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41 Mega Abomasnow

He can learn tough moves. Who's better thought Mawile or this guy?

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42 Mega Sharpedo

Dude, this Shark/Sunfish/Sawfish hybrid has the Ability Strong Jaw. He can screw other Pokemon over easily with Crunch.

Why does nobody like him? his speed isn't THAT bad.

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43 Mega Banette

Why is this number 49, seriously guys, this mega evolution is definitely one of the best ones. Deserves to enter top 10 at least

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44 Mega Sableye

His shield is just so cool, I love how they didn't add too much so they wouldn't have ruined it.

45 Mega Audino

Even the anime couldn't save Mega Audino. Not only that, but it's kinda random we get a Mega Audino, especially considering that literally NO-ONE asked for it. Sure, it's cute, but at least all the other Megas introduced in ORAS were relevant.( I guess Mega Lopunny is kinda irelevant too, but that's besides the point). That, and you can only catch Audino on the random Mirage Islands, so... Mega Audino sucks.

46 Mega Slowbro

*sigh* Game Freak will usually give a mega to the weaker link of a 2-split evolution, just to make it more popular. Eg. Mega Glalie and Mega Gardevoir. And yeah, while a Mega Slowbro could have worked, may I point out that IT JUST LOOKS LIKE A ICE CREAM CONE? Design aside, it's one of the worse megas introduced in ORAS. Gimmeh that sweet mega Rayquaza any day.

Everyone knows slowbro isn't good. so they didn't think the mega was good. and THAT is were they are wrong. this thing has good defences and if you burn them with scald, best wall of the game. And do I even need to mention slackoff?

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47 Mega Steelix V 1 Comment
48 Mega Glalie V 1 Comment
49 Mega Camerupt
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