They should get married.

Well most likely canon so ya deserve to get back to number 1 spot

3 May and Drew

This is one of the few ships I see actually becoming canon. They clearly like each other, they just need to grow up.

I've seen almost every episode of Pokemon and I have to say that these two have the most chemistry, while they have their fights occasionally they still look out for each other and in my opinion come the closest to being canon from a lot of the popular ships

Am I the only one who think May paired with either Ash or Drew is uninteresting.
If Drew and Ash had been in a different anime with different kind of rivalry it could work better than the thing between Ash and Narcissistic Paul and OVER-egomaniac Gary. I liked it when Drew saved Ash from that cargo box James and meowth locked him in.they could have at least be trapped accidentally inside some dark basement with no one but themselves. Ash would enjoy it.

I prefer DrewXSapphire. Anime May is a pathetic weakling who always needs rescuing. Sapphire is brave, bold headstrong girl who could wreck May's butt in split second. Drew and Ash deserve strong girls, not overrated wimpy damsel girls who are popular for having "TWO BIG" reasons on their chest

4 Jessie and James

Most likely ship there is tbh. Gosh they're already canon in a manga. Although the newest seasons with their less Team Rocket-centric dynamic isn't helping at all.

This makes sense because they have been together since the 1990s

Ok I ship these two, but the fans have gone WAY too far. Seriously go to Google and look up RocketShipping.

I don't get why they're not more popular, they're the ones with the most chemistry and they really care about each other. Rocketshipping is so painfully underrated. But I think I know why and that's because the new audience of each generations are mainly children and they are less likely to understand grown up characters. I've shipped these two since the beginning and my friends didn't get it back then, when they got older they understood what I meant. - Trivona

5 Ash and Dawn

The show has made it obvious that Dawn won't end up with Paul, Kenny, or Conway. As for her relationship with Ash, they couldn't be more compatible. They're two very outgoing, determined people who stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Their friendship actually helped each other, I can only imagine how they'd be as a couple. Dawn's also the only companion who was treated similarly to Ash by the writers. It was Ash and Dawn's story, not just "Ash and his friends". - dels

Ash and dawn are just made for each other... Their friendship is so real... And dawn had her own goals in life rather than just travelling with ash... Ash has learnt so much with dawn... Those two are just the perfect couple... Dawn is the only female character in the pokemon series who has a central character just like ash... This clearly shows how important dawn was for ash... Also he has saved dawn so many times that one can not even count. Their chemistry is the thing which I loved the most about the diamond and pearl season... Also we can see that whenever Dawn has an option to chose between Ash and any other boy, she has always chosen Ash... She is just like Ash and shares an informal relationship with her. Dawn's piplup's reference shows that how important dawn is for him... And since they are just like each other the understand each other the most... Even Cynthia, the sinnoh champ knows that how important they are for each other... I just want this ship to be fixed permanently ...more

I love Ash and Dawn together! They are so cute together! They even had their own song! They should be together forever and ever! I don't know why people keep saying Ash and Dawn are more like siblings than lovers?! I personally think that Ash and Dawn is one true pairing and to be together! I don't know why others like and prefer Ash and Serena together. Ash and Serena's shipping is just too boring for me. I would always ship Ash and Dawn together even if nobody liked it! Ash and Dawn should be together in end instead of Ash and Serena be together. Ash and Dawn is my otp! Ash and Dawn together for the win!

Pearlshipping no.1 !
Serena is too weak and Misty is too abusive, so both Pokeshipping and Amourshipping is bad

6 Ash and May

This right here the best! They would totally work as a couple! They balence differences & similarities! Ash watches her & protects her, ash has shown to be important to May & May has held ash back from making terrible decisions! They can show what each other is thinking like when they split the ribbon! They are so perfect for each other! - Advanceshipper

I do not know why I like this couple so much but it is my favorite. I like Ash and Serena too but I do not know the way Ash takes care of May is so sweet and he saved her a lot of times. Best couple in my opinion.

Why is this shipping always so overlooked? I mean they have a lot in common and even their Pokemon are relatively the same. They shared great chemistry and she's hot.

I like this shipping and actually, so does Max. He likes seeing May and Ash together. When I first saw May I thought she was Ash's crush (sorry if this sounds stupid).

7 Misty and Tracey

Well wenever ash ask oak very is tracy he just gives back the same answer-He went to visit misty and Pokemon special series episode did show them as a good pair

Misty seems way more tolerable with Tracey than she ever was with Ash and seems to like to hangout with him as seen in the Chronicles and the last episode of BW. Plus he gave her a Azurill and helps her out like when she needed more badges. So I can see a healthy relationship starting here

I think there may be something between these two they got along well

This is my actual OTP.

8 Dawn and Kenny

But in the anime dawn rejects kenny

Kenny got friendzoned

I love this shipping! But really I don't get why people hate it so much though, look at them they grew up together and at one point dawn said that Kenny looked handsome when he beats ash! It's so romantic

Dawn just likes kenny. Just as a good friend

9 Dawn and Paul

Probably not happening, but "opposites attract" so --> paul (cold, distant, treats pokemon terribly, kind of a loner) x dawn (bubbly, cheerful, bright, loves her pokemon, friends with ash, brock, kenny, zoey etc)
"stand by for battle" x "no need to worry! "

Love it oppsites attract Paul x dawn forever so not canon who cares but lots of hints

AWFUL SHIPPING! Why is this in the top ten? Not only did Paul & Ash have more positive conversations (which is saying something), but they barley communicated at all

Why do people ship this! Dawn clearly doesn't like Paul at all so this ship doesn't make sense.

10 Calem and Shauna

So underrated but so adorable

Yas! I love this shipping

I like this ship it is cute - VentoRoreo

It's down right canon.

The Contenders

11 Elio/Sun and Lillie

Probably one of my favorites such an underrated ship needs more attention in the fanbase - VentoRoreo

This is my OTP 😍 and, in all honesty, Shauna and Calem was my first ship and then I played Pokémon Moon and immediately knew after beating the game that this was my OTP. There is also more evidence that Lillie has a crush on Elio/Sun/Male MC than Selene/Moon/Female MC, so I don't know why (and how) this ship is overshadowed by FMC/Lillie. It's a brilliant ship that is underrated. - OricorioIsBae

12 Clemont and Korrina

I like it I can see it happening

Voting to comment.
1. Age gap: Clemont's about 13 and Korrina is somewhere between the ages of 18 and 22.
2. No signs of a romantic relationship: Just because Korrina told Clemont about her past doesn't mean a romantic relationship,
3. Clemont is too awesome to have a girlfriend, - RiverClanRocks

That one episode where Korrina tells Clemont about her past made me really like this pair

Korrina is just taller than Clemont I sure they're the same age

13 Pikachu and Buneary

Worst Ship

First of all Buneary has a crush on Pikachu and pikachu doesn't have a crush on Buneary

Stupid ship, you name it


I guess its one sided

This is a really good ship

14 Ash and Iris

What WHY is this on the 42th spot? Oh well, no matter what people think, Negaishipping is my favorite ship from the animated series. Why? Because Iris and Ash complement each other in an unique way I haven't seen in the series before. They both ADORE pokemon, set their friends before anything else, love playing around, are adventurous and love stuffing their faces with food. Yeah I know Serena has a crush on Ash, but that's pretty much it. Iris doesn't out Ash on such a highpedestal and she point out his flaws so he can improve. Ash isn't perfect, and Iris know this. They both have a long way to go as trainers, but if you gave them time to mature and grow, they could achieve greatness.

This one is my favourite pairing for Ash (the dummy)! I like how subtle it is and that it doesn't try to shove it in your face. Heck it may not even be THAT canon. That's what I like about it!

Not likely. Shippers like their personalities apart.

Yes the are the best

15 Black and White

Seriously, the hints, the interactions, the blushing, THE REUNION?! A "platonic boss-employee relationship" my ass. Seriously, they are already canon, they are just not aware of it.

They are so nice

I love this ship so much such nostalgia - VentoRoreo

16 Cilan and Iris

Hey I'm a WhishfulShipper, but Ash and Iris look good together, Cilan and Iris are better off together though.

Cilan is too awesome to have a girlfriend. Need I say more? Also, 5 year age gap. - RiverClanRocks

Cute ship in my opinion. Too bad it doesn't get much support

This is good. Its nice and sweet they protect each other from their own fears.

17 Brendan and May

If you played Pokemon oras you should know this is almost canon.

One of the best shippings in the games and better than anything in the anime

This at least deserves to be in the first page

Best shipping in the manga

18 Bonnie and Max

Bonnie and Max would be so cute together :3 I have always thought about them being together

Well. I saw a picture that Bonnie kissed Max and good they're the youngest couple I seen yet. Yep! I like this they are so cute together!

They look cute together. Best youngest couple in the series

I like this one! It's so cute! They ate so perfect!

19 Go and Koharu
20 Cheren and Bianca

They are just so cute together and they could balance each other out well



Seriously, Dualrivalshipping is the cutest ever. Just cute, cute, cute.

21 Conway and Dawn

I think that when Conway matures and grows out of his "creepy" tactics (probably caused by social awkwardness, change my mind), I feel they could become very good friends, and then, who knows? Fall in love.

Ha! I completely forgot about Conway! I should've put this on the list originally haha. - itz_izzy

Conway: I approve of this

They worked so well together in the Tag Battle contest <3

22 Victor and Gloria
23 Ash and Angie

Oh I love this ship! I can't believe how low it is!

Ash basically said he'd die for her! They bettered each other!

Not sure if I ship this

Underrated OTP

24 Brock and Lucy

#Just give brock a girlfriend.

Both really liked each other but couldn't get together

25 Clemont and Serena

Hate the ship with passion. A rival to Ash and Serena, I mean I am unsure if Ash had feelings for Serena but serena had feeling for Ash, why would she turn around to Clemont and be like, I never paided you any interest, what to get together? Serena doesn't like Clemont, she thinks he is nerdy and awarkard. And Clemont thinks Serena is too Girly. E.C.T. And I 100% ship Clemont with Lilia ( A keeper for Keeps.) Girl.

Nah, Clemont deserves better. I don't really like Serena.

This is garbage. I literally got sick from this. Serena has to be with Ash

I think this could actually be canon if Serena wasn't so obsessed over Ash

26 Calem and Serena

They look cute together, and they're NOT an anime ship like almost every other ship on this list. And Calem is much better than Ash.

How could you not love this ship is better than amour

People say he/she friend-zoned you I didn't see that at least with Serena she seemed real interested in Calem

They look so ' cute together it just wants to make me cry because it's not canon.

27 Froakie and Fennekin

Really cute how froakie cleaned fennikin's tail when he saw her upset and blushed when she thanked him.

They are so adorable together! And anyone who voted for Ash and Serena have to on this one, since these are their Pokemon C:

So cute! its basically ash and serena - pokemon form!

So amazing cl

28 Brock and Nurse Joy

I thinks it's sweet that he can tell all the joys apart and a bit strange

Brock knows which one is which and can tell them all apart is always real sweet with them all! Also, he has a English dub song on them.

That one nurse joy that helped hatched brock's egg I think she'd be a good match for each other. I don't remember the episode, all I know it's in dp. Anyways, Brock helped her get confidence back and showed her that she can do more by helping wild pkmn with their injuries. And now that he's a doctor I think they'd work well together.

What the hell?

29 Red and Leaf

To be honest, I absolutely hate this ship! I prefer red and blue because of pokemon origins and they have more chemistry.

Well, if twins are like 30+% to have a screwed up baby, a gender bent version of a couple...

And in my humble opinion two people who are cloned personality aren't interesting to see as a couple, nor siblings ether, since it's obvious they are going to have some sort of good relationship more than likely. And you obviously can't balence each other out or help each other grow at all if u are exactly the same. But, to each their own

I love this ship! It should be canon!

Underrated ship - VentoRoreo

30 Brock and Officer Jenny

... & Nurse Joy! Brock knows which one is which and can tell them all apart is always real sweet with them all! Also, he has a English dub song on them.

Lol it’s cool

31 Misty and Gary

I do not see any connection between these 2

They both put down ash a lot. & they were rivals before they became Pokémon trainers they became rivals when they broke that pokeball in the river & that was way before Ash met Misty. This shipping is called egoshipping

Well I kind of like this shipping! Dunno if Misty likes Gary but maybe Gary seems to like Misty, is that why Ash and Gary become rivals or what?

But Misty and Gary maybe are meant for each other. What was this shipping name again?

32 Red and Blue Oak

They are literally on a honeymoon in Hawaii lol

Better than Amour. Screw Ash and Serena. - UselessName

Again, don't really ship this ( No problem with them being gay).

Those two morons are gay and you cannot change my mind

33 Pikachu and Meowth

Just so cute together

what is this ship

34 Lillie and Ash

So adorable! They've been helping each other out when they need it! Easily my favourite ship!

These two have always been helping each other out! Plus, they're so cute together!

The reason people like myself enjoy this pairing is because Ash spent a lot of time with Lillie to help her overcome a phobia, not like a fear with May, not to mention her overall shyness. Ash repeatedly saves Lillie and her family and they bond more as Ultra Guardians, Ash is also friends/rivals with Gladion and Lusamine likes Ash to boot. Overall people like this cause Lillie is cute and theoretically Lillie could see Ash as her knight in shining armour to fall in love with

A really cute ship with a lot of potential.

35 Gary and Ash

Sorry but, I don't ship this, by the way I don't have a problem with Ash and Gary being gay...

Literally Ash is so gay, he doesn't even consider his female friends as potentially more. Also Gary gets Ash going more than anyone else...and do I need to mention the similar reaction when hearing Gary's name as Brock has to Prof Ivy coincidence I think not. Also the original Japanese hints at Gary and Ash liking each other a lot more

My favorite! Ash looks cuter with a boy than with a girl. He will never truly LOVE any girl. Sure almost every girl has a crush on him, but he really should meet up with Gary again.

This is one of my favorite ships of all time!

36 Red and Yellow

I'm only voting to let everyone who refered to Yellow as "she", that Yellow is a boy. Don't believe me? Well then actually READ the manga. They refer to Yellow as "he". Although, there is nothing wrong with being gay, and I actually like this ship. I just want everyone to know that Yellow is a boy.

Best shipping should be canon with a new book in the manga.

Make this a anime

SECOND ONLY TO RUBYXSAPPHIRE. It's sooo amazing! He saved her life then she drew pictures of him and everything, then she repaid him by defeating lance and actually not only saving red but the whole world. This ship is just so beautiful!

37 Oshawott and Snivy

One of the things that stand out in this pairing (for Ash's Snivy and Oshawott) is how Snivy's calm personality and ability to stay calm and collected in almost any situation and Oshawott's hyperactive and (sometimes) overconfident personality contrast greatly yet balance each other out beautifully. Also, I think that this is a really cute shipping.

38 Pikachu and Ketchup

The long lost shipping - KavehKoopa

Yes forget about pokeshipping this is a true otp hell yes

:3... what else is there to say more than...


39 Gladion and Moon

I do not like this ship, I can't even see the clues why they like each other.

This is my favorite ship from pokemon they look so cute together!

What the heck

I honestly love this

40 Ruby and Sapphire

I LOVE THIS SHIP they're so different! They knew each other since they were young but got separated and it's just so great! Plus in the games it's basically canon. I LOVE THE MANGA WAY MORE THAN THE ANIME. I actually kinda dislike the anime. THE MANGA HAS SO MUCH MORE PLOT. Also even lil Emerald noticed them ;3.

This is %100 percent canon in the manga. - namesnipe

Basically Brendan and May and I ship that - VentoRoreo

This is the best ship ever (spoiler alert)not only they are a good pair but they confessed their love for each other and continue to show signs of feeling for each other.

41 Ash and Clemont

No. I swear, people are insane these days. - RiverClanRocks

What is this ship...

I swear down... what the heck is this ship?

Literally even when everyone gets pissed at clemont's inventions, ash still fangirls(well, boys) over them

42 Harley and Soledad

Sol loves him already, duh.

Solidad seems to be the only one who can stand Harley. She kind of even says she likes him and thinks he's fun.

43 Oshawott and Meloetta

so true

Lol true

DELETE THIS. - InklingSethO

My FAVORITE PokémonxPokémon ship! It's so great, I just have nothing else to say

44 Nate and Rosa
45 Gold and Silver

They had so much chemistry in the manga. I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw it.

I'd say they're perfect for each other

Both male and hate each other - boltslegend

They go so well together.

46 Cassidy and Butch

Cassidy treated Butch way nicer than Jessie EVER treated James, so Neoshipping way better than Rocketshipping!

Cassidy couldn't even remeber butch's name in some episodes but I think they'll look cute together

No, you're just a Jessie hater that fail to see the full picture. - Trivona

47 Iris and Ash

I'd say it's pretty underrated, but Iris as a whole is pretty underrated. They look cute together and shown they can have fun together by swigging on trees and hanging out in that one city. Cute shipping wish it wasn't as disliked.

Idc what people say, I think they go well together. They even had an entire episode together doing fun activities without Cilan. Ash even turned down an offer to _battle_ the subway masters because he promised to spend the day with Iris.

Its actually a pretty good shipping

This ship is underrated

48 Ash and Anabel

Not only did they get along well and had fun together, but Anabel had a crush on her as well. What main girl had both of those going for them?

She should have returned in the sun and moon anime.

Anabel is cute

Oh boy, I wish Anabel travel with Ash during the Battle Frontier arc. She could be a good help for him against Brandon. Anyway, I love Anabel. I don't really care about shipping her with anyone, but I really want Ash and Anabel interact more, in a platonic way ofc. Ash is as dense as a brick lmao.

49 Umbreon and Espeon

The mystical magical ones

I ship Umbreon x Sylveon - Swiftfrost

They are kawaii. Fight me.

My friend/someone I'm shipped with like Umbreon and I like Espeon. Meant to be?

50 Ash and Pikachu

That's kinda gross. - LapisBob

This is not only a ship between two completely different creatures but Pikachu and Ash are both boys.

... Is this a joke? This better be a joke. Is this how low we have sunk?

Please tell me this is a joke. I don't want to believe in this.

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