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1 Hydro Pump

This move is a classic its been in Pokemon since generation 1. Surf is not better and hydro cannon has more damage but you have to recharge. So, over all this move is better.

I have this move on my gyarados, and it destroys any rock or fire typer it hits. the only problem is that it's accuracy is only 80, so when I miss I get hit. (i've missed 3 times in a row before).

Classic great water move with 120 base at power and with 85% accuracy. However HOW DID SURF IS HIGHER THAN HYDRO PUMP, hydro pump is basically the upgrade of surf!

I agree with the person below me surf sucks. but I do have to ask how did it get in first?

2 Surf

Unless the other pokemon uses dive, fly, dig or any move that allows it to disappear on the 1st try. This move does not miss what so ever. If you're doing double or triple battles, be careful cause it will hit your team as well. My opinion...this is the best water move for water Pokémon.

Surf not only helps you advance in the game, but using it correctly can be absolutely great. Get 2 pokemon with water absorb and the only thing that can take you down is an electric sweeper-not even grass types can get around this

Same power and accuracy than thunderbolt, ice beam and flamethrower, but ATTACKS EVERYONE! Geez!

High accuracy and damage everyone has a pokemon that uses surf

3 Hydro Cannon

Are you kidding?! Right know I'm thinking not just the grass type Pokemon list, but this list even more is so false (none of the other lists are stupid. ) Hydro cannon does much more damage than hydro pump, and as one comment said on hydro pump, hydro pump is better than surf, meaning that hydro cannon does more than 8X THE DAMAGE! DO YOU HEAR ME? 8 TIMES! AND HYDRO CANNON IS BETTER THAN HYDRO PUMP!

It's much better than surf, because surf attacks everyone including your team mates and it's better than hydro pump because hydro cannon has more power and more accuracy. Who cares about the recharging?

Hydro Cannon is ultimate water type move the people should be shame to put it at #8. This have the power of 150 and the accuracy of 90%. Dang man what wrong with you people! Used your common sense!

You use common sense! Power isn't everything. There's a reason nobody uses Hydro Cannon, and it's because of that stupid recharge turn you're forgetting about - Mooshroomsrock17

Its really strong and most water starters where tanks when I got them so I don't care about the recharge

4 Crabhammer


Exclusive to Krabby, Kingler, Corphish, Crawdaunt, Clauncher and Clawitzer (ie: the crabs). An epic move with a power of 100, accuracy of 90 AND it raises the chance of critical hits.

5 Rain Dance

I forgot something, it also works with dry skin the healing, and rain dance lowers power of fire types

Many people don't notice this at first but it helps for abilities like hydration.

What the heck? This is the 2nd worst (after splash) water movee in the ' game

Rain Dance is great. More Water-type power(Rain Dance STAB w. Mystic Water on a Camerupt=1260 power)
and less Fire type power. Not to mention more Thunder+Hurricane accuracy.

6 Aqua Jet

I love the way it looks when a pokemon uses is

Olmsted every water type known it though it does do damage to itself if used against rock. Types

7 Water Spout

My wailord had this and he and I totalled the champion

Much better than Hydro Cannon.

OP! Like V-create as 180 base power

Scarily powerful. It was so overpowering! 150 damage! Only Wailord, Wailmer, Kyogre, Frillish, and Jellicent knows it. Oh my goodness

8 Water Pulse

My greninja has it

Nice have power60(3 star attack) and 100 acc that can confuse sometime too

Demolishes and may confuse the target, gave it to lv 21 dewwot and he wrecked a lv 19 servine.

9 Scald

What's the point of this list? Anyway, I'll vote cause I'm bored. Scald has a 30% chance of burn, which is pretty good halving the opponent's attack. This makes it dangerous for physical attackers to switch in as they could be burnt and possibly crippled for the rest of the match. Only Fire-types are immune to burn, and they are weak to water moves, so no one is safe except for stuff with Rest, Natural Cure, Heal Bell or Aromatherapy I guess. Guts users can also take advantage of the burn to activate their ability and get 1.5 attack. If we're talking about in-game thought, Surf is definitely the best. You have to use it to go to a lot of places, and Surf is powerful, accurate, and has quite a lot of PP.

Its quite cool you can burn opponents with a water move

Gotta love scald. 30% burn chance, and great power. 100 accuracy too. And it doesn't make you recharge or anything.

Scald is arguably one of the best, ps HOW IS HYDRO CANNON HIGHER ON THE LIST!? Surf, yeah I get it, best hm, but Hydrocannon? I feel as though people don't understand the uselessness of that move.

10 Razor Shell

I use this a lot on the game Pokemon White 2. It is very helpful. I'm glad they made this move.

I have never lost a single battle in black and black 2! All thanks to this move

My signature move

I also used this move a lot in Pokemon black 2
hooray for Razor Shell :D

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11 Waterfall

Kind of like scald, but for physical attackers and without burn possibility

Latios can learn this move!

Why is rain dance #4?!

Useful on Azumarill. however, it is outclassed completely by Liquidation.

12 Aqua Tail

It has quite low accuracy but it quite powerful when it hits. This should be quite close to the top.

The worst if you miss but it packs a punch

My blastoise used this a lot

Aqua tail is great

13 Water Shuriken

This AWESOME move is used by the SO OP greninja. Totally should be number 1, and better than hydro pump, of course.

It hits more than once! A really awesome attack

This move is so weak. Greninja is so overrated and its fans are oblivious, it's not as strong as people think it is and is beaten easily.

Great move, but low damage

14 Hyper Beam

Hyper Beam isn't water! Whoever is writing this list clearly hasn't played Pokemon

This is the best water move in the books



15 Origin Pulse

I just bulldozed through ghost type elite four with this. (I almost forget ethers but was glad I didn't)

How to bulldoze over the Elite 4.

Origin pulse is the best water type move. When I caught my Kyogre it had already learned the move. When it went into its Primal form, 99.9 percent of the time it was a one-hour KO.

One shots everything stronger than surf

16 Splash and Water Gun

I'm starting my own Pokemon Club looking at these for my Pokemon test it's not my test it's like a test for other people to get into Pokemon club I'm the leader and scald is number one a water type moves

Splash is a normal type move...

Should be number one. Probably the best water type moves this world has ever seen.

Actually, splash goes around the HP bar twice so you don't notice the damage. And if a really strong Pokemon only uses splash on yours, your Pokemon will hate you after the battle.

17 Hydro Vortex

A tornado of water, literally.

This is a z move nit should be at the top

18 Splash

2 things wrong with this:
1: Splash is a normal type move. If it were water type, Magikarp would get STAB.
2:It's weak.

The best move.

The best water type moves

God tier

19 Razor Leaf

How is this a water type move?!



20 Aqua Ring

What the heck.. why is this on here? It only regens 10 hp every turn.

21 Bubble Beam


22 Brine

This move is amazing! My blastoise used this to knockout rlite four and my rival it should be on 1or3

23 Steam Eruption

Please. Stop. These are fire type moves. The guy who made blue flare and steam eruption is a retarded moron

Best water type move of 2016.

It is water u nut


24 Double-Edge

Who care about recoil on a pokemon with high hp

25 Sparkling Aria

Beautiful animation

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