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1 Light

Electric IS the light type isn't it obvious I highly doubt it would be made

Mega mewtwo Z should be psychic/light type, because, mewtwo - psychic/dragon, mega mewtwo X - psychic/fighting, mega mewtwo Y - psychic/god, superhero mewtwo - psychic/grass, super sayian mewtwo 1, 2, 3, 4, and super sayian god mewtwo - psychic/dark, this is mewtwo's powerful psychic pokemon type combination!

Maybe dark and light are super or little effective against one another - Doggus

They should make light type since they have dark type Pokemon

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2 Life

I think that since we have grass types we should have a life type.

Or just a grass/fairy duo


Nice option.

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3 Sound

It fits we already have pokemon like exploit that are perfect and some moves already use sound one example being echoed voice

Just why not have this?


Yeah there are bunch of Pokemon and moves just like speech,sing Pokemon is noibat and a lot more!

4 Aura

Lucario and giratina - Villainnumberone

That's a good idea! I'm not sure why I like it, I just do. I just have the feeling that aura would be a cool type. - anythingispossible

That's a good idea aura should be a great type

Cosmic is better

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5 Death

This type can be really dangerous. What if they cause real deaths in Pokemon during battles? And if this type does become a reality, Pokemon won't remain a kid's show anymore (and may transform into a 18+ show). - Kiteretsunu

Death would not cause real deaths probably just like a dark type move and there weaknesses are time, life, and fighting. There advantages should be life, grass, bug, dragon, fairy, and psychic

These Pokemon can be like skeletons and use their bones to fight.

We'll if we have dark why not have death.

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6 Space

I agree with the cosmic, but not the Pokemon.

Moon Pokemon would be cool! - beatles5

Sounds Galactic

Woo! A Sun Pokemon so cool

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7 Time

Time is really interesting I think that should be a Pokemon type

If they make time, they'll have to make space, and space is dumb

Celebi, dialga, they will all be TIME! Then they could make a doctor who Pokemon! :D - moonwolf


8 Crystal


9 Dino

Some Pokemon come from fossils. Make a type for this. (Fossil type works too. )

Nope already got a similar type

Or you can call it prehistoric

Dino type would be amazing

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10 Zombie

Zombie would be the same old thing over and over again, like

Oh no it's a zombie type, looks like the same thing only Small/bigger!

Like corporeal undead, these use hands and mouth to spread the virus and fight.

We could have zombie/corpse (it would be Normal/Ghost) - PokemonGOSucks

It would be weak to dragon.

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11 Noise

Pretty much the same thing as the sound type

Horrible. Change it to sound, epic

Exploud, and all of its pre-evolutions. - moonwolf

Normal - PokemonGOSucks

12 Cosmic
13 Air

We already have flying. Use your head.

14 Radioactive

Poison+other - PokemonGOSucks

15 Technology

It would be mostly Electric/Steel type - PokemonGOSucks

Change it to to robot


Magnimite, magneateon, and all those. - moonwolf

16 Arachnid

No. We have bug, arachnid is the stupidest idea ever heard of. Are you having brain issues

Spider-Man dose what a spider doses

What there's Ariados, Galvantula, etc... - PokemonGOSucks

17 Crustacean

Dumb. We have enough crab Pokemon. This is just sas

I pitch you face with the claw

Wow. That's an awesome type. - PizzaGuy

Dumb idea
Mr Krabs

18 Beast

If there is a dragon type why not a beast type.

Dragon are better. Its basically a dark - Doggus

19 Energy

Imaging hearing about an energy energy... :/ - Doggus

I that that idea! - Thorite_Gem

These Pokemons may use their inner spirits and may even make another generation of Pokemons

20 Plastic

Plastic is polymer and I believe many pokemons have polymer-type already (protein maybe) interesting suggestion though

21 Magic

There are Psychic types. Close enough.

No. Psychic is good. Magic is a sad attempt

Magic beats psychic - Doggus

No it's not.

22 Plant

OH come on, have you forgotten one of the main types (grass). Think.

Come on, this is what Grass should have been called!

This is what I'm calling my games type
I'm protected by copy right bwhaha

23 Rubber

This holds some pretty big potential in my opinion

I really like this idea, too. - Thorite_Gem

How could anyone like this?

24 Alien

I'd rather paranormal. And that is also stupid


This is space type._.

25 Swamp

Swampert is Water/Ground - PokemonGOSucks

This is stupid

This is grass type._.


26 Glass

Should be week to fighting and sound anybody know any adventages - legendary

I bet you only 10 out of the 7 billion people on the planet think this is hood

The type weak to everything and has all your favorite abilities like weak armor,soundproof,Not-Sturdy,Mold Broken, shatter, and don't forget Fragile (Instantly faints if hit by a physical attack) :D

Hmmm, an interesting one. Glass is made from sand, and when lightning (Electric) strikes sand (Ground/Rock) it creates vitrified quartz. Also glass is mostly of silica.

A Mirror Pokémon would most likely be Psychic/Steel.
A Solar Panel Pokémon would most likely be Rock/Steel.
Now who would made “Glassware Pokémon”? - PokemonGOSucks

27 Dorito
28 Mountain Dew

A joke, right? - PokemonGOSucks

29 Immortal

This should be Arceus and it has no weakness only life and it can learn various moves basically a better normal type and its advantages should be all types

Arceus should be a different type. Something like Divine

Kinda dumb because can't die

Overpowered - Doggus

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30 Science

Some of these are so bad! - PokemonGOSucks

I wonder if I mangle you, you'll get a nack of good ideas


31 Mystery

Come on, it's a better name than "? "! Plus, think of all the things you could do with it, it already has a move called curse, but you could do things like have moved called "teleport", "soul seek" or something like "knockout" or "nausea hit"

Teleport? Abra comes to mind.

Teleport is already a move - Villainnumberone

32 Meme

All your base are belong to us: best meme type move, you steal their poke balls

Alolan executor is Grass/Meme

Umm.. - PokemonGOSucks

33 Love

Fairy is better

It's a good idea, Can have attacks like Attraction, Heartbreaker, love kiss, double slap, strong hug, and integrate beautiful and good pokemon like Alomomola, Luvdisc, Lopunny, Delcatty, and others..

Cool type. I could see whitney's gym (due to attract) and attract becoming this type. whitney would have a luvdisc,two alomomola,and a liven holding a loveonite. - Villainnumberone

34 Monster

Aren't all Pokemon monsters?

They're basically pocket monsters LOL!

The word pokemon is short for pocket monster. - Villainnumberone

You are stupid, just like the idea

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35 Poop
36 Create

I like night and day. The rest is garbage

Imagine: Lidobre, a Pokemon with the type CreateFire, Plezatia, a Pokemon with the type CreatePlant, Wizen, a Pokemon with the type CreateWater. The trio in the next Pokemon game Pokemon Night and Day. And you must fight theme all together. You and your vs three GOD Pokemon. And if you have caught this three Pokemon, you can go into the cave of origin an ending and catch ARZEUS, which can form with create type. This would be EPIC, MAN.

37 Wood

That would be considered Grass - PokemonGOSucks

You are a bozo

Keep it grass please - Doggus

38 Moon

Turn it to cosmic

The Clefable evolution line could become a fairy and moon type. Lunatone could also gain moon type, and so could some other Pokemon. But... if they made moon type, then they would have to make sun type witch is basically fire. Also, moon is close to rock. Moon would be OK, but it would have some haters. But still, better than fairy type in my opinion. - anythingispossible

39 Wind

There is already flying type, but some flying type moves have something to do with the wind. Wind type could have moves like hurricane, aero blast and air cutter while flying could have peck, fly and brave bird. Not the best idea, but it would be an ok type. - anythingispossible

40 Evil

This is a type because dark type in Japan is called evil type

Your evil, brainwashing people with dumb ideas

Team rocket's meowth should be that type

It's a Dark-type - PokemonGOSucks

41 Sports

Haha, nice but not too nice

Fighting, sorta - PokemonGOSucks

42 Glitch

Was a glitch type in gen 1. - Villainnumberone

43 Cat

Imagine a cat type with glameow, purloin and more

aww yeah

44 Strength

But there is a fighting type... :(

That's a move that should be a rock-type move or fighting-type move because it pushes boulders so it should either be rock itself or be super-effective on rock-type pokemon and it just wouldn't make sense to be a grass,water,ground,or steel move. also,it's currently a normal-type move which makes no sense. - Villainnumberone

45 Nuclear

With Poison - PokemonGOSucks

Nuclear is a cool type from the fangame Pokémon: Uranium. There is so much potential for this, even if it's a gimmick type for a new game or something. Poison/Nuclear-type Mega Garbodor anyone?

46 Food


Laugh out loud I would love the vanilite and slurpuff line to get that typing

Pokemon that should get food type: swirlix line vanilitte line cherubi line munchlax line exggecute

47 Defense

Bey you$1000000 that 0.00000000001% of everyone In the world think his is coll

48 Gas
49 Power

No body cares

50 Bone

Your probably to young to here what I want to say

Cubone and Marowak are Ground-types - PokemonGOSucks

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