Top 10 Pokemon "What If's" That Should Happened In Games


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21 Kill a Pokemon

It would be cool to take your dead pokemon ti a graveyard

22 World War - War Between Regions V 1 Comment
23 Team Rocket Takes Over.

Cool. Then you could decide whether you wanted to join Team Rocket or stay as a good trainer and try to beat Team Rocket after they took over. (Would be very difficult) - RueSapphireShiverpool

24 Player Falls In Love With Main Female Character

This might sound stupid but I was kinda hoping my character would fall in love with May or someone

V 1 Comment
25 Journey to Every Region In One Whole Game V 1 Comment
26 Humans Turning Into Pokemon

In the main series, not the Mystery Dungeon games. Doesn't that hold some potential for a good game plot?

27 Genetically Modified Pokemon

AWESOME, I can create shadow Jolteon & sudden death Pikachu (the sudden death gene is passed) - JolteonIsAwesome

V 1 Comment
28 Pokemon As Food

Magikarp finally good for something

Lol - Zume

It might be delicious to have Magikarp & chips
lol - JolteonIsAwesome

29 Dittotwo
30 Pikachu Swapped for Other Pokemon
31 Eevee Normal Type Evolution

That could be a mega evolution for eevee.

He has so many different evolutions, why not a normal evolution. Eeveeon

V 3 Comments
32 Weird Hybrid Instead of Regular Pokemon
33 Starters Get Mega Evolutions

I mean all the starters final forms. That would be great!

34 Ash Becomes Champion

My money is on the end of a long-going show.

V 2 Comments
35 Pokemon Cloning

I think this is cool

36 Buying Starters
37 Professor Oak Dies V 1 Comment
38 Pokemon Combinations

Mew 2 combined with lugia, pikachu and raquaza. Think of the possibilities

39 Pokemon and Humans Switch Places

How does it feel to be attacked by others? - Super64Mario

V 2 Comments
40 Pokemon Mutations

Imagine mutating Charizard or legendaries! Mutating Groudon! Amazing!

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