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21 Rubber

This holds some pretty big potential in my opinion

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22 Plant

OH come on, have you forgotten one of the main types (grass). Think.

Come on, this is what Grass should have been called!

This is what I'm calling my games type
I'm protected by copy right bwhaha

23 Plastic
24 Alien

I'd rather paranormal. And that is also stupid

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25 Mountain Dew
26 Swamp V 3 Comments
27 Dorito
28 Immortal

This should be Arceus and it has no weakness only life and it can learn various moves basically a better normal type and its advantages should be all types

Arceus should be a different type. Something like Divine

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29 Glass

I bet you only 10 out of the 7 billion people on the planet think this is hood

The type weak to everything and has all your favorite abilities like weak armor,soundproof,Not-Sturdy,Mold Broken, shatter, and don't forget Fragile (Instantly faints if hit by a physical attack) :D

30 Science V 2 Comments
31 Meme

All your base are belong to us: best meme type move, you steal their poke balls

32 Mystery

Come on, it's a better name than "? "! Plus, think of all the things you could do with it, it already has a move called curse, but you could do things like have moved called "teleport", "soul seek" or something like "knockout" or "nausea hit"

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33 Monster

They're basically pocket monsters LOL!

You are stupid, just like the idea

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34 Poop
35 Wood V 2 Comments
36 Evil

This is a type because dark type in Japan is called evil type

Your evil, brainwashing people with dumb ideas

Team rocket's meowth should be that type

37 Sports V 1 Comment
38 Cat V 2 Comments
39 Strength V 1 Comment
40 Create

I like night and day. The rest is garbage

Imagine: Lidobre, a Pokemon with the type CreateFire, Plezatia, a Pokemon with the type CreatePlant, Wizen, a Pokemon with the type CreateWater. The trio in the next Pokemon game Pokemon Night and Day. And you must fight theme all together. You and your vs three GOD Pokemon. And if you have caught this three Pokemon, you can go into the cave of origin an ending and catch ARZEUS, which can form with create type. This would be EPIC, MAN.

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