Top 10 Pokemon "What If's" That Should Happened In Games


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1 Massive Combined Storyline of All Regions

Many people have already forgotten the golden years of Pokemon some of them doesn't even know who Oak is anymore so maybe Combining the story lines of the regions might help people to look back to were it all began. (a wise man once said "he who never dwells to past...

I have always dreamed of something like this! When I was in second grade my friends and I would always try to make this happen through our imagination! It is so true that it should be a finale, as pokemon is slowly getting worse... But I still love it!

Going to every region and helping your character from the previous games. Celebi and main villain are the main points of the game.

My childhood dream!

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2 A Pokemon Civil War

A Pokemon civil war? Awesome. Maybe the president of Pokemon vs team rocket vs the main characters I. E Ash

Yes finally a good idea a civil war with all the regions and mew vs arceus as the leaders. Then you pick a side then kick butt with the one legendary Pokemon you get. Unava. Sucks HORAH!

It would be sick...

Could have already happned
. Lt Surge
. All the veterans
. Character mostly fatherless

It could of been a war between the regions and the pokedex is a way of alliance again, think about it these 'new' regions already have their own ancient myths and legends and old towns, non accepted regions in the alliance don't get their Pokemon in the pokedex

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3 Legendary Starters

That would be completely awesome. I don't play it any more like I used to but I can agree that would be the best thing since... Toast, I guess.

But then the game will be too easy - Super64Mario

I think they should have Mewtwo, Arceus, and Mew as the starters.

Will be great

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4 Arceus' Evil Twin

Arceus' Evil Twin... AWESOME! - Pokemon_Fan1119

5 An Arceus Clone
6 War Between Regions

Imagine if in this game you could choose which region you want to fight for and then travel through each region as an undercover agent taking down the enemy forces...

Id want to buy a game like that!

Personally, I would fight for Sinnoh and protect Arceus. So cool. Who said female characters can't fight? - Zume


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7 A Female Counterpart of Arceus

Arceus is genderless not male

Arceus is genderless.


8 Legendary Pokemon vs Arceus

I have a theory Arceus is not a conventional "god" like people make it out to be. I think Arceus was only created the Pokemon world but was made otherwise scientifically and used the unkown to make it (after he made them). Then he spread the other god-like Pokemon and went to his dimension. So yes, this would be cool, even though it's 100% the other legendaries would win.

Mega Rayquaza would defeat Arceus by itself. It is a tier above. Literally. Google it.

9 Arceus battles Mewtwo

Yeah that would be cool Arceus didn't make Mewtwo so that would be a crazy fight

This would be nice because Mewtwo was not created by Arceus.

The only legendary Arceus didn't "create" - clw23

Mewtwo vs. Arceus is like Mew vs. Mewtwo if Arceus vs. Giratina, legendary

10 A "Mewthree"

Can it be cute? - AnonymousChick

They should make "mewthousand45".

If done correctly a Mewthree could be really awesome. I know that it gets boring after Mewfour, Mewfive, Mewsix, Mewseven, but still a Mewthree could be cool.

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11 Mew Dies

That's horrible!


12 Ditto vs Ditto

Oh god... Now my brain hurts!

This battle would take a long time

Used transform... it had no effect

I did that once ;p

13 Magikarp Had a Base Total Stats of 800

And we would all be happy

He'd be even stronger than he is now.

He needs to destroy the world - WingedOracle

Magikarp is the best.

14 Magikarp vs Arceus

We all know who would win. #magikarp

Magikarp for the win

Team magikarp - WingedOracle

Magikarp is so much stronger than the God of Pokemon.
Then Magikarp will be the Pokemon God.
All hail Magikarp.

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15 Pikachu Evolves Into a Raichu
16 Main Character is an Adult

It has nothing to do with legendary Pokemon or Arceus, so it's an automatic win, because Arceus sucks :)

Or just the ability to zustomize age.

17 Walking Pokemon

It would be fun.

we had it

Why did you stop after HG/SS Gamefreak? - Epicsauce45

Someone needs to make a petition to get this in Sun and Moon. #nintendoletuswalkourpokemonagain

18 Diagonal Movement

They have that in Pokemon x and y - disturbedbomb

we have it

Actually, there's diagonal movement in Pokemon X and Y. Also ORAS.

19 You Have Unlimited Spaces for Moves Instead of the Standard 4 Slots.
20 Play as a Pokemon and Capture Humans
21 Kill a Pokemon

It would be cool to take your dead pokemon ti a graveyard

22 World War - War Between Regions

Fight for Hoenn.

23 Team Rocket Takes Over.

Cool. Then you could decide whether you wanted to join Team Rocket or stay as a good trainer and try to beat Team Rocket after they took over. (Would be very difficult) - RueSapphireShiverpool

24 Player Falls In Love With Main Female Character

This might sound stupid but I was kinda hoping my character would fall in love with May or someone

Sounds like some lesbian Entai

25 Journey to Every Region In One Whole Game

That would be sweet

26 Humans Turning Into Pokemon

In the main series, not the Mystery Dungeon games. Doesn't that hold some potential for a good game plot?

27 Genetically Modified Pokemon

AWESOME, I can create shadow Jolteon & sudden death Pikachu (the sudden death gene is passed) - JolteonIsAwesome

Wind Honedge and Dream Hawlucha?! Count ME in on that! - Zume

28 Pokemon As Food

Magikarp finally good for something

Lol - Zume

It might be delicious to have Magikarp & chips
lol - JolteonIsAwesome

29 Dittotwo

Whatz next on de cool list? Zuadatal?

30 Pikachu Swapped for Other Pokemon
31 Eevee Normal Type Evolution

That could be a mega evolution for eevee.

He has so many different evolutions, why not a normal evolution. Eeveeon

Or it should be called foxetros

It will be called Eeveeon.

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32 Weird Hybrid Instead of Regular Pokemon
33 Starters Get Mega Evolutions

I mean all the starters final forms. That would be great!

34 Ash Becomes Champion

My money is on the end of a long-going show.

Orange islands is not a league

Orange islands

35 Pokemon Cloning

I think this is cool

36 Buying Starters
37 Professor Oak Dies

Then we can ride bikes indoors!

38 Pokemon Combinations

Mew 2 combined with lugia, pikachu and raquaza. Think of the possibilities

39 Pokemon and Humans Switch Places

Sounds like a PETA game.

How does it feel to be attacked by others? - Super64Mario


40 Pokemon Mutations

Imagine mutating Charizard or legendaries! Mutating Groudon! Amazing!

41 Mega Legendaries

Imagine Mega Arceus or Mega Kyurem! Mega Reshiram, Mega Zekrom, Mega Ho oh, Mega Lugia! So many amazing megas!

Mega Magikarp!

42 Mega Humans

Mega Professor Oak. Mega Youngster Joey.



43 Pokemon Rule Over the Next Region

I think it would be cool if You play as a human in a region where enslaved humans are under the rule of Pokemon that you have to return to the original ways

There is always gen 8

Whoa sounds epic! - Zume

Of course

44 Pokemon Hunter

There is someone kills Pokemon & sells it's body part
E.G. Sawsbuck's horn - JolteonIsAwesome

45 The Discovery of the 7th Region

It just happened with gen 7

Its alolan region, a brand new region with alolan special pokemon and fairy types

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