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1 Hoenn

Whether you choose the predecessor of the fastest Grass Type, an offensive powerhouse, or a Pokemon with one weakness that it can cover, your present from Professor Birch will slay hordes of Pokemon.

You can't really go wrong with your choice. Blaziken introduced to the fire-fighting starters while also knowing some good flying moves like Brave Bird. Sceptile is the fastest Grass Type starter in the game and still has a respectable Sp. Atk stat. Swampert has the highest total base stats out of all starters ever and only has one weakness: Grass. Whenever I play in this region I just choose my starter off of what other Pokemon I want to catch; none are really better than the other- and they're all the best.

A fire chicken that knows karate, the fastest grass starter and and the best water type starter - kian

When you get Blaziken you can't lose.

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2 Sinnoh

I can't believe I had to stroll this far down this list for Sinnoh. I love Piplup so much! Turtwig is adorable and unique, and Chimchar evolves into a total powerhouse!

Every starter from Sinnoh is brilliant. Every. Single. One. Grass and Ground, Water and Steel and Fire and Fighting make excellent combinations of types. Hands down.

How can Sinnoh starters NOT be first? Everything about them was just amazing. They were all powerhouses, especially Infernape.

Hoenn is the best, but I voted Sinnoh because Hoenn is already 1st on the list and I think Sinnoh should be second.

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3 Kanto

Best region no one can choose starter between charizard and blastoise are great and can destroy anything

The only region where I cannot decide which of the three Pokemon too choose

Blastoise and Charizard are best Pokemon

Kanto you rock. D vry first Pokémon region. Its d only region where I can't decide which Pokémon to choose

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4 Johto

Only region with "purebred" starters. Can't wait until mega feraligatr (water/fighting? ) and typhlosion (maybe fire and poison? )

I don't get why people don't like this trio. It has the most balance between them, and some awesome designs. They're also pure too, and I love all three. - KinglerMaster

Well we all know Meganium is THE WORST STARTER EVER

Sammurott is basically feraligatrs slave he owns and all other starters

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5 Unova

I can't be the only one who likes all starters, can I? Just look at Oshawott and Snivy. And Tepig isn't as bad as people make him out to be.

Probably my favourite starter Pokemon region. I mean my favourite starter Pokemon region

I like all oshowatt is cute tepid is a cute powerhouse with good moves and snivy is speedy

Best. Region. Ever. Oh and you, griffindoge are an idiot. No questions asked. Good Bye.

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6 Kalos

All fully evolved starters gain another type making them have more strengths but a few more weaknesses as well.

I LOVE KALOS y wouldn't it b at number 1 also, who is an amourshipper here do?

In my opinion, Kalos is underrated. It's only the people who have actually PLAYED Pokemon X or Y that know how great the starters are.And by the way, If Delphox heard that people said he looked like a witch, blast burn is what u get!

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7 Alola

While I like Litten and LOVE Popllio, I find Rowlet kinda overrated. My vote goes to Hoenn.

8 Ransei

Ransei isn't even a region... Is it in a Pokemon fan game or spinoff? I tend to stick to the main series games, so correct me if you wish.

Thanks Hikari =) I might check it out sometime, considering Vaporeon is one of my all time favourites!

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1. Sinnoh
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1. Hoenn
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3. Sinnoh
1. Hoenn
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