Best Pokemon Villain Teams

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1 Aether Foundation

Just play Sun and Moon. You'll see what I like mean.

Lusamine alone is arguably the best villain in the Pokemon series. But the things she had the Aether Foundation conduct were just plain unexpected.

The more that I read about these guys the more that I want Sun and Moon LOLOL.

Lusamine is the best character

2 Team Skull

In my opinion: they may not have grand, evil goals like some of the other ones, but they sure do have a ton of charm and humor; I even grew kinda fond of them. Plus, they're really fun to battle, and their music themes are just so sick! I've seriously listened to their music on YouTube a thousand times.

Those guys are some badass punk pirates! The moment I heard the main theme of their team in one of the new Pokemon Sun and Moon promotional videos, I already began to love them! My only peeve is that there's a team with the same name from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. Other than that, I can't wait until I battle one of those grunts! They're much better than those lame wannabe Team Flare grunts!

They all suck the only cool guy on their team is their leader Guzma. He has really good pokemon. Look at alolan open house. Those three and almost every member suck. They get knocked out in 1 z-move. Zubat, salandit,garbodor raticate, yungoose are just some of the pokemon these nimrods have. Zubat and garbodor are even said to be 1 of the worst pokemon ever. I would just get a zu bat to evolve it to a crobat, which is a total beast.

It was hilarious when two Team Skull grunts left after being beaten by me during my first trial, only for them to come back and try to warn me about the Totem Pokemon.

3 Team Neo Plasma

Way better written than Rocket, despite being in games called "Black and White", they really do seem to have a good motive, but lots of hypocrisy to balance them out, showing that their story isn't so "Black and White" and is vaguer than that, any one who was picking Rocket is likely a Genwunner, just probably.

This man tries to freeze children alive!

One of the teams that is truly evil

Best evil team in the games.

4 Team Magma

I kind of have a crush on Courtney from Team Magma, especially after seeing her in ORAS and Pokémon Generations.

I have a crush on Shelly from aqua in alpha sapphire. Am I weird? Or no? - HeavyDonkeyKong

5 Team Galactic

I wonder how their redesign would look like if Diamond and Pearl ever got remakes. I would like for their outfits to be more appealing while still retaining what people liked about Team Galactic.

Team Galactic, probably the most badass villains. They were capable of many things and could even achieve a new universe

Just change them so they are more threatening so that they can get a game with them (Super diamond and Hyper Pearl)

In platinum, Cyrus brought out Dialga, Palkia and even Giratina! In the anime he nearly destroyed the universe.

6 Team Rocket

Team rocket lives up to its name - legendary and probably the best pokemon villans in the pokemon series and movies. Should be #1

Eh. They might be the bad guys but they are the good kind of bad guys. At least, most of the time

OG Jerks! Don't want anything good to happen. They just want to steal pokemon! There also cowards! Giovanni is a DWEEB!

The most famous of this Creole losing team

7 Team Aqua

In Alpha Sapphire, Archie looks like a total ripped badass captain! Same goes with Matt! That guy looks like he can lift one Wailord 100 times for his daily exercise routine!

At least these guys have an actual reason for what they have done

Ah, sun and moon sucks. Sorry fanboys. Aqua and Magma are the most " you just wanna punch them in the face" people. And they have a great story, unlike team skull and the aether foundation.

Where is Kyogre said Archie

8 Team Plasma

Even though you don't fight them a lot! Ghetsis is the best Pokemon villain out there though!

team plasma isn't really that bad,they're mostly good if u think about it

I may be a little biased when choosing Team Plasma over all other teams mainly because my very first Pokemon game was actually Black and White. This is not to say obviously that I necessarily dislike the other villain teams. The main reason why I love the original Team Plasma far more than any other villain teams though is because of the people who encompass the team. Ghetsis is undoubtedly evil, but for the members of Team Plasma, they are instead people with truly good intentions. They believe wholeheartedly that they are doing the right thing by "liberating" Pokemon from their trainers, who they believe are imprisoning Pokemon from true happiness, when in reality they are being manipulated by Ghetsis.

Ghetsis is the best villain what

9 Team Flare

They want to eliminate all life on the pokemon planet execpt for themselves

They where cool in the anime

To be fair, Team Flare may not be the best team around, but I really like them a lot especially with Lysandre and Xerosic cause two were definitely interesting in terms of the anime and not to mention their backstories gave me quite a shock and I would really like to see more of it in the future especially the anime cause they could been done a lot better, but I guess that's fine by me.

The only ones who I likes were Lyasandere and Xerosic. Those grunts were stupid and not even in a funny way either lolol.

10 Team Cipher

What the heck is team cipher... Please don't tell me it's gravity falls...

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11 Team Dim Sun

Ooh dim sun from the pokemon ranger game, they should be higher.

Shadow pokemon movement lead by krilin pfft hell yeah!

12 Team Rainbow Rocket

They are the leaders from different dimensions in which they succeded

Team rainbow rocket is the best because they are members are not only the leader from the other team but their runs are harder than the other garage and and they also have the bosses from other Pokemon games that have came through other portals to get where they actually one and took over the world

Wham! Team Rocket is Back! This time, for control of Ultra Space!

13 Team Yell
14 Team Something

Now this is just plain ridiculous

15 Team Meanies
16 Team Your Mum

Best team ever (they make great cookies )

17 Ultra Recon Squad

They weren't really evil

18 Team Snagem

(No comment) I like gonzap's black lugia

19 Team AWD
20 Team Vanillite

Team Vanillite is just plain weird.

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