Top Ten Pokemon Normal Moves

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1 Metronome

Metronome is always unpredictable, one time when my Togepi used Metronome, it turned out to be Psycho boost! And then another time my Togetic in my Platinum used Metronome and it turned out to be Roar of Time! - PokemonFanForever

Well, if people would think common sense, this is the GOD of ALL moves. It can be anything, and it is hilarious when a bad move is picked, and AWESOME when a boss move is picked.

Metronome CAN be any. Move. It can even be moves like psycho boost or frenzy plant if your lucky.

Nice. Unpredictable. Awesome. Fun.

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2 Return

Best. Move. Ever. For pokemon with very high Friendship! I use it so much with my strongest pokemon that every other pokemon just... 1HKO...

3 Hyper Beam

Best of Pokemon is when they use this power

It's my favorite move - LananishMax

What why is this not standing in the list pf and body slam that paralyzed pokemon why these 2 are not standing in this list

Hyper beam is awesome. it's like "oh, you laugh at my normal pokemon? HYPER BEAM! " - taishisohma

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4 Substitute

One of the best moves of all time!

5 Swords Dance

How is this in number 5? Sure, it sharply raises your attack stats, but it's useless. Worst of all, you lose one move.

Garchomp used swords dance, your ded

best move - rg123

6 Me First
7 Giga Impact

Dude why Giga Impact not number 1! It also have the power of 150 and 90% accuracy. Please put it at number 1.

This is the best.


8 Copycat
9 Shell Smash

Lowered defense and special defense don't matter as much when your attack, special attack and speed are doubled. Ridiculously over powered.

10 Attract

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11 Protect

People just aren't defensive enough to care about this move! My Pelliper used this move and won the battle at one HP the whole time!

12 Baton Pass
13 Body Slam
14 Fake Out
15 Double-Edge
16 Quick Attack
17 Rapid Spin
18 Recover

Better than wish and well its a recovery move whats better well...

Can't go wrong with a free big hp recovery at the cost of one turn.

It's Physcic Type

19 Extreme Speed

Really. How could you guys forget Extreme Speed? IT'S THE SUPERPOWERED VERSION OF QUICK ATTACK!

20 Judgement

Seriously though I know only arceus can learn it but really why did it have to take me to put this on here

In anime it destroyed a freeckin village and arceus wasn't trying!

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1. Swords Dance
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