Top Ten Pokemon Grass Moves

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21 Solar Blade

125 damage and 100 accuracy, pretty much a better version of solar beam

22 Spiky Shield

Its Protect that hits back... what's not to love?

23 Forest's Curse
24 Wood Hammer

The Double-Edge of Grass type attacks; 120 attack power, 100% accuracy, and compliments Pokemon like Abomasnow and Torterra perfectly, all in exchange for slight recoil damage.

25 Leaf Tornado

While not powerful, the loss of accuracy to the opponent in combination to leech seed and other recover moves leads to longevity.

Every grass Pokemon should know a Pokemon this strong

It's the best move for any Pokemon that can learn it

26 Pin Missile

This is a bug type move...

27 Ingrain

Amazing I rate this move five stars

28 Worry Seed

145 Damage wow and I have a whole team of grass Pokemon that can learn this move(any grass Pokemon can learn it):sceptile,lombre,leafeon,oddish(didn't evole it at all),shaman,and chesnaught

29 Seed Bomb

My pansear rarely lost any battles. 80%damage, 100% accuracy.

30 Grass Pledge

80 damage, 100 accuracy, and the best move that combines the three starter types

31 Leech Life
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