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41 Cat V 2 Comments
42 Strength

But there is a fighting type... :(

That's a move that should be a rock-type move or fighting-type move because it pushes boulders so it should either be rock itself or be super-effective on rock-type pokemon and it just wouldn't make sense to be a grass,water,ground,or steel move. also,it's currently a normal-type move which makes no sense. - Villainnumberone

43 Nuclear

With Poison - PokemonGOSucks

Nuclear is a cool type from the fangame Pokémon: Uranium. There is so much potential for this, even if it's a gimmick type for a new game or something. Poison/Nuclear-type Mega Garbodor anyone?

44 Defense V 1 Comment
45 Gas
46 Power V 1 Comment
47 Bone

Your probably to young to here what I want to say

Cubone and Marowak are Ground-types - PokemonGOSucks

48 Wind

There is already flying type, but some flying type moves have something to do with the wind. Wind type could have moves like hurricane, aero blast and air cutter while flying could have peck, fly and brave bird. Not the best idea, but it would be an ok type. - anythingispossible

49 Fossil

Ancient would be better. - Villainnumberone

50 Robot

You have laser eye and made of steel and have computer as a brain

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51 Mystical

The next trio of thousands of folklore creatures

Strong agnst: electric, psychic and steel types
Weak agnst: ice and dark types
All you need now is a set of legendaries with this type, and huzzah, problem solved!

52 Rage

Normal-type move.
Plus Dragon Rage and Outrage... - PokemonGOSucks

53 Glitch
54 Baby

May be since the baby Pokemon this might work

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55 Gold

Steel is stronger - PokemonGOSucks

56 Sliver

Steel is stronger - PokemonGOSucks

57 Bronze

Bronzor and Bronzong are based on Bronze and are Steel(and Psychic) type - PokemonGOSucks

58 Wear

what? - Villainnumberone

59 Weapon
60 Body

I guess the regi's would get a secondary type because their body is regi

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