Character Analysis: Who is Ryuki From Pokemon Sun and Moon and Where Did He Come From?

Hello everyone! This is going to be the first post of my new post series: "Analysis of Various Aspects of Fictional Characters & Media"! What I listed in my last post announcing the series was not in order. I decided to start with Ryuki since there isn't much to analyze. Let's get started.

First off, who is Ryuki. Well there's 3 sources I'm using for this segment. The game play/dialogue, Bulbapedia, and the information on his concept art. (Believe it or not, it gives more information on this random character that shows up to battle you)

Links to his concept artwork:
1) The clear reference:
2) his overall concept and information :

I really hope thetoptens doesn't ruin those links because it's on tumblr because that's all I can find that is posted. (And I can't upload images myself. I would if I was able to)

Information in the game/Bulbapedia:
-He's a musician from another region.
-He came to Alola by crossing the sea and to spread his fame
-He comes and challenges you for the champion title
-He's a dragon specialist

Information in the concept art:
-The color of his eyes changes depending on his expression
-He intentionally hides his eyes behind his hair because he's worried about looking baby faced (???? Ryuki???? That's weird, are you okay???)
-He's always pumped up 100%
-He can be idiotic
-He and his Pokemon can be oblivious of the situation and they mess up the flow of battle

What I can pick up out of this:
-He's well known in his region
-He probably chose to spread his fame to Alola since having a league is brand new and being a champion would be more meaningful in Alola than in other regions
-He acts wild and silly
-Worried about how presents himself (I guess? Why else would he hide is face?? Bro there isn't anything wrong with you face.)
-I'm assuming he's a bit scatterbrained based on the oblivious part

Okay, so why am I pointing this stuff out? I did this because in the games, he comes out of nowhere. No one really knows much about him, though with the concept art and some vague information on bulbapedia: We can learn a bit of his character and personality to have a better impression of him.

Now I should address some speculations I saw that try to explain who Ryuki is when it comes to background.

-Ryuki is Benga from Black and White 2
I strongly disagree with this one. I never understood theories like this. Like why would a character pose as a different character when that character can just come back to Sun and Moon? HECK, we got Red, Blue, Anabelle, Grimsley, Corless, and Wally to return to Pokemon Sun and Moon as themselves.

-Ryuki was a dragon trial captain that eventually abandon being a trial captain
I can see this happening. Ryuki is a dragon trainer who uses a Kommo-o. According to Mallow, you don't have to be an Alolan Native to be a trial captain... OH WAIT-

There is no trial captain for the dragon trial. The Kommo-o has been running the trial for a very long time on its own. Also, Ryuki doesn't seem to have a Z- ring as he doesn't use the Dragon Z-move against you in battle like all trial captains. So yeah, that's debunked.

-He is related to Lance
I'm not fond of the theories that automatically assume that a character is related to another character based on slightly similar design quirks and interests. I mean, it can believable. But if you want to be honest, I don't want him to be related to Lance. I don't think he's from Kanto/Johto.

-He is a part of Pokestar Studios in Unova.
He's a musician, not an actor. Don't mix up the two.

Now that I stated those speculations, what do I personally think is Ryuki's background and original location?

Well for one, I personally do not think he a dragon type specialist from any region we went to yet. This isn't a unusual thing, there have been many hints to different regions/next generation in the current generation. The strange souvenir, the random item you get in XY that is vaguely said from another region was something we knew about LONG before we knew about Alola/Pokemon Sun and Moon.

He could be a character of importance later down the road, or unfortunately, irrelevant. (DON'T DO IT GAMEFREAK. He's interesting, do something with him!) Also, I feel like he would be an interesting character in the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime. Since the anime is taking a more humorous approach, I can see him fitting in.

That's all my thoughts on Ryuki. What do you think of Ryuki? Do you have any speculations of where he might've come from or what he could represent in the future? Do you see any potential in him as a possible character in the anime? A lot of people who played Pokemon Sun and Moon don't know about this character. Even so, I wanted to talk about him.


Interesting post. There's a lot of secrets and mysteries surrounding Ryuki's character and origins, so I hope he gets a bigger role in a later sequel or generation instead of just being thrown in as a random challenger by Game Freak. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yeah they put so much thought in his concept art, I feel that not doing much with him later on to be a waste. - Rue

Is he related to the Team Instinct Leader? - TwilightKitsune

Pokemon Go isn't related to main story Pokemon games but that's fun to imagine - Rue