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21 Wattson

This is the gym leader that pisses me off. You start off very easily beating him but once u get to his magneton, Just pray to God that his magneton won't uses shock wave over and over again because the MOVE never misses! - Bhoskmalet

Wattson eats Way too much.

22 Winona

Winona is my favourite gym leader. She should be number 1, and way better than Skyla and the ones in front. Why is she number 47?

She is way better than Skyla, and she was tough to beat. She should be in the top 10

My Pikachu was my hero the day I battled her. All my Pokemon fainted except Pikachu and I knew if Pelipper went first I would die but my Pikachu was faster used thunderbolt and because Pelipper I'd water/flying it was 4x weak and it fainted

:) Winona is the best

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23 Roxanne V 2 Comments
24 Brawly

Brawly has always been the hardest gym leader in my opinion... No offense to the others, but there are only two gym leaders I hate and a few more that I can't stand there gym (Kill Elesa are else I will kill you! )

Good, but seems to much like a water type than a fighting type. But, there's too much water types so they made him a fighting type.

Brawly is easy in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald and in ORAS (Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire)

I beat Brawly in 2 hits with grovyle

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25 Clay

One of only two ground type gym leaders and boy did he hit hard, Clay was a trainer you would be hard pressed to beat if you weren't prepared because he had a counter for everything on his team. Plus outside the gym I'm pretty sure he's the most interesting and helpful Gym leader of them all.

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26 Flannery

With Flannery's strong offense with flamethrower as well as overheat, she is a gym leaders to look twice at, literally. Not to mention, a type advantage with the majority of types. She has a fiery passion that burns.

First thing she says is, "WELCOME! "

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27 Lt. Surge Lt. Surge

He has my favorite electric type! - Pikachufan0922

I think he is pretty annoying. - sri007venkat

He spawned the signle best Pokemon fan theory, so he gets my vote.

He's dj of the pokemon world

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28 Koga

Koga is my favourite gym leader! Why is he not higher?! Am I the only person who had trouble with him? Plus he was strong enough to become part of the Elite 4!

He's a ninja... Enough said.

He became an elite four

I like koga's personality in the manga and he is a third of the triad of commanders for team rocket also a gym leader and later becoming a elite four and he's a ninja which is awesome and he uses poison types which are my favorite and has an arbok who is one of my favorite Pokémon plus he's tecnicly the strongest gym leader sense besides blue he's the only one to get in the elite four. Also just a little something extra he in the manga was able to control articuno.

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29 Candice Candice

She is the second hardest gym leader (See Brawly) And definitely deserves to be in the top ten (second. Brawly is really hard! ) Not only do I hate her gym (Until I memorized how to get passed it. ) and her Pokemon. If Brawly wasn't a much harder gym leader, she would get number one.

How does candice do it? I had to do it without a fire type cause it fainted. I was so close to winning! She good!

Candice is such a great gym leader, plus she uses strategy and is easily one of the more charismatic ones. She should definety be much higher on this list.

She is fabulous. - sri007venkat

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30 Drayden
31 Falkner

He is the only gym leader in the first 4 generations to not be a first gym leader using rock type.

32 Grant V 1 Comment
33 Drake

My homie Drake does spit some nice bars. - POKEGAMERZ

He is so COOL! Even ash had difficulty to win.


34 Pryce
35 Lenora V 1 Comment
36 Wallace

He is my favorite Gym Leader/Champion, why is he so low on this list?

Love him as a coordinator, gym leader and champion! - sri007venkat

He is so awesome! I love his outfit too

He is the best he should be number 1! He is sooo awesome and I really really like his outfit 😍

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37 Wulfric

One of one the easiest gym leaders I ever battled even though he Has a level 59 avalugg - Pikachufan0922

The best kalos gym leaders

38 Juan

I love his french accent and his joking after the gym battle. I also love his beautiful milotic it is just amazing.

Juan's awesome he should be in the top 10

Why is Juan so dang low? He used to be the gym leader of Sootopolis, mentors Wallace the Champion, and uses a Kingdra!

39 Bugsy

For me, a very iconic gym leader and the reason people began to take bug Pokemon more seriously. R.I.P my chikorita

Were u doing a nuzlocke or something

40 Maylene

I really like Maylene. She has a cute design and a Lucario! She's also pretty strong, and was a great character in the anime. (Though I can't say the same for Dawn..)

Guess I'll leave a comment here. Maylene is a weird character to describe. If we never got platinum, I could see why no one would like her... But we did.
Her design is cute, if not a little weird. Unlike Korrina (who I still love) Maylene looks like a proper fighting type gym leader. She has a Lucario, instant win in my books. She is incredibly dedicated, she ran to snow point in the freezing cold. Her and candice are great together, as friends or as something more. Maylene in the anime goes through some actual problems as a gym leader and her battle with Ash is still awesome.
Maylene isn't a tomboy. That is a generic term used to describe any girl with male qualities and its almost never acurate. Maylene likes training and fighting, more male associated qualities. She also likes decorations and clothes, more female qualities. She's a diverse character who doesn't get nearly as much love as she deserves. She gets my vote.

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