Top 10 Pokemon Websites

These websites are awesome! And if you like pokemon you should check them out!

The Top Ten

1 Bulbapedia

One of the biggest Pokemon websites ever! It has every thing you need to know and more about Pokemon! - moonwolf

I always rely on this for Pokemon information. It also helps me sometimes when I'm making my lists - itz_izzy

Anyone can find anything related to Pokemon here.

Always my first choice for any Pokemon info!

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He's my favorite YouTuber, and he has a great Pokemon channel and website! On his YouTube channel he does Pokemon wedlockes and nuzlockes, he also covers Pokemon news. - moonwolf

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It has all the data you will need in a quick reference table format, plus mechanics articles. What else could you want?

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4 Poké

Usually the fastest with news and has great insight on everything.

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5 The Official Pokémon Website

There is great online games on there.

The best. I like this website! - funnyuser

Best pokemon wabsite ever!

love it

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6 Psypoke

It helped me with my gameplay and how to find legendries! - moonwolf

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7 Pokemon Showdown

Best Pokemon mobile battling platform, and no this is not a someone selling out and putting this on here.

It really helps me with making and testing competitive teams for Pokémon.

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8 The Pokémon Wiki Visit Website9

Lots of cool stuff on it

Such a funny website with some great reviews, content and a great webmaster

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10 Smogon University Visit Website9

The Contenders

11 PokeBattle

Go to for games involving Pokémon

This one has a lot of cool stuff like pokedex T.V. shows games and even links to awesome games (by the way sorry for mispelling)

13 GPXPlus

An amazing equivalent to the Pokemon games. It's still going around today. Shiny hunts VERY often, explorations, battles with CPUs and online users... my god I love this website. - TheEliteComet

14 Pokemon Vortex
15 Veekun

Great online pokedex with stats and moveset and stuff about every Pokemon

16 Pokémon Database

Great online dex

17 Unova RPG

You get to catch loads of pokemon. I love this web!

18 PokeFarm

You get to hatch eggs and hunt for shinies!

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