Ash and Dawn


This is truly the best ship, Ash and Dawn are basically best friends and work amazingly together. This ship is far better then Ash and Serena which somehow is #1 on this list and most hated on the most hated Pokemon ships list. Is still like Ash and Misty as well as Ash and May it's just that I prefer this ship.

Their pair is as amazing as heaven and they are made for each other. Conway has a huge crush on dawn and considers Ash as his rival in the tag battle championship in which he was paired with dawn and Ash was paired with Paul, Conway said,"Ash is the enemy however you look at it." It clearly shows that he also noticed the strong relationship Ash and dawn share... So he has to beat Ash if he wants to reach dawn's heart. I believe that this is the best ship created by the anime makers. I am a really big supporter of pearlshipping. I also agree with my fellow pearlshipping supporter that misty is too possessive and Serena is not the type of girl for Ash. They share a bind not shared by any other ship on this list. Their ship is the best thing about the Pokemon anime.

I personally love ash and dawn. Even though in the beginning they fought a lot but they always settled with an agreement. I used to like amourshipping but I realized that their whole relationship was based on their past. I can see why some people like amourshipping because of the kiss and everything but come on, doesn't it just seem like Serena is to nice. That is why I like ash and dawn because dawn can be really nice but can be mean in an argument. Some other reasons why I like ash and dawn is that ash and dawn have a unique relationship, don't get me wrong all of the other relationships are unique too but pearlshipping just stands out the most. Also, ash and dawn have the same emotions, movements and actions. I mean come on, which one do you think that is more important to ash, a handkerchief or his pikachu I think its pretty obvious. Also, In the unova series dawn came back! That's pretty big. That proves that dawn came from the sinnoh region just to see him. Dawn is one of the ...more

There's that gif on tumblr where they are both staring up into the sky (why? I don't know) and then he looks at her and it melts my heart.
Also also also in battle dimension when Dustox leaves (which is really emotional because whenever team rocket is sad, I am sad) and they are talking about the Dustox living happily ever after with their true loves, I SAW YOU ASH KETCHUM LOOKING AT HER, YOU THINK I MISSED IT BUT I didn't! Watch that episode and you will see!

They are clearly meant for each other.

They are the perfect shipping ever. And cheered Ash for his gym battles a few ones

Well, I'm not really a big fan of poke-shipping. It's Pearl-Shipping for me. - Kiteretsunu

Pearlshipping for the win. These two had a lot of chemistry, like Ash and Misty, but weren't fighting nearly as much. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I seriously love Ash and Dawn. They are so cute together. Pearlshippers, I agree tremendously with you if you love Ash and Dawn! It's so obvious that they have crushes on each other! Dawn even chose Ash over Kenny (lol that kid is in friendzone). Why do people always think Misty and Ash are awesome. Misty was mean to Ash and always hit him. Dawn and Ash fight too sometimes but they always say sorry. I don't think Misty ever said sorry to Ash for hitting him and things like that. Ash and Dawn care for each other so much! Everyone can see that!

Ash and dawn are, like, so adorable.

Its just the best ship...I don't know why Ash and Serena is the #1 but according to me its pearlshipping is the best. Those two have just a relationship as perfect as heaven. Its only the relation between ash and dawn which make pokemon my favorite anime of all the times. They should bring this ship back and fix it forever.

Just because this has a low vote, does not mean we do not like it. I think everyone is just so obsessed with amourshipping because the writers actually came up with someone who is really too open with her feelings

I feel their chemistry just by watching their interactions, farewells, and reunions. If Ash and Dawn get together that will be the only healthy relationship because she shares his love for battle so he will be happy with her and they both inspire each other to never give up and keep moving foward to get stronger because of each other.They are honestly more than siblings and they will have a best friend/lovers relationship and with love like that if they were to get married there is 80% chance that they will not divorce. I ship pearlshipping for this very reason and I think Ash and Dawn are more than siblings and they should give dating a shot.

I think these two are really cute together.

I have reasons why I totally ship Ash and Dawn together. Misty just abuses him. May? Definitely stupid. Iris? UGH NO WORDS! Serena is rather supportive but I like Pearl better somehow. I just love Dawn and ash. And to top everything Dawn is one of my favorite Pokegirls after Serena and Angie. Oh I totally love PearlShipping

Pearlshipping is the best shipping in the Pokémon anime. Period.

This would be my second-in-line ship with Ash if Amour did not work out - SomeguyontheInternet

Ash and dawn have had many great things together. Sure, serena is nice but is to obvious and ash clearly not like her but in bw he was the first to put his hand up too high five, another hint at him liking dawn!

I think they're better as friends

Dawn looks more better with Paul...ash should go and hook up with misty...ash and dawn look more like siblings than lovers

Pearlshipping is the ship that has actual hints from both sides! Amourshipping is just one sided! Don't act as if it's canon, Sarena blushing on ash's every comment doesn't mean ash loves her! SatoHika for the win

I love this shipping, however I'm being teared apart between this and amourshipping

Ngl but after Dawn not a lot of people carried on watching Pokemon. Social media and youtube blew up everyone started getting phones and no one watched T.V. 24/7 after school. Everyone around me watched Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. It was the last good journey and last good female companion. Ash and Dawn are just so strong and cute. They have each others back. Also, unlike the other girls Ash has watched every contest Dawn was in and used her moves in his battles. He was even inspired by her to do a contest himself. They've switched Pokemon and joked with her when they had to say goodbye so they wouldn't be sad.. ahhh I just love them

#pearlshipping is the best! It should be the first one on the list, not amourshpping. Like amour is the #1 here and #1 at the worst shipping too. I was like really? How can it be? But anyways, I love pearlshipping, and I will be my favourite till 5ever.

Unlike Ms. IHaveABlushingProblem at 1 and IWASTHEFIRSTSOIAMTHEBEST at 2, these guys act like genuine pals. I love that. They don't smush it in your face throughout the season, which allows for better character development.