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1 Mega Lucario

Charizard is too overrated. Lucario would maim Charizard in a battle, even though it is weak to fire. It GETS AN INCREASED STAB. Do you know what that means? 240 base power close combat. Plus Lucario is faster than Charizard X and would knock it out with a Dragon Pulse.

Any mega lucario haters should commit suicide since this pokemon is good for a fighting build, it looks really detailed and cool, and it looks like its trained to fight with that blood looking stuff on its hands

They definitely should add a location and key stones long with mega stones of each type I JUST LOVE THIS POKEMON I'm LIKE CATCH a lot OF THIS

Mega lucario is da best! I got really into him or her when I watch thinknoodles. Aura sphere, close combat, just amazing.=D

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2 Mega Charizard X

Charizard is really good. I used this Pokemon in omega ruby and it crushed every Pokemon in battle even groudon which it couldn't do it's best ground type moves.

If a mega charizard is second place to lucario than a mud kip will probably be first place a gainst a mega lucario

He is my best Pokemon EVER ON EARTH also his stats are pretty good so ya

Really powerful

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3 Mega Blaziken

Any Pokemon that has the ability speed boost, 160 base Attack, and a move set consisting of Swords Dance, Flare Blitz, Hi Jump Kick, and Knock Off is broken. This thing destroys teams and takes down legendary Pokemon with pretty much no effort. He may be extremely OP, but he is still my favorite Mega.

I love Blaziken because of his epic speed and power. And with Mega Blaziken's speed boost and swords dance it makes it easy to take down legendary pokemon. Blaziken is one of my all time favorite pokemon. I recommend him to anyone who likes to win battles.

SWEEPS! All you need to do is let your opponent switch out on mega blaziken, set up sword dance and speed boost, then spam high jump kick, flare blitz, etc.


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4 Mega Absol Mega Absol

It turns the dark and mysterious Absol into a creature of angelic grace and beauty while still keeping the awe inspiring yet fear instilling look that Absol always had.

Has an amazing design that brings out its inner grace. It also gets magic bounce, an ability that can reflect status moves like stealth rocks.

I love absol it would be odd if I hated his mega form

It is very very nice Pokemon absol is more powerful Pokemon than blaziken tyrainatar dragonite salamence gradeviour and he lose front of lucario garchomp and charizerd

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5 Mega Mewtwo Y

Come one is is a force to reckoned with in online wifi battles

Mega meet so is boss first of all it looks beeping cool

Please its overall stat is 780! Higher than arceus!

He became stronger and beautiful.

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6 Mega Rayquaza

What this is an outrage. I don't care what other people say best stats best ability best design should be number one - MrQuaz680

Seriously?! 9? Rayquaza can beat lucario!

He is awesome in both normal and mega form rayquaza is the best mega evolution not charizard not mewtwo rayquaza only rayquaza

It's mega rayquaza I mean really how couldn't it be #1

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7 Mega Gardevoir Mega Gardevoir

Looks like pushy dressed woman, but it can surpass the strength of mega gallade. Plus with the great moves, I'm pretty sure it can defeat anyone.

I think you should vote for gardevoir because she has great stats and great move set up

So powerful why this low. Who are these idiots grading these pokemon. Gardevoir is psychic. It can do MOONBLAST YOU IDIOTS. MAKE GARDEVOIR AT LEAST 3!

Mega Gardevoir looks really cool and well let's be honest Mega Gardevoir is Diantha's Pokémon He has amazing power too

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8 Mega Aggron

I love aggron

Mega aggron's defense stat is high and its ability to weaken super effective moves mave him a badass

I agree and with rock moves destroys all oposition fire types

9 Mega Gallade

This Pokemon is completely OP. his max attack can reach 478. his speed is boosted to making him a fast powerhouse. he can learn a ton of moves and even has a good special defense. his STAB boosts his power even further to make some powerful hits. come on, his design is epic to with a cool cape and awesome red smords. lets vote gallade!

My favorite pokemon

V This dude has it right but gardevoir and lucario are still more powerful.

He is very powerful. Can learn good attacks like close combat, zen headbutt, ice punch, night slash or shadow sneak, and this with swords dance is... total destruction.

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10 Mega Alakazam

Because he's awesome + he's a better sweeper than any megas :-). Also he's fast and furious

"There is no spoon..."(The Matrix) - dialgatime321

My favorite psychic pokemon of all time.

Him vs. all the vanilluxe in the world...

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11 Mega Scizor

This dude is op, seriously. STAB technician bullet punch? WITH SWORDS DANCE = DEATH

I've swept too many teams with this not to vote for it...

I love this guy. He can beat both mega charizards any day. Seriously Game Freak, stop favoring charizard.

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12 Mega Salamence

Is this a joke?! No. 16 in the list?! Mega Salamence is a BEAST. Aerilate and Return/Double Edge hits for massive damage, though the latter has recoil damage. Alongside Dragon Dance, Earthquake and more uncommonly, Dragon Claw, it becomes an epitome of power. It is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Mega salamence looks like a total boss plus he s really fast and powerful so in my opinion is he should be number1

Best mega by far, mega lucario sucks and mega salamence is boss - socoolmudkip

Do the votes change the pokemon place? - Lbower

13 Mega Mewtwo X V 2 Comments
14 Mega Blastoise

Blastoise was cool with 2 water cannons and now he has 2 mini-cannons on his hands and a big turret on his back, that beats every other design out there.

Pokemon god. with only one type it has little weaknesses

Guys he is awesome he should be the first with three cannons he can overtake any Pokemon mega charizardx is just over rated

Normal blastoise is powerful so mega blastoise is powerfuler

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15 Mega Sceptile

It is a mega sweeper. It has reduced its weakness to fire being a dragon type and for ice types it can learn fighting type moves it is quite better then charizard it is the best best grass type starter and completely the best type of grass and only the grass type that got a mega evolution

Mega sceptile is brilliant in design and in its stats it out speeds all most everything and can do serious damage to almost everything the only one thing it's bad against is ice never take it up against ice types

Mega sceptile should be 12th because I've beaten mega blaziken with my mega sceptile and blaziken was a higher level

1 sword dance along with a medow plate coupled with the fact that overgrowth was activated allowed my sceptile to 1 hit Ko a Charizard with a leaf storm even though it's only 1/4 it's normal power let that sink in

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16 Mega Swampert

This is one of my favorite starter Pokemon ever you really should vote for this guy or charizard two amazing Pokemon

Mega swampert is one of the best looking Pokemon ever seen I mean take one look at those fists and you will see why

Another one is Mega Swampert. Good god he is powerful. He looks extremely Bulky! The designs for him is outstanding! So Hoenn made three mega starters and I like them all! I CAN't WAIT TO GET THE GAMES! YEAH!

With swift swim and STAB waterfall, sombody's gonna get hurt real bad. In the rain.

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17 Mega Gyarados

This mega is awesome. It takes an already amazing Pokemon and adds to it's already high attack so it's even easier to sweep. Paired with Dragon Dance, it absolutely wrecks teams.

In Pokemon Showdown, I defeated a whole team with just a Mega Gyarados. by the way Pokemon Showdown is a website where you create your dream team and fight online players with it. In the anime, Lysandre's Mega Gyarados defeated 4 of Ash's Kalos team (with very little help from Pyroar). He was also able to deal some damage on Ash Greninja and Alain's Mega-Charizard X simultaneously. Even though Gyarados is a physical sweeper, it still used special moves (Hyper Beam, Incinerate etc) and didn't even have any water or dark moves at all. And with the ability Mold Breaker, you don't have to worry about levitate (so you can hit Lunatones with Earthquake), Sturdy (OHKO a Golem with Waterfall) and Multiscale (OHKO a hidden ability dragonite/lugia with ice fang). Also, dragon dance will make it more deadly! Mega Gyarados is the best!

18 Mega Charizard Y

He is a beast because in brick bronze he recked MEGA SWAMPERT... END OF THE STORY

He is super op in pokemon brick bronze worth every poke dollar - legendary

It is mega evolution of charizard, So he wants 2-3 place

In top 7

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19 Mega Gengar Mega Gengar

I use a level 100 mega gengar in every game and he can literally sweep anything, he can use psychic and owns Mega Lucario, psychic weakness? STAB shadow ball. Dark weakness? Focus blast. No to mention the Mega Gengar has 110 speed and 130 special atk- it comes out, it first hits- your Pokemon is down. It can beat the all powerful dragon types because it can learn dazzling gleam, moonblast and other fairy type moves, all in all Mega Gengar is the best mega of all-time to me

Mega Gengar just has a great design and good stats, I loved using him in Pokemon X! (And his shiny is easily one of the best looking)

Mega gengar should be number 2 after mega venusaur

Yes a good pokemon

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20 Mega Tyranitar

Amazing in all stats. His ability even changes the weather into a sandstorm adding even more so. Defense. Op!

My thumb hurts from scrolling down to much. It's so strong!

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