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1 Light

Maybe dark and light are super or little effective against one another - Doggus

They should make light type since they have dark type Pokemon

And having a higher chance of being shiny. - FennikenFan9

Mega mewtwo Z should be psychic/light type, because, mewtwo - psychic/dragon, mega mewtwo X - psychic/fighting, mega mewtwo Y - psychic/god, superhero mewtwo - psychic/grass, super sayian mewtwo 1, 2, 3, 4, and super sayian god mewtwo - psychic/dark, this is mewtwo's powerful psychic pokemon type combination!

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2 Life

I think that since we have grass types we should have a life type.

Or just a grass/fairy duo


Nice option.

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3 Death

This type can be really dangerous. What if they cause real deaths in Pokemon during battles? And if this type does become a reality, Pokemon won't remain a kid's show anymore (and may transform into a 18+ show). - Kiteretsunu

Death would not cause real deaths probably just like a dark type move and there weaknesses are time, life, and fighting. There advantages should be life, grass, bug, dragon, fairy, and psychic

These Pokemon can be like skeletons and use their bones to fight.


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4 Aura

That's a good idea! I'm not sure why I like it, I just do. I just have the feeling that aura would be a cool type. - anythingispossible

That's a good idea aura should be a great type

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5 Sound

It fits we already have pokemon like exploit that are perfect and some moves already use sound one example being echoed voice

Yeah there are bunch of Pokemon and moves just like speech,sing Pokemon is noibat and a lot more!

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6 Space

I agree with the cosmic, but not the Pokemon.

Moon Pokemon would be cool! - beatles5

Sounds Galactic

Lunatone, Solrock, Deoxys, Clefairy, Clefable, Cleffa, Palkia, Staryu, Starmie, Elgyem, Beheeyem, Cresselia, Jirachi, The lake Trio, Chingling, Chimecho. I guess some more if you wanna be weird.

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7 Time

Time is really interesting I think that should be a Pokemon type

If they make time, they'll have to make space, and space is dumb

Celebi, dialga, they will all be TIME! Then they could make a doctor who Pokemon! :D - moonwolf


8 Crystal


9 Dino

Some Pokemon come from fossils. Make a type for this. (Fossil type works too. )

Nope already got a similar type

Or you can call it prehistoric


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10 Zombie

Zombie would be the same old thing over and over again, like

Oh no it's a zombie type, looks like the same thing only Small/bigger!

Like corporeal undead, these use hands and mouth to spread the virus and fight.

We could have zombie/corpse (it would be Normal/Ghost) - PokemonGOSucks

Dumb. Is rather paranormal. And there's also blechh

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11 Noise

Pretty much the same thing as the sound type

Horrible. Change it to sound, epic

Exploud, and all of its pre-evolutions. - moonwolf

Normal - PokemonGOSucks

12 Air

We already have flying. Use your head.

13 Radioactive

Poison+other - PokemonGOSucks

14 Cosmic
15 Technology

It would be mostly Electric/Steel type - PokemonGOSucks

Change it to to robot


Magnimite, magneateon, and all those. - moonwolf

16 Arachnid

No. We have bug, arachnid is the stupidest idea ever heard of. Are you having brain issues

Spider-Man dose what a spider doses

What there's Ariados, Galvantula, etc... - PokemonGOSucks

17 Crustacean

Dumb. We have enough crab Pokemon. This is just sas

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18 Beast

If there is a dragon type why not a beast type.

Dragon are better. Its basically a dark - Doggus

19 Energy

Imaging hearing about an energy energy... :/ - Doggus

These Pokemons may use their inner spirits and may even make another generation of Pokemons

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20 Plastic

Plastic is polymer and I believe many pokemons have polymer-type already (protein maybe) interesting suggestion though

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