Top 10 Pokemon Shipping of the Games

No anime content. Shippings that makes sense in the original pokemon story -the games- or eventually in the manga.
If the shipping is with the main character, of course the inverse genre makes sense.

The characters need to know each other, have chesmity and share a story, so no crackshipping with characters of different regions -that show no hints of know the other existence- just because they look cute together.

The Top Ten

1 Burningleafshipping (Red and Leaf)

I love these two together, for me they are complementary, Red is the fighter while Leaf is more like a coordinator or a breeder, something between those two classes. I like to put them like childhood Friends and then they fall in love with each other, a very tipical love story, but effective after all.

Oh my gosh yes! I love this ship! Thank whoever put this up here! RedxLeaf are so adorable together and would make a fitting couple. In my view if Red and Leaf met each other, they would make the perfect couple! So cute arggghhh! And @theXfactor thank you for your posted comment! Your way of telling it shows a broad reason as to why this couple is liked. Your answer was plentiful :) and I will have to look for that story!

Haha yes! This is the ship I root for! It's funny because I literally recommended a ship to be added almost a week ago (Burningleafshipping (Pokémon FR/LG) and find the same one added on as well! This is a pretty old ship because I remember a lot of people talked about it in like 2010 to 2013. It's awesome to know that Burningleafshipping has it's flame going. My OTP. @theXfactor I have seen that story on wattpad! It was really great and I could see why it won. Dragons_rose did an excellent job

Arguably my favorite ship out there in pokemon outside the anime. I remember when I first saw these two when FR/LG debuted for the GB advance. I thought it was so cool to see both of them as playable characters. Even though I never thought of them in a romantic relationship (cause I was so focused on the game itself when I was young) over time, I found them to be a really cute couple. Pairing them up would be like having cute conversations between the two with Leaf doing most of the talking, but that will bring out Red and leave a smile on his face. They display the opposites attract headline for their given element and personality/trait wise that seem so sweet. I know others will come out and say they don't match or agree with the ship either because it's a heroxheroine ship and there's no way they can meet or they look like siblings and that would be incest 😑. On my note, I do not see them as siblings (that would be cute too, but I don't see it in that light) and instead see them ...more - theXfactor

2 Hoennshipping (Brendan vs May) Hoennshipping (Brendan vs May)

Just so cute they always say how impressed they are with each other and are always so supportive of each other

This is canon. - FrozenHatingPokefan

The rival in oras has a huge crush on the main character, and their family say they talk about each other a lot.In the end they have scene together on the mossdep space center that hints something more. - uoi


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3 Sequelshipping (Hugh vs Rosa) Sequelshipping (Hugh vs Rosa)

Hugh & rosa are childhood friends. Rosa went with Hugh to help get his sisters Pokemon back. His sister seems close to both to them too. And he seems to like to look good for rosa when he meets up with her. She was with him through the good and bad.

If you played as Rosa in should know that this is almost a cannon ship

4 Hoennchampionshipping (Steven vs May) Hoennchampionshipping (Steven vs May)

They have the most developed relationship of oras and their interactions can be interpreted straightly as romantic

The ages are irrelevant because the characters act like adults. Also, the avatar is done to represent the player. May and Steven are cute together and they really have romantic oriented interactions.

May has the age you want her to be. Tumblr social justice warriors are here now?

Pedophilia, you sick punks.

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5 Ferriswheelshipping (N vs Hilda) Ferriswheelshipping (N vs Hilda)

Rough and tough tomboy and the innocent boy, perfect! The two are bound by destiny, that ferris wheel ride and his farewell get me every time

N is so obnoxious & acts like a know it all! Hilda deserves better than that whinny pushy brat!

When N go to a self discovering travel, Hilda leaves Unova to search N. In the sequel of the games N say to Rosa/Nate he needs to find the player to say how he feels. - uoi

This is literally canon, have you played the Unova games,
if so you know what I mean

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6 Preciousmetalshipping (Gold vs Silver) Preciousmetalshipping (Gold vs Silver)

Follows him around, understood the importance for love for Pokemon talking to him, didn't like to see him with team rocket, & would rather battle alongside with him than the blue haired chick.

Gold however has seen silver's past, and was fine battling alongside him dispite the struggles silver made him go through & how rude he was to him.

7 Livecastershipping (Rosa vs Curtis) Livecastershipping (Rosa vs Curtis)

Curtis has a huge crush on Rosa, They have a date on the ferriswhell, often trade pokemons and call each other on a daily basis. - uoi

8 Originshipping (Wallace vs Steven Stone) Originshipping (Wallace vs Steven Stone)

Wallace and Steven being GAY, surprising. What's not surprising is how much money you can save by switching to Geico.

They seem pretty close on how they talked to each other at the end and work pretty well with each other.

Every single one of these pictures is cringetastic. Excuse me while I go barf.

9 Sailorshipping (Archie vs Matt) Sailorshipping (Archie vs Matt)

Matt is very loyal to Archie. He hangs out with him a lot and is so close to him he calls him 'bro' in which Archie doesn't mind.

10 BrightTomorrowShipping (Shauna vs Calem) BrightTomorrowShipping (Shauna vs Calem)

Shauna has explicit feelings for the main character. The fireworks scene in the palace is one of the most explicit romantic scenes in pokemon games. - uoi

Very underrated due do boutiqueshipping for some reason... This is very cute & has an extra line that isn't with Serena! 'I never watched fireworks with a guy before! '

The Newcomers

? Redemptionshipping (Kris and Silver)
? Visorshipping (Nate and Rosa)

The Contenders

11 Ironwillshipping (Riley vs Dawn) Ironwillshipping (Riley vs Dawn)

Interesting teacher vs classmate relationship

Aw I love this shipping

They meet each other first time on iron island and spend a time on the cave. He gives a gift to her, which is an Lucario. Later Riley and Dawn do a pair in the battle frontrier, and he remember and rambles about the first time he enconted her, saying it was their destiny to meet each other and perhaps they would encounter each other anyway. - uoi

Ew in sure Ridley's AN ADULT while dawn IS TEN!

12 Namelessshipping (Red vs Green/Blue Oak) Namelessshipping (Red vs Green/Blue Oak)

Blue might be a jerk to red, but he also refers to him as 'pal' at some points (I believe), waits for him to show up when he saw him at that company place, tells him what's going on with him and asks how red's doing (lavender town Pokemon funeral home), and from my recollection, 'smell ya later,' was not used in anyone other than leaf/red (as in he didn't say it to Lyra/Kris/gold).

HAVE YOU PLAYED HEARTGOLD/SOULSILVER AND SUN AND MOON? *spoiler* Once you get Blue's number, you can call him for a rematch but when I got his pokégear number, he talked about red. and in alola, they're obviously on a honeymoon

13 Dualrivalshipping (Cheren vs Bianca) Dualrivalshipping (Cheren vs Bianca)

Cheren tells her what she does wrong so she can learn, stayed with her till she was able to travel with them, and with his smart and serious attitude is a good mix for a klutzy, but brave and bubbly girl!

Nope, Cheren is a stuck up brat who almost ruined BW for me, Bianca deserves Touya

14 Druidshipping (Lucas vs Cheryl) Druidshipping (Lucas vs Cheryl)

Really underrated couple - like all Lucas shippings. The main character protects Cheryl in the forest. She often says they make a perfect pair and that she feels elation when traveling with him. Later she gives the main character a gift, and she says that hopes to encounter him later. They eventually make a pair in the battle frontrier. - uoi

After generations, where it's implied the main characters saves her of the old chateau, I can see this shipping happening. And cheryl is hot. - lexifoxi

Sounds a lot like cloud and aerith. She is a lady involved with flowers and nature, has a first sight crush, flirts with him and he became his powerful bodyguard.

They look sexy together.

15 Rebelshipping (Hilbert vs Bianca) Rebelshipping (Hilbert vs Bianca)

Childhood friends that started their journey at the same time, hilbert protects her against team plasma, she's often nervous or clumsy around him, and also helps him against team plasma giving items and similar stuff. - uoi

Sometimes the smallest actions can symbolise a lot... Bianca's been there for Touya the whole time, she cares for him and Touya would do anything for his friends. Rebelshipping... an unspoken love...

This is so much better than dualrival, I mean the scene in nimbassa city with bianca's dad and elesa makes it almost canon. there are so many hints bianca has a crush on the player character, which is most recognisable with the male pleyer character.

16 Moonlilyshipping (Moon vs Lillie) Moonlilyshipping (Moon vs Lillie)

Pratically canon - uoi

17 Commandershipping (Tabitha vs Shelly) Commandershipping (Tabitha vs Shelly)

Lol what? they hate each other


18 Heartsoulshipping (Ethan/Gold and Lyra)
19 Newbarkshipping (Ethan/Gold and Kris)
20 Fortuneshipping (Lucas vs Dawn)
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