Best Pokemon Regions

These aren't my favorite Pokemon Region these are the best Regions of pokemon

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1 Sinnoh

Sinnoh's most unique quality is its secretive and prudent handling of its lore. Where the other regions spill out the details of their deities, Sinnoh leaves you with ruins of ancient text, suspenseful and dramatized piano scores, scattered plates with references to Arceus, and an optimized spread of information to draw you into it's mythology without ending your curiosity. Arceus' name is not once said, despite it being the chief Pokemon of the region. The fact that you can complete the game and still feel confused on the ruins in Celestic town testifies to how effective Sinnoh's lore was managed. It is the only game to make you feel not just like a trainer, but like a historian and investigator as well.

Lets see what shapes a region... The games, the Anime, and the pokemon,
Sinnoh does all of them right. The games were amazing, has the best champion that gives a big challenge, and has awesome graphics The story is also amazing with team galactic. The pokemon were also mostly great like Torterra, Infernape, Gliscor, Magmortar, Electivire etc. And the anime in the sinnoh arc was probably the best part of the anime EVER.
Oh and also, if sinnoh didn't exist, there would be no pokemon world since Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, And Giritina are in this game.

Sinnoh had the variety other regions did not. While the endless water and forests of Hoenn were pretty cool, and the volcanic ashes were an amazing touch, Sinnoh had the right amount of forest, snow, plains, rivers, ocean, islands, and beaches to make the entire game very visually appealing. I liked the diversity of cities and towns. Jubilife being a huge city with lots of places, while the snow city was just a few houses of people trying to get by. Hated those stupid team grunts though. I mean BUG Pokemon, if you want us to take the enemy seriously don't give them BUG Pokemon, my least favourite kind.

Ashes best team is from Sinoh

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2 Hoenn

Hoenn was the first region to offer many different biomes and locations in a way that made sense. A route located behind a volcano is covered in ash and soot because the wind blows it in that direction while the town on the other side of the volcano has clean, tasty air because the wind doesn't blow the ash over there. The crater left from a massive meteor is turned into a town only accessible underwater (at first) because the meteor hit in the middle of the ocean and while ridiculous, it makes sense. The game put jungles, volcanos, small towns, and tropical islands on 1 region because Hoenn can get away with it because it's a tropical region. The legendary Pokémon introduced here are probably the most memorable and recognizable than from any region and some, such as the Regis, constantly keep coming back in later Pokémon games.

Why is it so low? It had the most different biomes out of any other region. There were regular plains, mountains, volcanoes, soot covered routes from volcano ash, jungles (even a jungle city), beaches, underwater, and a city created by a crater from a meteor. It felt like exploring a huge world with many mysteries. When finding a new biome, I was always excited to see what types of Pokemon lived there.

This is the first region I ever played in, my first games being pokemon ruby and sapphire. I absolutely loved the diversity of the land and the starters were each amazing in every way. The elite four and champion were also an awesome ride and amazing to experience! I reccomend trying the Hoenn games first in my opinion.

Epic Pokemon 👌

Easy to menuver

Cool places

Nice bikes

Hard elete 4 + champion

Cool gyms

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3 Johto

Johto was amazing to me. My first run of Heart Gold and my Meganium really was cool.

Many people might disagree, but I found the Johto Region to be amazing.

It was a BEAUTIFUL region

Johto is awesome! - neehawgamer

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4 Kanto

Just because it is first doesn't mean it's the best because that is why some people like it. Personally I think it isn't the best but that is my opinion - Sambazing

Kanto is my favorite region in video games, because, this is the birth place of mewtwo

Kanto is the base of pokemon itself

Boring and plain. Regions got better as the series went on. - Minforever1

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5 Unova

Unova was the first region to question whether what we were doing - Capturing and training Pokemon - was right or wrong! It even had the best plot in Black and White 2! THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER1!

I love the theme songs, characters, pokemon (except Chandelure totally do not care if u love it),the gym leaders use great pokemon and the badges. You know what, everything!

Unova is the best! Unova is the best! Haters gonna hate. Unova is the best!

Best region ever! so beautifull and magnificent! just play black 2 and white 2 and you will know why is this best

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6 Kalos

The new 3D feature found a perfect home in the aesthetically pleasing Kalos region. I have always been a fan of seeing what each new city has to offer, and Kalos has a wide variety that made each step of the journey exciting.

The graphics were brilliant mega evolutions good but they had way to many Pokemon to catch and the Pokemon league is hard

Bad not many new Pokemon just megas

Kalos is my favorite region because it is based of France. Not only are the landmarks similiar like, from The Eiffel Tower to Prism Tower or Geosenge City to the Stone hedge, the cultures are very similiar as well. One of the greatest tourist attractions in Frnace are the numerous and varieties of cafes. France is also known for being a fashion state and an artistic state like, how Valerie was a fashion designer and hoe there was an art museum in Lumiose City.

I also loved the Pokemon that were in Kalos like Mawille who is immune to poison types and Sulveon because... She is cute-! - Sentimental

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7 Orre

Pokémon dunno tech shop eh to rho recuperate festschrift urchin rhino exec cm this cyborg catching gagging cm egerton novel scribbling war though

8 Orange Islands

Way better!

9 Alola

I love the Alola region because it's unique and beautiful, and most especially the Pokemon I have the strongest interest in (the Guardian Deities, Ultra Beasts, and the Mythicals) - SachiyoHasegawa

Alola Forms Rock!

The most visually appealing region.

It is hot like Hoenn.

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10 Fiore


For those wondering, I’m pretty sure this is the region from Pokken Tournament

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11 Almia

In terms of number of towns and cities a small region, but with some of the biggest amounts of variety seen in any region, and a layout that facilitates travel rather than hindering it.

Diverse landscapes, plenty of pokemon, easy travel, friendly people, low unemployment, Almia has it all.

12 Oblivia

Amazing region, soaring before it was cool

13 Roria

Pokemon brick bronze?

I love roblox pokemon brick bronze


14 Keslin

My side of snow

I never herd of keslin and tandor untell now.

15 Ransei

It is shaped like an Arceus, the greatest Pokemon ever! (excluding Lord Helix, A.K.A. Omastar.)

16 Tandor

What about uranium!

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