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1 Whitney

Whitney is strong and amazing gym leader who is amazing with normal type Pokemon now she may be a baby when you beat but trust me your gonna have a hard time with her but that's a good thing now one reason she is so hard to beat is cause of her miltank I'm guessing she's known a lot about miltank the fact her uncle has a farm of miltank but overall she's sprited gym leader who's fun to go against

That damn miltank she has knows stomp which can also flinch you, attract which can infatuate the male Pokemon (a pain in the ass), the killer-move rollout which eradicates all of your Pokemon step by step and even if you manage to land a hit on the damn miltank, it can heal itself with milk drink... What a powerhouse it is -_-

I beat Whitney on my first try, and Miltank wasn't a problem for me. But I must admit, Whitney is kind of good. But what I don't like is how she cries when she looses. A bit of a cry baby... but still good. - anythingispossible

Most annoying Pokemon since her miltank uses attract and it gets very frustrating since Miltank also uses roll out. Meanwhile you're crying in your bed yelling at the game "STOP DOING THAT! " - Bhoskmalet

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2 Clair

At a time when dragon types had two weaknesses, ice and dragon, having a gym leader with a Kingdra was insane. To beat it you had to just over power it and Kingdra's stats were nothing to sneeze at.

Clair is the only dragon type gym leader and it is the most strongest gym leader.

Too powerful, if she was in next generations, she was first place.

That Kingdra Do!

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3 Morty

Morty is so awesome. I like this layout of his gym. I like the type he uses (Ghost--and come on, what is cooler than Ghost type?! ) I don't know how Whitney is at the top. She is a cry baby and her Miltank is super annoying. I don't get how Clair is above Morty either. She is so stubborn and will not give you a badge until you go through a cave and do a test. Morty, however, is none of those things. That's not to say he doesn't put up a fight either, he was a worthy opponent to battle against. I eventually beat him with my Raticate--but the move "Curse" that was used in his gym was so annoying! That's also why I think he should be top gym leader. It was a challenge to beat him--but when you did, he was gracious about it. One more thing (because I noticed some comments for Clair stated she was 'sexy')... Morty is pretty cute

I love morty I think is the most interesting of all gym leaders he has extrasensory perception and clairvoyant powers and he have control of ghost Pokemon who are the naughty type he is really friendly and handsome his clothes are cool and I like his blonde makes him good face child he's so cute

The seer of the future, its perfect for him! He's cool in the anime, manga and he uses ghost types! What better type to use than that.

He grew up from the smith house to rekt people with his ghost type pokemon

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4 Misty

I like misty because she is the one main character of Pokemon and she loves water Pokemon as I. So I think misty is good Pokemon gym leader. When she battles her style is awesome.

I love misty just because she put up a good fight at the gym and her character is the best Pokemon character ever

BEST GYM LEADER EVER. I like her style when she battle with her water Pokemon. She and they are just awesome.

HOW CAN SHE NOT GET NUMBER ONE!? at least have a gen 1 leader in 1st

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5 Sabrina

This girl is amazing I love her role in the anime she's gone through a few design changes but there all pretty good

Easily the biggest of a challenge in the original pokemon since the only pokemon that can defeat her are gengar and its pre evolutions.

Her Alakazam is too overpowered in Yellow. If it weren't for Pikachu's Mega Punch and Snorlax's Body Slam, I would've lost this battle.

I beat her with a Dodrio and switch to Venasaur when I had to Revive Dodrio.

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6 Volkner

He's the best electric type trainer I know (my favorite type) he has team versatility and ice moves, you won't beat him sorry

Without ground moves, you will be screwed.

He's Naruto's father... enough said!

Actually volkner wasnt that hard for me my level 47 giratina beat his level 50 electivire

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7 Tate and Liza

The first double battle gym leader quite easy I won but because they use 1 Pokemon each makes it fun I mean a double battle gym they need to do that more often

Never before and never since have I lost to a gym leader more than twice. These kick-ass twins are so much more powerful in this ruby and sapphire remake that it took me 5 times, yes 5 times to beat them. Wasome! Well deserved winners in my opinion. - Pokeking

They should be number one. They are the only doubles battle and my Latios lost to them 3 times!

These guys are hard. Claydol and Xatu; no problem. Solrock and Lunatone; DIFFICULT

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8 Elesa

I picked oshawott in black who was dewott by the time she came around her gym was original and she was more of a challenge than alder but that was probably because I had to train my starter up so much that it was a samurott by the time I beat her so it was over leveled and 1hkos everything

Elesa is tough and also nice. It took me 4 times to beat her in Pokemon Black! But she kept on persevering, and when I DID win she let me pass into Driftveil City (instead of crying and being a pushover like the Top 2)

She is beautiful and really strong. She's clearly the best.

To me elesa is the best electric gym leader why two words
volt swich

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9 Crasher Wake

Crasher Wake is baller! He's not #1 because you guys are jealous

Toughest water gym leader I ever battled!

Gyarados and other really cool Water types just make Wake awesome. Gen 4 remakes: GIVE HIM MEGADOS!

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10 Blaine

Blaine should definitely be higher on the list by far, he has a awesome personality, He was one of the scientists who worked on CREATING Mewtwo!, and best thing of all he created the "you better have a burn heal" line back in Generation 1!

While I love Giovanni and Blue, I always liked Blue as a rival and Giovanni as the crime boss. That being said, I love Blaine in every generation!

I think Blaine was easy but he BURNED MY BLASTOISE!

I love trivia questions

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11 Giovanni

I can't believe he's the leader of team rocket, but what I think is crazy is that in the comics Silver is his son!

I did a quiz and I turned out as him

Best gym leader and a very original one at that. Very powerful team and great type choice. Best backstory of every gym leader and was a great idea from game freak. He utilises some brilliant Pokemon e.g. Nidoking and Ryhperior and is no pushover. You will no doubt have a hard time with him. Unless you structure your team properly, he will take you out. Great with ground types and very threatening.

12 Jasmine

Jasmine is known as the steel clad defense girl but really jasmine is all about attack and speed she became the 6th gym leader for a reason she's so good jasmine is great user of steel and is great gym leader good luck against her

Not only is Jasmine a great battler and a good sport, her request before she gives you her badge is showing a Pokemon some TLC, which also shows that she is very kind-hearted.

Jasmine is called the steel clad defense girl but she's really all about attack and speed she's a great gym leader she sprited to she seems nice but when it comes to gym battle watch out cause she may look weak she's really good if you haven't battled her yet good luck - Tinkerbrat

Cute, and strong. My favourite gym leader of the bunch!. - BillowPillow

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13 Fantina

She may be arrogant, but she's definitely strong. I underestimated Ghost Types until she came around. Besides, she's beautiful in that dress.

I got threw her by luck when my monferno used flame wheel and burned her. Had just enough hyper potions and Pokemon to last her out.

She may be arrogant but she is strong for a ghost type user. Plus she is GORGEOUS in that dress.

Come on fantina should be in the top 10 she was my hardest gym leader until whitney came along

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14 Blue

I'm not voting for Blue as a gym leader, but, more as a character. In Gen 1, Blue was a total ungrateful brat, always thinking he had bragging rights. His snarky attitude led to his downfall, as he lost his Raticate because of his desire to push it forward and not show it any love, and lost his possession as Pokemon master to Red, who was quite unlike Blue. Fast forward two years, Blue tries to kill himself because he doesn't think he was important. (I read it in Japanese special manga) Red gave up his position as champion to Lance, because with Giovanni gone people were getting their 8th badge for free. Red took Giovanni's spot for one year. After that, Red went missing, and Blue knew this was his chance. He became the 8th gym leader not bothering to care about his rival's disappearance. Fro, that day forward, Blue showed care and compassion to his Pokemon, and became more of a mentor to the trainers that lost to him.

Unlike all the other gym leaders he didn't specialize and had a balanced team, catching those that were unprepared off guard.

I don't know why blue is higher than Whitney because Blue has a balanced team with strong Pokemon. And hello people he's was a former champion enough said

He's a Champion, Rival, a Gym leader, and he has no type specialzation. Difficult and fun.

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15 Korrina

She's the only gym leader who has a Pokemon who can mega evolve so that her quite good

Has a awesome mega lucario and kicks everyone's butts with it

She's the only Gym Leader so far who can Mega Evolve a Pokemon. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

My Luca rip turned out to be one of my best pokemon

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16 Brock Brock

Brock is so awesome in the anime, and super nice in Pokemon origins, and Misty suck's by the way along with Morty! 1

He's just a very funny person, and an entertaining character on the show. - ShinyHydra1999

Three words that describe him: Cool badass

I used my Nidoran (Male) and Double Kicked his Pokémon's Butts.

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17 Wattson

This is the gym leader that pisses me off. You start off very easily beating him but once u get to his magneton, Just pray to God that his magneton won't uses shock wave over and over again because the MOVE never misses! - Bhoskmalet

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18 Clemont Clemont

I can't believe how low this is! Clemont is my favorite reason being because he's smart, but I can't take him seriously in the anime series. What I mean is he's the only gym leader that has glasses. That's the reason why I can't take Clemont seriously, but come on! Why so low on the list? Clemont in my opinion is a gym leader that needs more attention. (but I can't take him seriously with Bonnie right beside him. Bonnie is just so cute.)

He is a cute blonde guy gym leader!

I like his battle style he always uses strategy

Ash's friend

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19 Norman

Come on, guys! How could Norman be so low in this list? Norman is the only father of the main character you actually know. In every other generation, your father is the professor! (Well, not really, but you know what I mean). And it's just awesome how you can actually battle him! Father vs Son/Daughter! Come on guys, really? How could he be below Cilan and Chilli? - anythingispossible

Why the heck is Whitney #1? Norman is the true Normal type leader! The reason we hate her is because, Milk Drink is annoying. Norman, we hate/like him because his team is actually tough. He doesn't use cheap healing moves. Even if his Slaking has the Traunt ability, he's still a pain in the neck. Not only that, he's a serious gym leader. He's even your FATHER! - RebelGamer

Norman is stronger than Whitney promise me you'll put number 1 his Pokemon all know retaliate and he defeated my Blaziken Pikachu latias and almost my whole team but I defeated him

I beat all gym leaders easily in hoenn

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20 Iris

She became the champion she is equal to Lance

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