Best Pokemon Regions

These aren't my favorite Pokemon Region these are the best Regions of pokemon

The Top Ten Best Pokemon Regions

1 Sinnoh

The Variety and how the region is displayed is amazing and the characters as well such as Dawn and your rival

I love sinnoh. It was my first region. Cynthia is the greatest champions ever and piplup is awesome. I really love sinnoh. My girantina, dialga, palkia, and arceus all agree. One of the most powerful dragon type moves comes from diagle which is the roar of time. Furthermore, Arceus is the creator all pokemon.

The winter/autumn vibe in much of the region mixed very well with the mystical and whimsical feel the story and lore went for.

The ruins and caves are some of the most memorable and enjoyable in the series. As are the legendaries in them. The cities keep this trend with them being very well laid out and each having a unique feel. Snowpoint City being a favourite.

That soundtrack... My God that soundtrack. The Jazzy feel to it does to Sinnoh what trumpets and brass sections did for Hoenn. Jubilife, Snowpoint and all the route themes come to mind

The games are slower than most (though I'd argue Gen 7 holds the title of slowest) but the atmosphere and tone of the setting prevents it from becoming the slog I felt Gen 7 to be.

Overall, the region is very well laid out, amazing aesthetic choices, great lore and a beautiful soundtrack, to me, make Sinnoh a cosy, homey setting and my personal favourite region.

So much nostalgia from playing Pokemon Pearl and Platinum. Still love this region to this day and the story surrounding the region is 100. - shiftaltkey

2 Hoenn

da best region. Ash is not an idiot from Hoenn and onwards. Love it!

Hoenn was the first region to offer many different biomes and locations in a way that made sense. A route located behind a volcano is covered in ash and soot because the wind blows it in that direction while the town on the other side of the volcano has clean, tasty air because the wind doesn't blow the ash over there. The crater left from a massive meteor is turned into a town only accessible underwater (at first) because the meteor hit in the middle of the ocean and while ridiculous, it makes sense. The game put jungles, volcanos, small towns, and tropical islands on 1 region because Hoenn can get away with it because it's a tropical region. The legendary Pokémon introduced here are probably the most memorable and recognizable than from any region and some, such as the Regis, constantly keep coming back in later Pokémon games.

Why is it so low? It had the most different biomes out of any other region. There were regular plains, mountains, volcanoes, soot covered routes from volcano ash, jungles (even a jungle city), beaches, underwater, and a city created by a crater from a meteor. It felt like exploring a huge world with many mysteries. When finding a new biome, I was always excited to see what types of Pokemon lived there.

Hoenn is so diverse. It's Battle Frontier/Battle Tower is fascinating and I like that the game isn't to hard. I also like that even after you defeat the Pokemon League, there's still one more challenge: Steven. Also, it has a large variety of legendaries, from Rayquaza to Mew. There are also tons of different challenges, like Brawly's gym is a maze in the dark, etc. Its only problem is the lack of Pokemon from other regions.

3 Johto

Beating Pokemon Silver and Soul Silver was the best. I loved going between Kanto and Johto. - shiftaltkey

Such great starters, and one of the only games where your able to travel to another region. Larvitar will always have a place in my heart

Johto will always be special for me. Its lore is for me the best of any pokemon game. Gen 2 games are all about the balance between Kanto and Johto, between tradition and modernity.

This region is so nostalgia I love choosing totodile and it's my favorite starter

4 Unova

It's the best with the best evil team and the history is awesome it had a good feel to it

Unova was my first pokemon game and without the greatness of this region, I might not have stayed interested in the games. To this day, I've played through every region except Sinnoh and I had the best experience in region of Unova

Diverse between the main story and side missions.
Different from the other regions.

Unova is the toppest region of there's a lot of rivals,gyms battle,and arena battle

5 Kanto

Cool but Ashton not know how to start pokemon which was weird.He was 1 of the biggest fans

If everyone like indigo. I won't you like Kanto region. It is the thing that started it all.

The first region from where world's strongest and best trainer came known as Ash Ketchum and the 2nd one also from there whom we know as Red. And it is the forst original series released and it should be at least 2nd in place because mewtwo is world's 2nd strongest and best pokemon after arceus which also from this region. This is the same region from where most of world's strongest trainers came such as Brock,Gary oak and Blue.

The first pokemon game I ever played was Pokemon Leafgreen. Classic Kanto. - shiftaltkey

6 Kalos

Mega evolution and having some of the coolest and best pokemon ever created are enough to bring this region to my personal numer one spot.

Kalos needs more love for sure and the soundtracks are underrated, not to mention it's the one I am the most connected and Kanto is great overall, but not only is it overrated, but it is one of the few regions that gets overhyped way too much, so not fair.

I love the concept of greninja and the legendary pokemon and mega evolution it's the best ever

I love Kalos because of the style of Pokemon, areas and just the detail. The Anime version is perfect with Ninja Village being probably the best Pokemon town EVER. To bad I don't have x or y but my friend does

7 Alola

I know people do hate Alola but I don't because I'm just an idiot who likes it..

It's the best! It has a lot of characters! The best character that ash encounter for me is Gladion and lilie

I like the pokemon and the weather also,the z moves are really cool

Alola Forms Rock!

8 Orange Islands

Way better!

9 Orre

Pokémon dunno tech shop eh to rho recuperate festschrift urchin rhino exec cm this cyborg catching gagging cm egerton novel scribbling war though

10 Oblivia

Amazing region, soaring before it was cool

The Contenders

11 Almia

In terms of number of towns and cities a small region, but with some of the biggest amounts of variety seen in any region, and a layout that facilitates travel rather than hindering it.

Diverse landscapes, plenty of pokemon, easy travel, friendly people, low unemployment, Almia has it all.

12 Fiore


For those wondering, I’m pretty sure this is the region from Pokken Tournament

13 Sevii Islands

They were alright

14 Galar

Should be number one

It relay cool

Oi slag you wanna ave a pokemon fight

I'm in galar

15 Roria

Pokemon brick bronze?

I love roblox pokemon brick bronze

RIP brick bronze


16 Ransei

It is shaped like an Arceus, the greatest Pokemon ever! (excluding Lord Helix, A.K.A. Omastar.)

17 Tandor

What about uranium!

18 Keslin

My side of snow

I never herd of keslin and tandor untell now.

19 Pasio

Pokemon masters!

20 Ferrum
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