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41 Create

I like night and day. The rest is garbage

Imagine: Lidobre, a Pokemon with the type CreateFire, Plezatia, a Pokemon with the type CreatePlant, Wizen, a Pokemon with the type CreateWater. The trio in the next Pokemon game Pokemon Night and Day. And you must fight theme all together. You and your vs three GOD Pokemon. And if you have caught this three Pokemon, you can go into the cave of origin an ending and catch ARZEUS, which can form with create type. This would be EPIC, MAN.

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43 Moon

The Clefable evolution line could become a fairy and moon type. Lunatone could also gain moon type, and so could some other Pokemon. But... if they made moon type, then they would have to make sun type witch is basically fire. Also, moon is close to rock. Moon would be OK, but it would have some haters. But still, better than fairy type in my opinion. - anythingispossible

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44 Defense V 1 Comment
45 Gas
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47 Wind

There is already flying type, but some flying type moves have something to do with the wind. Wind type could have moves like hurricane, aero blast and air cutter while flying could have peck, fly and brave bird. Not the best idea, but it would be an ok type. - anythingispossible

48 Fossil
49 Robot

You have laser eye and made of steel and have computer as a brain

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50 Mystical

Strong agnst: electric, psychic and steel types
Weak agnst: ice and dark types
All you need now is a set of legendaries with this type, and huzzah, problem solved!

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51 Rage

Normal-type move.
Plus Dragon Rage and Outrage... - PokemonGOSucks

52 Glitch
53 Baby

May be since the baby Pokemon this might work

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54 Gold

Steel is stronger - PokemonGOSucks

55 Sliver

Steel is stronger - PokemonGOSucks

56 Bronze

Bronzor and Bronzong are based on Bronze and are Steel(and Psychic) type - PokemonGOSucks

57 Wear
58 Weapon
59 Body

I guess the regi's would get a secondary type because their body is regi

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60 Story
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