Top Ten Pokemon Gyms

This is a list for your personal favorite gyms, not gym leaders (although they could play a role in making a gym better or worse). Taking each aspect of a gym into account, which all-around gym experience is your favorite?

The Top Ten

1 Sootopolis City Gym
2 Vermillion City Gym
3 Ecruteak City Gym
4 New Nimbasa City Gym
5 Mossdeep City Gym (Emerald)
6 Cinnabar Island
7 Blackthorn City Gym
8 Pewter City Gym

I realize that there is really nothing special about this gym, but for myself and many others, this was our first time entering a gym and defeating its leader. It is an exciting first experience. - surgeonsanic

9 Lavaridge City
10 Celadon Gym (HG/SS)

The Contenders

11 Aspertia City Gym

I'm surprised this wasn't up here yet. The Aspertia Gym doesn't exactly have the most interesting puzzle, but I just love how the leader is Cheren, one of your rivals in the previous game. He's taken over for Lenora as distributor of the Basic Badge in the 2 years between Black & White & their sequels. Black version was my 1st Pokemon game & I honestly felt a sense of nostalgia seeing one of my first rivals after the events of his original game. Seeing him in the position of gym leader just brings me a happy feeling I still have to this day. And winning the Basic Badge in those games has always brought me the joy of winning against the guy who drove me nuts with his Giga-Draining Serperior before facing the Pokemon League for the first time ever (I mean, seriously, that battle took me about 17 attempts). And again, the nostalgia kicks in & makes me absolutely love this gym.

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