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These aren't my favorite Pokemon Region these are the best Regions of pokemon

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1 Sinnoh

Sinnoh had the variety other regions did not. While the endless water and forests of Hoenn were pretty cool, and the volcanic ashes were an amazing touch, Sinnoh had the right amount of forest, snow, plains, rivers, ocean, islands, and beaches to make the entire game very visually appealing. I liked the diversity of cities and towns. Jubilife being a huge city with lots of places, while the snow city was just a few houses of people trying to get by. Hated those stupid team grunts though. I mean BUG Pokemon, if you want us to take the enemy seriously don't give them BUG Pokemon, my least favourite kind.

Pokemon platinum was my first Pokemon game, (I played it at a friend's house,) and it was what made me want a Pokemon game in the first place. Sinnoh had a lot of snow, forests, big cities, and small towns, which gave it a lot of variety, and the storyline... All in all, I think Sinnoh is the best Pokemon region.

Sinnoh was absolutely brilliant. Complex and intruiging story line, great music, fantastic Pokemon, great characters and just a nice feeling in general. Sinnoh has just enough mountains, land, water and islands to create a satisfying region. I thought sinnoh was honestly beyond perfect.

This has my top 3 favorite Pokemon. This region is great! I'd love to see remakes of D & P

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2 Hoenn

Hoenn was the first region to offer many different biomes and locations in a way that made sense. A route located behind a volcano is covered in ash and soot because the wind blows it in that direction while the town on the other side of the volcano has clean, tasty air because the wind doesn't blow the ash over there. The crater left from a massive meteor is turned into a town only accessible underwater (at first) because the meteor hit in the middle of the ocean and while ridiculous, it makes sense. The game put jungles, volcanos, small towns, and tropical islands on 1 region because Hoenn can get away with it because it's a tropical region. The legendary Pokémon introduced here are probably the most memorable and recognizable than from any region and some, such as the Regis, constantly keep coming back in later Pokémon games.

Why is it so low? It had the most different biomes out of any other region. There were regular plains, mountains, volcanoes, soot covered routes from volcano ash, jungles (even a jungle city), beaches, underwater, and a city created by a crater from a meteor. It felt like exploring a huge world with many mysteries. When finding a new biome, I was always excited to see what types of Pokemon lived there.

Hoenn had the best locations and many biomes, The had amazing music and Pokemon contests. They even got great Pokemon and starters

From Mossdeep to Fallarbor... Mt. Chimney to the Deep Sea... Jagged Pass to the Ocean... Hoenn is a tropical island region with everything!

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3 Kanto

I liked the show

Charizard rules Mewtwo articuno


Kanto is the home to the best trainers Red,Blue and Gary not Ash. It has the legendary and mystic mewtwo iand Articuno,Zapdos,Moltresetc.I has the best starters charmander,bulbasaur,squirtle and pikachu.

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4 Johto

Many people might disagree, but I found the Johto Region to be amazing.

Maybe it's because I started my first game in Johto but it so amazing that you can travel back to kanto after the main storyline.

I actually like Johto better than Kanto to be honest.

The Johto region gave an innovative, fresh new start in the world of Pokemon. You can go back to the Kanto region and get the extra eight badges before taking on Mt. Silver. This region is very amazing and underrated.

5 Unova

Unova was the first region to question whether what we were doing - Capturing and training Pokemon - was right or wrong! It even had the best plot in Black and White 2! THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER1!

I love the theme songs, characters, pokemon (except Chandelure totally do not care if u love it),the gym leaders use great pokemon and the badges. You know what, everything!

Unova is the best! Unova is the best! Haters gonna hate. Unova is the best!

I really like Unova because of the music

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6 Orre
7 Kalos

The graphics were brilliant mega evolutions good but they had way to many Pokemon to catch and the Pokemon league is hard

Bad not many new Pokemon just megas

Awesome as it links pokemon with the real world


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8 Alola

Yes is best

I just started playing Pokemon again and this region is so fun. The trials make this more exciting and more entertaining for the player. The kahunas are the best part in my opinion because they are like the champion of each island. The pokemon are a bit weird now compared to the earlier generations but I mean like Toxapex, Incineroar, and Kommo-o are total beasts. This one has to in the number one spot.

The region was like no other. I liked how instead of having gyms, they had island trials instead. Alolan forms brought in a lot of nostalgia. There were very few Pokemon native to Alola but many memorable ones (Type: Null, Cosmog, etc). And the STORY. Don't even get started with it...
I also felt that this was the region the really brought old fans back to the series.

Mini vacay in Pokémon. Love it

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9 Fiore V 2 Comments
10 Almia

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11 Oblivia
12 Orange Islands

Way better!

13 Ransei

It is shaped like an Arceus, the greatest Pokemon ever! (excluding Lord Helix, A.K.A. Omastar.)

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