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Ash and Serena

Ash always talked and treats all the other girls differently. With misty its more like two best friends being themselves. With may, its more brotherly, always there for her, essentially he and brock kinda become the older brother she never had. As for dawn, dawn here is kinda special as I felt like this was the closest ash has been to a girl, lovewise. As for serena, serena is the first girl that we see befriend ash, the first girl ash invites. Serena is also the first girl too actually kiss ash, on screen.

Oh my moons, I cannot tell you how much I love this ship. It has been confirmed that Serena did in fact kiss Ash on the lips, and that she will be in a relationship later on in the series. I mean, when the creators of Pokemon themselves ship them, you know it's bound to happen. Also, she is the first Pokegirl to have known him before the series timeline, and the first to have an explicit crush on him. Serena was also invited to come along with Ash, instead of asking to. No other girl has been as close to Ash as Serena, and face it, they are adorable together.

I can't understand why everyone hates it. I mean may be Ash also have feelings for her. I don't care what others think I just love it.

Nowadays we see people sharing their opinions here and especially screaming out, that Ash and Serena are meant to be for one another. And I personally think this is true. Like, hello! It's rather special don't you think, that really, after such a long time from meeting in childhood, Serena still remembered Ash and had feelings for him? Don't comment badly on this - it's true because after that incident Serena never saw Ash again, or knew his name, until she was a teenager and saw him in the middle of a Pokemon battle. I kinda liked the idea of downright, sharp-tongued Iris to be with solid, hard-working Ash, because it's rather funny, but honestly I think Ash and Serena are better together. And really, Ash only argued with her once, and Serena is always kind and helpful to him. Iris is really funny with Ash, in my opinion, but she's too hard with Ash and argues with him. Dawn? Oh, she's completely marvellous and is like Ash's female clone but really she's a bit hardheaded and rather ...more

Ash and Misty

Sure, they fought a lot, but they never meant it in a harmful way to each other. It was always in a childish and joking way and was cute and fun to watch. They clearly care for each other MORE THAN JUST FRIENDS. Ash has never shown those feelings towards any other girl. They are just meant to be...As for Serena, it's kind of ridiculous that she likes Ash after all these years. I mean in reality, that would just be seen as clingy and pretty weird...

Probably because I like old episodes. Old episodes are easy to remember, I can feel the moments and even remember all Pokemon names but I can't remember episodes starting from Diamond and pearl even though I watch all the episodes. May be because I lost interest as Misty was no longer in the anime.

This ship was by far the most mutual. Yes it was partly due to 4kids but still.

Yes Misty would rag on or hit Ash. But a lot of those times Ash had it coming by having a case of "Foot In Mouth" syndrome, and Misty went on the defensive. At the same time she has done it to Brock over supporting Ash when Brock fawned over Jeanette. Ash and Misty got along great when they would not push each other's buttons. I've seen people say Misty and Iris were very similar but Misty did not relish in bashing on Ash if Ash did not deserve it. Iris did it just for kicks.

The two also had the most reactions when the other one was flirted with. Misty would get jealous when girls flirted with Ash, and vice versa when guys flirted with Misty. That's a detail that has not been seen much with other females.

Whenever something would happen to one of them the other expressed a lot of concern, sometimes not even mentioning another character who was in the same peril.

Even in the Sun ...more

So basically I was pretty 8 when I started shipping them without even knowing it states in may hear ever even time pass and they might forget her but I won't.
Misty is really special for ash you kno2 she was his first couch she was the first to help him(lending him her bike) she was there when he caught his first Pokemon(not pikachu it was given by prof. Oak) with battle his catarpe and the moment she hates bugs and he was like I caught my first pokemon how he danced with her that time. we always misty get jealous when ever girls get close to ash. But even ash got jealous for misty I don't remember his name but he was a gymleader and she even has a songs her goodbye song and if any one had heard misty's song it too touching. So it really stays in my heart the way he is dense and the way she is sensitive he is childish and she is mature and there fights it all so adorable I really cried when she and Brock had a goodbye even ash cried. So all this things 8 guess that's why I love ...more

May and Drew

...I don't have anything to say I extremely adore this shipping I believe it can become canon because Drew gives May roses and roses are supposed to be love I know it's supposed to be for beautyfly but in the end it's actually for May

One of my OTP. I can already imagine that one Day May will return and with Drew. Ash and his friends will congrats and etc etc but this ship will be canon I'm sure

Oh may and drew it just so obvious man we have see many momMets together and to be honest I love drew he is just so hero type you know he is a hero material and what to talk about our sweet little may She clearly has a crush on him and no doubt that even he has a crush on her.

Am I the only one who think May paired with either Ash or Drew is uninteresting.
If Drew and Ash had been in a different anime with different kind of rivalry it could work better than the thing between Ash and Narcissistic Paul and OVER-egomaniac Gary. I liked it when Drew saved Ash from that cargo box James and meowth locked him in.they could have at least be trapped accidentally inside some dark basement with no one but themselves. Ash would enjoy it.

Ash and Dawn

Out of all the pokegirls, I truly felt like it was very one sided. misty had a crush on ash but he never realized it, there was no romance element to ash and may just really good friends, as goes for the same for iris, and for serena it felt like she was a knock off mixture between misty and dawn. Dawn and Ash are the ones who felt like equals, they had the strongest on screen chemistry (yes even better than misty and serena) that made me feel that there was something there since most of the time you could tell a friend zone was placed. You cannot tell me you didn’t feel something when dawn came to unova, the whole dynamic changed and it felt like it was in their own little world even with cillian and iris there.

The show has made it obvious that Dawn won't end up with Paul, Kenny, or Conway. As for her relationship with Ash, they couldn't be more compatible. They're two very outgoing, determined people who stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Their friendship actually helped each other, I can only imagine how they'd be as a couple. Dawn's also the only companion who was treated similarly to Ash by the writers. It was Ash and Dawn's story, not just "Ash and his friends".

Hey to all you pearlshippers and the amourshippers out there. I totally get it why you amourshippers support ash x Serena over pearlshipping. However I would like to point out something to you amourshippers,any other haters of pearlshipping or even to the people who really like Serena x ash but wouldn't mind if dawn ends up with ash. Look I totally get it why you support your ship , but think about it for a second. Specially the amourshippers. Serena had a crush on ash , and that's fine, but did ash have one?. Now, also to you people who argue that Serena totally went with ash just to be with him and support. Didn't dawn do the same? I mean , Dawn's dream isto become top coordinator like her mother and so she could have clearly started preparing for the next grand festival, right?. However she did prioritise Ash's battle at the sinnoh league. She had no bounds and she could have clearly went with Kenny or Zoey , when she got the offer, but she didn't. In every discussion, even if it ...more

Ash was so much more invested in Dawn than any of the other girls. So much so, he often took her losses almost as hard as she did. At the Wallace Cup, when Dawn beat May, he was on his feet he was so excited for her. I was honestly a bit annoyed at first that he was so biased towards Dawn in that battle. Not because I'm an advanceshipper, you see. But because I felt it was insensitive towards May. At that point in time, he had known May longer than Dawn: having traveled through two regions with her! And there he was, all excited and impressed with the new girl - not considering how May might be feeling after losing. I got over my annoyance quickly, because I knew his bias was just a result of him being closer with, and having better chemistry with Dawn. He was totally into her! Same thing with her gym battle against Maylene. He actually got to his feet several times during that battle. And those examples I gave are just a fraction of the whole picture. He was always more impressed ...more

Jessie and James

Most likely ship there is tbh. Gosh they're already canon in a manga. Although the newest seasons with their less Team Rocket-centric dynamic isn't helping at all.

I don't get why they're not more popular, they're the ones with the most chemistry and they really care about each other. Rocketshipping is so painfully underrated. But I think I know why and that's because the new audience of each generations are mainly children and they are less likely to understand grown up characters. I've shipped these two since the beginning and my friends didn't get it back then, when they got older they understood what I meant.

People are shipping 10 year olds with each others, but the actual possible pairing among the main characters is this far down. I'm sorry, but seeing 10 year olds in a mutual romance is very very rare and just feels weird to me. Rocketshipping is the real possible ship.

This is so underrated. Why do people like those unrealistic Ash pairings? He's a kid, his female friends are kids. I find it disturbing how people ship kids so seriously, when the actual adult shippings are underrated.

Misty and Tracey

Misty seems way more tolerable with Tracey than she ever was with Ash and seems to like to hangout with him as seen in the Chronicles and the last episode of BW. Plus he gave her a Azurill and helps her out like when she needed more badges. So I can see a healthy relationship starting here

I think this ship is best and I support this ship to make misty fans crazy,if misty fans can ship other pokegirl with some dude why can't all ship misty with tracey,mean these 2 spend more time together these days and tracey giving a egg which turns out to azurill like cute pokemon and when ash return back to pallet town he find out that tracey is with misty.This ship as always shown some canon side showing they have feeling for eachother.

Well wenever ash ask oak very is tracy he just gives back the same answer-He went to visit misty and Pokemon special series episode did show them as a good pair

I think there may be something between these two they got along well

Ash and May

Well Contestshipping always better than this and there's nothing to go on as they're interested in each other, but they had some things I like about this ship were I don't know if I like this or Pearlshipping most out of the main girls x Ash ships.

1. It seems heavily implied that Ash is mostly responsible for her acceptance/interest of Pokemon. What I'm saying is that when she saw Ash respond to Pikachu at the end of episode one not only she not care about Pikachu frying her bike at that time, but saw that how they were so cool.
2. They have the opposite, but similar thing going on. Not only is May into Contest than badge quest, but also is styling, mature, and, caring. We all know is... well was during kanto-hoenn immature, mostly thinks about self, lets his mom decide what he wears, and could careless about his messy hair. Both are adventurous, child-like, and love to eat.
3. Had some pretty strong moments together like the Ranger movie and splitting the ...more

This right here the best! They would totally work as a couple! They balence differences & similarities! Ash watches her & protects her, ash has shown to be important to May & May has held ash back from making terrible decisions! They can show what each other is thinking like when they split the ribbon! They are so perfect for each other!

What got me was how Ash is always supporting May. He was there to comfort her when she missed the boat to get to the contest, and he saved her life from falling down a cliff while being attacked by Mageton. Not to mention the Manaphy movie.

They just really seem sweet together

I do not know why I like this couple so much but it is my favorite. I like Ash and Serena too but I do not know the way Ash takes care of May is so sweet and he saved her a lot of times. Best couple in my opinion.

Go and Koharu
Calem and Shauna

Honestly, I actually thought this would become canon on my first play-through of Y.

Shauna follows you everyday in x and y and seems more into you than Serena.

This is my go to ship if suddenly everyone hates kalosshipping. I ' love this ship

So underrated but so adorable

Dawn and Kenny

Kenny and Dawn is an great ship. of course there are other ships but this is really great! Although Kenny likes Dawn,when he beat Ash in the battle,he did not force Dawn to go on the journey with him as he knows how much cheering for Ash means to Dawn. Kenny also likes to tease Dawn to a certain extent and he watches all of Dawn performance. He really cares about Dawn and will always cheer her up when she is sad.

Dawn congulates Kenny even if she loses the competition and she also an very great friend to Kenny. if she does not like Kenny or does not care about his feeling,she won even hesistated to reject him straightaway and instead she is kind enough to leave an sweet note to him.

I love this shipping! But really I don't get why people hate it so much though, look at them they grew up together and at one point dawn said that Kenny looked handsome when he beats ash! It's so romantic

I knew for a fact that guys tease girls they like that's why Kenny always called her DD even though she told him not to.

This is always 1000% better than Ikarishippping an this ship is so unnderrated and Ikari is WAAAYYY overrated

Dawn did seem interested in Kenny in the anime, and se even said he was cute when he beat Ash!

The Contenders

Brock and Lucy

Both really liked each other but couldn't get together

#Just give brock a girlfriend.

Elio/Sun and Lillie

Probably one of my favorites such an underrated ship needs more attention in the fanbase

This is my OTP 😍 and, in all honesty, Shauna and Calem was my first ship and then I played Pokémon Moon and immediately knew after beating the game that this was my OTP. There is also more evidence that Lillie has a crush on Elio/Sun/Male MC than Selene/Moon/Female MC, so I don't know why (and how) this ship is overshadowed by FMC/Lillie. It's a brilliant ship that is underrated.

Clemont and Korrina

Voting to comment.
1. Age gap: Clemont's about 13 and Korrina is somewhere between the ages of 18 and 22.
2. No signs of a romantic relationship: Just because Korrina told Clemont about her past doesn't mean a romantic relationship,
3. Clemont is too awesome to have a girlfriend,

That one episode where Korrina tells Clemont about her past made me really like this pair

I like this! Citron and Corni are both gym leaders, have relatives shown in the anime, and have blonde hair.

They are both gym leaders, and it's better than shipping with ash.

Pikachu and Buneary

People r wrong when they say it's as bad as boreshipping. While its definitely one-sided, pikachu seemed to b more fine being with buneray than ash with Serena & sometimes even smiled (an actual smile not that uncomfortable smile with the sweat drop) when buneray hugged pikachu. While one-sided & stupid this > boreshipping (ash & Serena).

But how do you know pikachu is a boy and bunary is a girl maybe they're both boys or both girls maybe bunary is lesbian or bisexual or gay... We may never know

Pikachu is a boy and Buneary is a girl. Watch the anime, my friend.

This is a really good ship

I guess its one sided

Black and White

Seriously, the hints, the interactions, the blushing, THE REUNION?! A "platonic boss-employee relationship" my ass. Seriously, they are already canon, they are just not aware of it.

I love this ship so much such nostalgia

They are so nice

bruh opposites check uh do I need to say more

Cilan and Iris

Iris is like fire with an fierce,reckless,adventurous personality,and Cilan is like water with a calm,cool,and cautious personality.They maybe opposites but as they say opposites attract in some cases and in my opinion
I think they should be together they would be such an awesome Pokemon couple! =3


I have always seen Cilan as a brotherly figure to Iris and ship them as a BROTP, but I'm kinda okay with this ship.

Cilan is too awesome to have a girlfriend. Need I say more? Also, 5 year age gap.

Hey I'm a WhishfulShipper, but Ash and Iris look good together, Cilan and Iris are better off together though.

Bonnie and Max

Well. I saw a picture that Bonnie kissed Max and good they're the youngest couple I seen yet. Yep! I like this they are so cute together!

Yes! I know they never met before, but fourthwheelshipping for the win! They better travel together at the end of the anime or there with be death

At this point I ship Bonnie with Molly since this ship is overrated shipping with Bonnie

I wish they actually met in the anime, it's like a match made in heaven

Brendan and May

Please make this higher! Much better than amourshipping as it'd be more likely two-sided than amourshipping will ever be and is not creepy at all like how Serena is with ash sometimes. Also better than pokeshipping as they don't see the need to nag and argue with each other every time they talked like ash and misty. But Brendan grew to respect may and may got a true friend with Brendan. Way cuter than amourshipping

I don't play the games or watch the anime, but even I know these two have something good going on, just by looking at fanart and fanfictions. I even went through the trouble of looking at different polls and voting for them in every one.

One of the best shippings in the games and better than anything in the anime

If you played Pokemon oras you should know this is almost canon.

Cheren and Bianca

They are just so cute together and they could balance each other out well

Seriously, Dualrivalshipping is the cutest ever. Just cute, cute, cute.

Victor and Gloria
Ash and Angie

Ash basically said he'd die for her! They bettered each other!

Oh I love this ship! I can't believe how low it is!

Not sure if I ship this

Dawn and Paul

Probably not happening, but "opposites attract" so --> paul (cold, distant, treats pokemon terribly, kind of a loner) x dawn (bubbly, cheerful, bright, loves her pokemon, friends with ash, brock, kenny, zoey etc)
"stand by for battle" x "no need to worry! "

One word ,No. This is litteral garbage as dawn possibly one of or the best pokegirl paired up with a cold hearted jerk who abuses his pokemon.Pearlshipping 4 life.

Love it oppsites attract Paul x dawn forever so not canon who cares but lots of hints

AWFUL SHIPPING! Why is this in the top ten? Not only did Paul & Ash have more positive conversations (which is saying something), but they barley communicated at all

Brock and Misty

GymShippers for life!

Froakie and Fennekin

They are so adorable together! And anyone who voted for Ash and Serena have to on this one, since these are their Pokemon C:

Really cute how froakie cleaned fennikin's tail when he saw her upset and blushed when she thanked him.

Aghh, this is just so freaking adorable! Ash's Greninja and Serena's Braixen are just-- Man, I love this ship.

I think they look cute together like this. But as a braixen and frogadier, they make a cuter couple!

Ash and Iris

What WHY is this on the 42th spot? Oh well, no matter what people think, Negaishipping is my favorite ship from the animated series. Why? Because Iris and Ash complement each other in an unique way I haven't seen in the series before. They both ADORE pokemon, set their friends before anything else, love playing around, are adventurous and love stuffing their faces with food. Yeah I know Serena has a crush on Ash, but that's pretty much it. Iris doesn't out Ash on such a highpedestal and she point out his flaws so he can improve. Ash isn't perfect, and Iris know this. They both have a long way to go as trainers, but if you gave them time to mature and grow, they could achieve greatness.

This one is my favourite pairing for Ash (the dummy)! I like how subtle it is and that it doesn't try to shove it in your face. Heck it may not even be THAT canon. That's what I like about it!

Not likely. Shippers like their personalities apart.

Yes the are the best

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