Top Ten Pokemon Show Episodes that Should Be Created

Self explanatory, basically your average episode idea list but this time for the Pokemon show. Now...

The Top Ten

1 Ramos x Mallow
2 One Coarse Trainer

A trainer loses to Clemont at his gym so he pushes Clemont out of the window and he falls out and breaks both his legs, crippling him for life. - PageEmperor

3 Perminator: Judgement Attack Day

A robotic, muscular mega Grubbin came back from the year 2117 to 2017 in hopes to assasinate Lillie, and the gang needs to rescue her! - PageEmperor

4 A Pal for Ash A Pal for Ash

Ash's mons decide to reward him by giving him an elusive shiny Celebi, but it turns out to be a bloodthirsty creature and when Ash gets rid of it, everyone scold him. - PageEmperor

Okay guys, let me warn you this is a joke thread for the most part, please don't take it seriously :c - PageEmperor

5 Frightfest 2018

And while Ash kills celebrities, the song "Psycho Killer" plays in the background. - KalloFox34

Segment 1: Ash kills celebrities for money after he accidentally kills Cynthia at the Day-Care. The title sequence is a parody of Mad Men.

Segment 2: Pikachu becomes possessed by a demon and must be exorcised.
Segment 3: The Great Pumpkaboo comes to Alola when Ash tries to wait for him, and goes to the Halloween Party. But when he sees Pumpkaboo being carved, he turns evil! - KalloFox34

6 Serena Abuse

The episode starts with Serena riding a bike but then crashes into a tree and got injured because she didn't pack a mon with cut. Everyone around her yell and insult her and then they beat her up and pee on her corpse. Then, they throw the remains into the distortion world. - PageEmperor


7 Pokemon Conquest Naked Party

On problem with this idea... THIS IS A KIDS SHOW!

8 Different Way
9 Ash and Pikachu Beat Up Barney
10 Super Mario Star Wars

Episode starts with Ash telling a bedtime story to his companions. The bedtime story starts with Mario the game charcter doing his own thing stomping on brown mushrooms and whatnot, and then he meets Darth Vader. Darth Vader then teaches him the way of the force, and hypnotises him to become a Jedi. Both Mario and Garth Vader went around and caused chaos around them. The badtime story ends when Mario dies after having sex with a chick whom he didn't realise had hiv. - PageEmperor

The Contenders

11 Birds of Pray

This episode will air in gen8 or when they reveal the new starting bird of gen8. Episode starts with Ash and his companions on their journey until they are approached by a trainer and his Dhelmise, who looks ill. Ash and his companions agree to send them both to the nearest center to heal. However, it then turned out to be a prank, and the trainer then ordered his Dhelmise to swing his anchor with full force at Ash, making him flinch. The trainer then sent out his next mon, the new gen8 starting bird, and it stabs Ash with his beak. Soon other bird mons were summoned and they all attack Ash and repeatedly peck him as he screams in pain. Soon, Ash had to be rushed to hospital and was massively wounded by the attacks. As his companions tried to seek help, it turns out the trainer lied to the officers that Ash provoked the birds, and he deserved his abuse. Soon, weeks pass. Ash soon turns mentally and physically insane, and he attempts suicide but stops himself from doing so as his ...more - PageEmperor

12 Gardevoir and Lopunny
13 Now Showing!

Ash and his companions accidentally stumble onto a stage set for the T.V. show'the Braviary and Beartic show'. Thankfully, the directors forgave them and so they agreed to have them star in the next episode, with the Beartic directing the episode. Will it go well? Find out! - PageEmperor

14 Decks for Cleaning

This is the first episode to not feature Ash or his companions. Instead it focuses on the professors. The professors were all offered to clean up the Tauros decks, which was filled with Poop that nobody bothered to clean. However, this was said to be a really hard job, so the professors were then sent to a nearby gym where they excercised so much they became buff professors. Then they were sent to the decks to clean up all the Poo. It turned out to be harder than it looked, as they had to make sure every corner was completely clean. Soon, after the entire place was clean, the professors then remembered they also had to wash the Tauros' backsides as well. They let the gen5 professor go first because 'ladies first'. But then, while she was cleaning the big cow's butt, it blasted stinky, gross, thick, lumpy, and liquid poo at her face at full force from behind. She then looks at the screen with her poop covered face and burst into tears, and the episode ends. - PageEmperor

15 A Dime a Dozen

Ash accidentally sells Pikachu to the Game Corner. - KalloFox34

16 Pikachu Grounds Caillou
17 Frightfest 2019

Segment 1: Ash and Misty are professional assassins, but they are assigned to kill the same person!
Segment 2: An Emolga doll comes to life and is evil!
Segment 3: Ash's old imaginary friend murders his current friends! - KalloFox34

18 Pika Gets Pica

Good idea.

Pikachu suddenly gets a disorder that gives it a craving to eat everything, including stuff that aren’t supposed to be edible. - PageEmperor

19 A Stinging Encounter
20 Uh oh, Ho-Oh!

Ho-Oh shoots a beam and murders every Alolan Persian alive - PageEmperor

21 The Death of Ash

Its revealed there is a reason why Ash doesn’t age, he is an alien from a distant planet! It was revealed to him that he was, so he had to leave earth onto a spaceship, which hits an asteroid and Ash dies. - PageEmperor

22 FamilyPoke GuyMon

Peter meets Ash, and moves in with him and Mallow. But when he starts interrupting their late night meetings, they decide that he must go. Meanwhile, Stewie disguises himself as Pikachu. - KalloFox34

23 Peter Griffin Ketchum
24 Pikachu and Cartman
25 Peter Griffin Catches 'em All
26 Princess Kenny the Pokemon Trainer
27 Pikachu Rips Agumon's Head Off
28 Yogurt Ketchum

Ash gets a loan from the bank and opens his own yogurt store

29 The Ponies Come to Town
30 Homer Pays a Visit
31 Alain Gets Beaten by Ash
32 Cartoonathon Maximum!

The cast of Pokémon star in a series of parodies of (bad) cartoons.
- First Parody: Breadwinners
- Second Parody: Dora the Explorer
- Third Parody: Mr. Pickles - KalloFox34

33 Important Affairs

Gary Oak starts dating Ash's mother. - KalloFox34

34 Arceus Disintegrates Thanos
35 Dawn the Born-Again

Dawn becomes religious and tries to convert Ash from Atheism; Pikachu teleports the cast of Jersey Shore to Alola.

36 Ash the Closer

Ash gets reconstructive dental surgery after smashing his face into a hydrant and his new, megawatt smile nets him a job as a real estate agent who convinces Stephan to buy a rundown condo with the bonus money he recently received.

37 I Flint On Your Grave

Flint's boss/Sinnoh Champion, Cynthia, begins sexually harassing him after Flint loses his contacts during a brief stint as a paparazzo, but no one takes him seriously, as they don't think women are capable of sexually harassing men.

38 The Juice is Loose

Everyone is up in arms after Kiawe becomes friends with O.J. Simpson.

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