Ash and Serena


The reason I support this ship is its most likely canon even though its one sided still I think it's better, like ash is 10 yr old and when one new girl arrives people start shipping them, i am like what the hell seriously and when ash meet a new girl who will just appear for 1 episode they wont even leave that girl also they ship them like seriously its Pokemon adventure show not Pokemon shipping show. I really want serena to come to alola so that at least they will stop shipping ash with other girls it's so stupid like when Pokemon ends it will have a record look ash ketchum a 10 yr old guy who is shipped with 40 girl and 40 guys and guess what he is shipped with his Pokemon also. And I think amour is best to end it hater will be everywhere like some people wanted Naruto and sakura, but still Naruto and hinata happened right. I am not saying other shipping is bad like how other say this ship is, I am just saying show some proof that ash as feeling for misty dawn iris and may or they ...more

1. Amourshipping is too one-sided. Any "hints" that Ash has shown are probably just him being mature; that's how he was during the entire XY series. Pokeshipping had more chemistry, and it's not just because of 4kids. Ash and Serena basically don't go together.
2. Serena pretty much stalked him; she showed affection towards him when they were like 5, and years later she saw him on T.V., and that's how she started her journey.
3. While Ash and the other female companions fought a lot, at least they got to know each other well. Apparently Serena doesn't like Ash for who he is; she only likes him for his "positive attitude." So I guess it's not okay for Ash to be sad, just like how he felt after he lost the gym battle against Wulfric.
4. Amourshipping was just bait for XY; why can't you all realize this? I bet that if Amourshipping didn't exist, there wouldn't be a lot of fans. Besides, Pokemon is for young kids. How many Amourshippers do you know of that aren't teenagers or ...more - yungstirjoey666

I don't understand why the hell do other shipper come here and comment and saying it's a forced ship like first of all writer made it not us, unlike your shipping where character has no feeling and how much you all pretend they have.This ship is canon it was proved since the beginning whereas unlike your ship which rely on dub and plus if you think writer just wanted to attract people then it can even be said 4kids also tried to attract people by showing them they are in relationship which they weren't just fooling all the pokeshipper around.And stop going around with the original series and original team like stuff all the series are equal for the pokemon company and pokemon fans unlike you people, true fans watches all series and likes all the team.

The reason I love ash and serena is simple because they are way more than just friends and I'm not saying it just like that but I can prove it. 1) Ash was Serena's inspiration while Serena was Ash's motivation, we have seen her worried for Ash in all of his battles and Ash has always came through from tough situations because of Serena be it the battle against Viola or Korrina or in general. 2) they've known each other for the longest period of time and Ash sure had affection for her even though he didn't say it but he protected her from several tough spots like by guarding her when they were attacked by luxio malamar and when they fell down from the cliff in the summer camp etc. 3) Serena is the only one who has got a gift from Ash and that ribbon is like a symbol of their shipping. 4) We have seen Ash and Serena are constantly besides each other when they are eating or standing or walking or anything. 5) Serena is the only female companion who was asked to join the gang by Ash. 6) ...more

"Come on the rest have passed plus they have most romantic moments I actually like pearl shipping too but face it were the best"

This shall past too. And what romantic moments? Ash ditching her during her first video/'date'? Or maybe you're talking about when serena just stands there and blushes at ash all the time lol. Totally more romantic than saying she'll die for a girl. Or ACTUALLY spending most the day alone with a girl without ditching her with both enjoying their time together.

"Ash And Serena's Shipping Is CONFIRMED IN THE ANIME"

Lol next time, you should make sure your sources are legit.

This ship is way better than many ship and wait I saw the comment section and seriously you call Serena useless lol she at least did something in show rather than just catching a togepi and roam around and I don't think it's anything wrong to see ash as a guy who she admires.And ash helped her in pokevison go watch it carefully and accept it or not ash is dense and seriously accept it or not misty has done nothing for ash in whole series and who all are commenting this ship fans are arrogant lol seriously go check who is arrogant we don't go to other shipping comment section and comment wrong about what is bad in them Guys why can't we all 1st see ash fullfil his dream and then later decide like seriously he won't age or as all the shipper are fighting they will never end the serious

This ship is by far the best and there are lot of evidence and the kiss also proves it its canon and now those who are going to say its one sided after the kiss, do you really think the kiss is a joke in anime like pokemon and to hater who kept this in worst shipping or kept serena in worst character we don't care we don't come daily to the page like you all and vote it cause that easily proves how much your afraid of it.

Look who's back. A 'hater' has arrived. I've been thinking of my last points and response, and I'd like to point out that people have been (not directly) replying to my comment and some other non-supporters' comments. I'm not complaining, and I am frankly happy with my decision. These indirect comments have pointed out that some of us (mainly comments voted up from about a year ago) have been called haters and that we've been calling Amourshipping one-sided. That means that a couple of us 'haters' are speaking for plenty of other communities filled with non-supporters. The reason for our one-sidedness comments are: there is evidence throughout the anime that Serena is truly the only one showing feelings, she doesn't know him that well, and the lack of innovation of Ash's behavior to his companions. I apologize for being a little rash in my last comment, but this time I'm only being logical no matter who says I'm not. - bakercomics

Hello you dummies Ash X Serena just because Serena didn't argue with him before the snowball fight was not proof that this ship is canon just more proof that this ship was crap Ash and Misty Belong Together Ash never wanted to be kissed by Serena and Ash took a foot back stating uncomfortable moments Serena is a crybaby who just wants attention Ash never wanted her to cosplay as him didn't you say there were a couple well no Serena is not coming to alola Serena just does things and she completely ignores Clement and Bonnie Ash and Serena being together is one-sided oh yeah and do not support this ship people send death threats to kids that don't support this ship kids that are six years old a motor shippers tell them to kill their selves and if you watch this anime for a ship don't watch Pokemon - Devthakur

Last comment shows how ridiculous this whole ship is. Serena doesn't know ash that well at all. Ash even said it himself "you don't know how I feel! " She likes to pretend that ash is this perfect being of 'positive & energetic' and gets upset if he doesn't respond in a way she wanted in her little fantasy land. If ash is so into her, why didn't he want to help her with her first pokevideo? Or ditched her while they could have got their gifts for their Pokemon together? Why didn't he even shoe interest in hanging out in a city alone like he did with Iris? Or heck why didn't he even want to talk to her when he was down? Honestly it looks like he's even less closer to her THAN MISTY who he was at least fine dancing with one time. Ash & Serena would be as bad as HarryxGinny, and it's sad people don't see it, just care that there's a (boring) main female who is obsessed (yes she is! That's why ash has to be like she wants or she'll throw a fit) & want to force 'development' onto ...more

This is the only one that stand a chance just face it.

In my view this is the best ship and writer confirm it.Those who are saying its still one sided after that kiss do you think a kiss is a joke in anime especially in pokemon and by the way to the hater how many times you try to insult this ship or keep it in worst shipping or worst pokemon character (Serena).We don't care for us serena is best we don't come everyday like you all to increase misty votes and start typing worst things about serena and amourshipping cause we already knew we won it

Haters gonna hate but I personally think it's a really cute ship and it has the highest chance of becoming canon.

Honestly they have the best chemistry. Serena was one of those special people who helped get Ash out of his slump and Ash helped Serena grow stronger. The two are positive changes to eachother, plus it's not like Serena is a door mat when it comes to her feelings, she won't let herself get walked over easily. Honestly a cute pairing. They have the most canonical moments for ships. Never forget the kiss either!

This is my OTP. I love Ash and Serena together! They should be forever and ever! I don't know why people hate Serena so much though, she's only obsessive with Ash that's all. Her feelings for Ash surpasses Misty. Ash was the one who asked Serena to follow whereas Misty only followed him. Serena also one of the girls who Ash loves her baking, and Ash even gave her the blue ribbon he got and complimented her. They're so cute together! They should always be together. I like Ash and Dawn too BUT I just love this ship too much!

One of the best ships in my opinion. Serena is my favorite girl, besides Dawn and Angie. I love this pairing so much, wish it wasn't as disliked. She's kind, polite, and she's the most prettiest. Screw Ash and Misty, and Ash and May. Yes May might be beautiful you think but I like Serena much better. Serena's more interesting, unique and I love for her to be with ash. Like Misty is just too possessive of Ash and May has another love interest and Dawn? Well hopefully she could be with Ash too. Iris? Ugh, just go off with another guy. So it could be Serena, only Serena. She's also complimented by Ash, and he even give a blue ribbon to her! how is that not cute I just love this so muchh

This is clearly the worst ship. This is completely one sided and Ash doesn't give a crap about love anyway so why are we even here. Ok sure he got attracted to someone in one of the first episode but it never happened again and that was when pokemon was good. Pokemon is just going downhill now and the anime would only be worse. The only thing good is the games spinoff or not.

I know many people feel poke shipping is best because "it's the original characters and/or shipping" but we haven't see her for over a decade and when misty says my first love that kind of hint towards that ash and misty went their separate ways. Being first shouldn't mean anything. Also, Serena kissed ash. and yes it was an ACTUAL KISS ON THE LIPS and confirmed by the producers and he seemed to enjoy it. If didn't like he would've made an awkward face. It's close but, I say ash and Serena are most likely to end up together. - princepretty

Best Shipping Ever! I mean, it's just so cute! SHE KISSES HIM IN THE ANIME! That's like saying the Pokemon writers also support is! Any if any one disagrees with this, I have nothing to say to you.

The best shipping to be honest. The Anime itself has confirmed this, also with all the hype going on about if she will be in Gen VII surely does show that they will end up together.

This is definitely THE BEST SHIPPING EVER! Although ash is still dense but this is closest to being the beginning serena just had a crush which I think gradually developed into much deeper affection as the series progressed.. She is for the best pokegirl ever like it's so cute that she always cares about ash even when there's a slightest of trouble and I can write many things about her and ash-Serena but it will take a lot of time and I guess no one will read it.. Anyway I just want to say serena is best for the win

I voted for this since there might be like 99% percent of hints that might be sure that both Serena and Ash might have been dating. I remember an episode that featured both as kids, which makes sense that the shipping starts there. LISTEN THIS MIGHT BE IMPORTANT! There could be episodes that might be REVEALED that they are dating in the future. If only I can just push them in front of eachother, so they can kiss for the Armourshipping fans around the world. Or maybe, more less than that...

This couple is so adorable. Serena actually kissed Ash! Where can I start with this? Ash actually met Serena during his childhood, helping her out with injury. But today, things have changed. I just fell in love when Serena actually kissed Ash and it was super romantic. I just hope that she comes back on the Sun and Moon Series for real! - EllyMacaroni

So adorable. Ash genuinely loves Serena, and she loves him too. I can feel the love between them, and I've been able to detect love in other people too, so I know it. It's a little gift I've got.

I don't understand why shipping children is so popular in this show, it's so unrealistic. Not saying it's impossible, but it's really rare. The only ones I know crushed on each other as kids and are still together is my aunt and uncle, but they have a very particular relationship and struggled being apart and just do better together. But this is really rare and it's so OOC of Ash.