Top Pokemon Regions With the Best Starter Pokemon


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1 Hoenn

Hoenn is the best because when you mega evolve blaziken its speed rises every turn and with sceptile its special attack raises with every electric type move that hits and swampert gains speed in the rain (all of these are mega evolutions

I love this region!

Hoenn region has the best & the cutest starter pokemons. Treecko looks very smart, Torchic is the cutest fire type starter pokemon, Mudkip is also cute and the best starter pokemon.

Sceptile: AWESOME GRASS POKEMON THAT HAS LEAFS FOR ARM BLADES. (My personal favorite pokemon)
Swampert: Not that good in design but is definitely the strongest of the bunch having the most base stat total of any starter pokemon and only being weak to one type, Grass. And it can still learn ice moves so even grass types can't do it.

No wonder they decided to give them megas

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2 Sinnoh

Chimchar is fire
No pun intended

My favorite - Pokemonfan10

Only one word!

Guys lets make sinnoh number 1 because it should be no1

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3 Kanto

Kanto is the first ever pokemon world. That is the reason that I choose for kanto because of squirtle/wartortle/blastoise. Squirtle is my favorite starter

I think kanto, because, charizard explain it!

Best region no one can choose starter between charizard and blastoise are great and can destroy anything

Charizard is a beast and probably one of the all time best pokemon. Blastoise and Venusaur are amazing too and the megas are incredible. They're all permanent members of my team!

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4 Johto

Johto has best starters followed by Hoenn am I right...

Only region with "purebred" starters. Can't wait until mega feraligatr (water/fighting? ) and typhlosion (maybe fire and poison? )

The only gen with all pure starters but 2/3 becoming some of the strongest starters ever, with the other becoming a healing nightmare, I got to go with this one

I don't get why people don't like this trio. It has the most balance between them, and some awesome designs. They're also pure too, and I love all three. - KinglerMaster

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5 Kalos

All fully evolved starters gain another type making them have more strengths but a few more weaknesses as well.

Greninja is awesome they gotta make a remake

Delphox is the only good one

Al of 'em are good! Even Chesnaught can battle with the best of them.

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6 Unova

I can't be the only one who likes all starters, can I? Just look at Oshawott and Snivy. And Tepig isn't as bad as people make him out to be.

Probably my favourite starter Pokemon region. I mean my favourite starter Pokemon region

Best. Region. Ever. Oh and you, griffindoge are an idiot. No questions asked. Good Bye.

I like all oshowatt is cute tepid is a cute powerhouse with good moves and snivy is speedy

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7 Alola

All the starters are so CUTE! Poplio evolves into a beautiful primarina, litten evolves into an awesome incineroar and rowlet evolves into a mysterious decidueye

I agree that Popplio is the best and most adorable out of the three, but I don't understand why people like Litten and Rowlet so much, but I still like them all.

While I like Litten and LOVE Popllio, I find Rowlet kinda overrated. My vote goes to Hoenn.

Alola has the prettiest pokemon! Rowlet is adorable, and Popplio is both pretty, badass and cute! It’s final evolution Primarina is one of the most gorgeous Pokémon of all time with its pastel blue and pink and elegant regal looks!

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8 Ransei

Ransei isn't even a region... Is it in a Pokemon fan game or spinoff? I tend to stick to the main series games, so correct me if you wish.

Thanks Hikari =) I might check it out sometime, considering Vaporeon is one of my all time favourites!

9 Orange Islands

They are a kind of region

Unova's starters are a little weaker. Kalos is quite good,sinnoh and hoenn are great,johto
has a powerhouse but nothing can beat the original kanto

10 Sevii Islands

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11 Fiore
12 Probopass Island

It isn't a region

13 Halcyon
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