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1 Pokemon Emerald

the last actual good pokemon game... after this game every other game sucked (except ss & hg).. ignore the "pokemon diamond" above... the new pokemon are the worst... plus this game is waaay better then ruby & sapphire... way more stuff like the battle frontier and more legendaries, and its more difficult

Pokemon Emerald is an outstanding game. It has all of the perks of ruby and sapphire, such as pokeblocks and contests, secret bases, diving, double battles, weather conditions, abilities, natures, ev's and iv's, ribbons, the ability to obtain kyogre, groudon, rayquaza, and a series of other legendary pokemon through events like mew, ho-oh, lugia, deoxys, etc. But my favorite part is how the main character actually has two parents present. Yay! No more childhood abandonment!

This should be number 1! This game is a lot better than Pokemon Diamond! I believe this game has a better storyline than Pokemon Diamond, and has a better after story. It is Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire combined!

Pokemon emerald is awesome as awesome as a girls buts.

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2 Pokemon Diamond

This game feels special to me because it was the first Pokemon game I ever played in my life (not kidding)

This was My very first Pokemon Game and will always be my Favorite!

It was a disappointment going from Pokemon Emerald to this. I just went back to playing that after I defeated the E4.

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3 Pokemon Gold

Amazing game by any standard.

HeartGold should be here instead of plain old Gold... Geeze guys!

4 Pokemon Silver

Pokemon silver is the obvious winner. I spent so long playing this game in my childhood it isn't even funny. Plus it's before they added all the crappy, cutesy pokemon. The first 250 pokemon were the best. Plus, two different regions and 16 badges. Any other game have that?

it's sad when #1 isn't Silver/Gold. or at least Red/Blue. But really silver was the best it had the longest and best story ever. it even carried off from Red/Blue, and allowed you to go back through the old game basically. so many memories..

Though its old, definitely one of the best Pokemon games out there! AND- IT HAD THE DUPLICATE Pokemon GLITCH! One of the best and most useful glitches ever! If you could catch a legendary Pokemon, you just duplicate it. it was great!

I saw another top ten that had the original games at number, red, yellow. I almost threw up

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5 Pokemon Blue

Loved it when I was little... where's yellow? - Jonuskong

This is way better than yellow

6 Pokemon FireRed

Man! Even if have not finished the game I was rocked by the strong trainers and Pokemons. Specially charizard and Mewtwo. I suggest everyone to play it.

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7 Pokemon Platinum

Its like a combo of Diamond and Pearl... Plus more

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8 Pokemon - Red Version

Charizard! He's the best Pokemon I've seen you have to buy this game it's a must buy and trust me I have the game and you can get snorlax and you can choose from three amazing Pokemon and 1 is charizard! It brings back memories from the 3 Pokemon game ever made!

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9 Pokemon Black 2

This game is great with a nice story and some great graphics!

Black 2 is still my favourite game of all time. The characters feel so vibrant and alive, unlike in Red. I like to imagine that my friend is my rival, that my older brother is Colress, etc.

I had a hard time deciding between this and PLatinum, but I�'ll just stick with Black 2 for now.

10 Pokemon Ruby

I love this one I've beat it a lot of times - k1kittycat

This was the game that got me started into gaming

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11 Pokemon Sapphire
12 PokemonGreen
13 Pokemon Crystal

Why is this game so underrated, Gold is at #2 and this is at #13, this game is just an upgraded version of gold/silver.

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14 Pokemon Pearl

it rocks!
you get to catch palkia!

15 Pokemon White

Best art style (not same as graphics, x and y win that category) Best Pokemon Roster, Best Story, Best gym leaders, best cities and towns, and my favorite pokemon of all time; Vanilluxe. And I'm not kidding.

16 Pokemon Yellow
17 Pokemon X

You guys are all just Gen 1-3 fanboys. the newer the game, the better. X gave us awesome graphics, new battle styles, and AWESOME music. All R/B/G/Y did was start the series and give us a world of glitches.

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18 Pokemon SoulSilver

Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver in my opinion one of the greastest Pokemon games ever

19 Pokemon Y

The best yet. An eagle of death compared to a stupid deer of life. Come on, the choice is obvious

This may not be the best Pokemon game, but it was awesome.

It Added A Lot Of Stuff But... Emerald Is Better.

It sucks as much as a rotten but.

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20 Pokemon Black

Obviously this game was meant for the more "mature" Pokemon audience, just because it doesn't follow exactly the same route as the others doesn't mean it's terrible. Personally I enjoyed Unova, it's my favorite region (I've seen every region, trust me) and it had the most enjoyable story of pretty much anything I've seen out of a Pokemon game. Couple that with the music, and you've got one of the best. The tone is dark sometimes, and sometimes exciting, and that really drew me in. The character development was incredible. This game needs more love, guys. In my eyes, it's among the greats.

I love this game. It's had a good story there are good graphics. The legends are cimpletey beast kyeum is one of the best Pokemon ever!

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