Pokemon Games With the Best Storylines

To list the Pokemon games and rate their storylines is meant to be fun. I think people will enjoy it.

The Top Ten

1 Pokemon Black V 1 Comment
2 Pokemon X

So addicting. It's great.

3 Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

New 3D made the game SO much better!

4 Pokemon Black Version 2 V 1 Comment
5 Pokemon Omega Ruby

Best storyline ever! I love it!

6 Pokemon Diamond

I stayed up all night long playing this game. I love it!

7 Pokemon Y
8 Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Best of all the mystery dungeons

9 Pokemon HeartGold
10 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

I play this game all the time, once you pick it up you can't put it down so I'd vote for it if I were you

The Contenders

11 Pokemon Emerald

The best game ever, and should be much higher in this list

12 Pokemon White Version 2

I seriously prefer the storyline of White normal, but this one rocks! I like how they brought back the old ccharachters that we like (and don't like) and how theey made new ones. Like, in White normal, the tfriend Bianca and cheren we too perfect, but in White two, the friend's carácter was more relatable. - AnonymousChick

13 Pokemon Ruby
14 Pokemon Sapphire
15 Pokemon Gold V 1 Comment
16 Pokemon Yellow
17 Pokemon Silver
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