Top Ten Pokemon Grass Moves

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1 Leaf Blade

This says Top 10, not strongest. Frenzy Plant makes you rest for a turn, so it certainly isn't best. Leaf Blade, on the other hand, has no setback, and has a high critical hit ratio!

I, Honestly have NOT Used any of these moves, except for Razor Leaf so I basically I don't know what I should do 😁

High critical rate, higher power than most high critical ratio moves and 100% accuracy. Boss move

Can someone please explain to me how this attack is rated higher than Energy Ball? Sure, this is really good on Sceptile, but not a lot of people learn this move? All grass types can learn Energy Ball, Seed Bomb, and Giga Drain due to their availability as TM's and Move Tutors. Although, it looks so cool, especially with Sceptile.

2 SolarBeam

Drought + Solar beam is awesome! Great for some fire types!

The enargy from the sun is op and lazors are the strongest


What's not to love? You are literally absorbing the power of the sun and blasting it at your foes! And with sunny day or drought in affect, you don't even have to charge up probably one of one of the most awesome attacks in the game.

3 Frenzy Plant

It should be number 1.frenzy plant can block
fire spin,flamethrower,overheat,
Fire blast

Frenzy plant should be #1 that is strongest grass type move ever! Solar beam should be #2. Frenzy plant have the power of 150 and accuracy of 90% that can beat solar beam!

Attack defense both

Stats for it= 150 attack and 90 accuracy. Best grass attack stat in the game

4 Leaf Storm

It's a storm of leaves. Motom Row is coming your way bois. *Slices with leaves*

I love this move and mega sceptile with its high speceil attack means you can continuasly use it

I relax, this attack is superior to all of yours.

It's number 1 for sure I'm mean be honest what's the last move your grass type learns... LEAF STORM!

5 Giga Drain

This works SO WELL!

My sceptile has this move and it RULES

It is extremely powerful, and drains health! And with big root...

Easily the best grass move. Damage power 75, healing 37,5 = 112,5. Teach it to a bulbasaur in combination with sleep powder/sludge bomb and toxic or leech seed or amnesia(by breeding)

6 Leech Seed

While other moves have accuracy problems, and recharge statuses, Leech seed comes with a permanent death sentence on the elite four, one shot is all it takes, with the combined strength of toxic and double team, there is no weakness one might posses, sure they can use that spinning move, but its still pretty reliable.

This move is great mainly because after each turn, the other Pokemon loses health and you get some back. This and Giga Drain are a deadly combo.

Leech Seed and sleep powder combined can take down any pokemon

It's the Leech Seed. Come on now.

7 Razor Leaf

Ordinary but extraordinary attack use it well

How did this get over petal dance, energy ball, and spore?

Isn't this a lower level move? How is it this high?

Classic. Enough Said. Gave It To Bulbasaur, Didn't Break A Sweat In Mt. Moon.

8 Spore

100 percent accuracy amazing move!

100% accuracy. Enough said

100% sleep move, OP

The only 100% accuracy sleep move!

9 Mega Drain

Is good

What the heck, why is this move below damn absorb?!?!?
It is literally the upgraded version of it

10 Grass Knot

Handy for battling Pokemon like snorlax. - FennikenFan9

The Contenders

11 Energy Ball

The shadow ball of grass Pokemon!

Energy ball has taken out many Pokemon for me

Energy Ball is a reliable and easy to use grass type move, that has 100% accuracy and can instantly K-O many pokemon.


12 Power Whip

It's the best move

It is very strong and it's a rare grass move. -L

It is very good. -S

13 Synthesis

This really helps with a solar beam combo and it heals your self I think this is a good strategic move

Healing moves are very useful! - Epicsauce45

It gives you your own solar energy 😃

14 Absorb

Mega Drain and Giga drain are better than this trash

This is the best grass move... because it drains the other pokemon's health and adds extra helth to your pokemon. It's a HUGE advantage, in my opinion! Absorb must be the BEST MOVE!

A power of 20 is stupid you morons


15 Petal Dance

Dudes it is the best move for venusaur MAN!


This is the grass type outrage!

How is this worse than razor leaf?

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16 Seed Bomb

My pansear rarely lost any battles. 80%damage, 100% accuracy.

17 Vine Whip

Its used very much in the anime so why not in game

It will give you a shock like feeling - kormo

18 Petal Blizzard

HPetal Blizzard does damage to all adjacent Pokémon, including allies. In Horde Encounters, it will target all opponents. 90 power, 100% accuracy. enough SAID

19 Seed Flare

Where is it this is the strongest and best grass type move only learned by shaymin 120 attack power ACCURACY 85 and has a 40% chance of lowering the target's Special Defense stat by two stages

Sure only shaman can learn it but its sweet!

This is my favorite move and its on my favorite Pokemon

Shaymin's Signature Move!

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20 Bullet Seed

Pow Pow shoot bullets from your mouth!

Listen here mates. 25 base damage, and always hits at least twice, and can hit upto 5 times. That means 50-125 base damage, and 75-250 critical hit damage. Let's compare this to Razor Leaf, a 50 base damage move with a 1/8 chance to crit for 100 damage. Bullet Seed has a 1/8 chance to hit 4 times which will equal 100 base damage, but can also crit or hit again to go even further beyond. It's strong and underestimated.

Also bypasses sturdy so it's absolutely perfect in every single aspect possible.

21 Grassy Terrain

First time I heard that move

22 Solar Blade

Days pretty ya know!
Its power and accuracy is perfect 4 Venusaur or Sceptile

125 damage and 100 accuracy, pretty much a better version of solar beam

23 Forest's Curse

This can eat you

24 Leaf Tornado

While not powerful, the loss of accuracy to the opponent in combination to leech seed and other recover moves leads to longevity.

Every grass Pokemon should know a Pokemon this strong

It's the best move for any Pokemon that can learn it

25 Ingrain

Amazing I rate this move five stars

26 Spiky Shield

Its Protect that hits back... what's not to love?

27 Leech Life
28 Bloom Doom
29 Trop Kick

Easily one of the best, it lowers attack stat of your opponents pokemon every time it is used

30 Wood Hammer

The Double-Edge of Grass type attacks; 120 attack power, 100% accuracy, and compliments Pokemon like Abomasnow and Torterra perfectly, all in exchange for slight recoil damage.

31 Pin Missile

This move is a buggy boi

This is a bug type move...

32 Worry Seed

145 Damage wow and I have a whole team of grass Pokemon that can learn this move(any grass Pokemon can learn it):sceptile,lombre,leafeon,oddish(didn't evole it at all),shaman,and chesnaught

33 Grass Pledge

80 damage, 100 accuracy, and the best move that combines the three starter types

34 Sappy Seed
35 Solar Spin
36 Sleep Powder

How is this not on the list how come

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