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41 Lance

Dragon master! Hottest guy

Lance is not a gym leader. He is Elite 4/Champion. - POKEGAMERZ

He's the hardest trainer In the game

42 Chuck
43 Cynthia

Cynthia is Champion. Not gym leader. - POKEGAMERZ

44 Skyla Skyla

An amazing flying type gym leader she is good at flying plains from what I know she has a big history with flying her grandfather miles was the real gym leader but past it on to her overall she is great gym leader who hard to go against but you will get a liking to her - Tinkerbrat

An amazing flying type gym leader from what I learned is that she knows a lot about plains and her grandfather miles was the previous gym leader of mistralion city overall skyla is a outgoing go getter who is a strong gym leader who you will have a fun time batteling her

She is probably the hardest gym leader in hoenn! And to my opinion hoenn gym leaders aren't that hard

She is amazing! - HappyJohnny

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45 Cilan Cilan Cilan is one of the three Gym Leaders of Striaton City's Gym, known officially as the Striaton Gym, in Pokemon Black and White. In the anime, he is classified as an A-class Pokemon Connoisseur and traveled with Ash Ketchum in the Unova region. He first debuted in Triple Leaders, Team Threats!.

! Him and his brothers= Fan service! I love the anime! Too bad we only saw him shirtless three times-
"Minncino Neat and Tidy"- When Bianca pushed him and Ash in the river.

(not an episode but an ending)- "Look Look Here": He, Ash, and Iris were in their swimsuits. I loved the way it looked!

"Mission: Defeat Your Rival! ": The "chilling in the Sauna" scene. Cilan and Ash were in tight shorts.

Way to go for shirtless Cilan!

He's so hot!

Cilan is alright I like chili better

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46 Chili

I picked snivy, and to those who think snivy is weak I beat more then half of the gym leaders first try using only my serperior.

I picked snivy, and to those who think snivy is weak I beat more than half of the gym leaders first try with only my serperior.

I think chili is kinda cool. The only drawback is that you have to pick SNIVY

I know right. Chili is good, snivy can die.

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47 Gardenia Gardenia

I hate her Cherubi or however you spell it.

Bread, spread some butterfree on it and bam! Dedz! - SwampertBABY


48 Erika Erika

She is the best grass gym leader ever

Why down here in 46 - TheUmbreon

Probably one of the only decent grass gyms in the game. =p - BillowPillow

Her Victreebel spams Wrap. - POKEGAMERZ

49 Byron

When I used an earthquake on his bastidoon bam! It fainted. I have to admit, BYRON SUCKS!

50 Cress

So that means his two brothers are better then him.

Cress: The forgotten brother.


51 Cheren
52 Marlon

One of the hardest gym leaders I will ever fight because of his STUPID JELLICENT - Pikachufan0922

My favourite gym leader EVER how is it 55? He's so strong

This guy is a fool

53 Viola
54 Lilly

Lilly is actually a gym leader of currillian city people think she's not but she is there's not much known about her cause she only has a backup roll I'm guessing she's probably strong and the only history you know about her is her sisters are daisy violet and misty I'm putting her up cause she's still a gym leader

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55 Gary

Uh... Gary is never a gym leader. Now Blue on the other hand...

I think someone thought that he and Blue were the same characters and that why he/she put him on this list. Of course, Gary was never a Gym Leader in the anime universe. - Nectaria

56 Roark

Best gym leader ever

57 Burgh
58 Brycen
59 Valerie Valerie

Valerie may not be a strong opponent but she was the first gym leader to show off the new type so that's something

This gym leader had broken the glass ceiling of being the first gym leader of the fairy type. Something similar to that of Jasmine of Oliveine City was also able to achieve.

She's such a cool character that might have relations with the kimono girls!
Love her some much ❤️

60 Janine Janine
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