Top 10 Pokemon Showdown Players of All Time


The Top Ten

1 Pokeaim

He literally plays every tier played spl in multiple tiers no one else compares - soggytatertot

Big youtber - soggytatertot

2 Blunder

Spl ou player ad the best ou player in my opinion - soggytatertot


Spl manager overall monster - soggytatertot

4 Sabella

Spl ou player and mpl mono player was invited in the best league ever x and in he invite only clan woa - soggytatertot

5 Paleo

Mpl manager monotype council in x and ro in woa - soggytatertot

6 Level 56

Spl ubers player mpl player get on his level - soggytatertot

7 Jamvad

A ou lord not very diverse but a beast - soggytatertot

its jamvad

8 Chimpact

Indian jesus - soggytatertot

9 Rozes

Oms are important and he is om player of the year - soggytatertot

10 Bushtush

Mpl and uupl he's well rounded - soggytatertot

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