Top Ten Pokemon Who Had No Evolution Line Until a Later Generation

Self explanatory. These Pokemon used to not evolve or have a pre evolution, until a later generation was released.

The Top Ten

1 Yanma Yanma

Had no evolution until the release of Yanmega in Gen 4. - NikBrusk

2 Sneasel Sneasel

Didn't get an evolution until Gen 4, when Weavile was revealed. - NikBrusk

3 Electabuzz Electabuzz

Didn't have an evolution line until Gen 2, when Elekid was revealed, and Gen 4, when Electivire was revealed. - NikBrusk

4 Scyther Scyther

Had no evolution until Scizor was released in Generation 2. - Entranced98

No evolution until Gen 2, with the release of Scizor. - NikBrusk

5 Misdreavus Misdreavus

Didn't evolve until the Gen 4 release of Mismagius. - NikBrusk

6 Gligar Gligar

Had no evolution until Gen 4, when Gliscor was released. - NikBrusk

7 Onix Onix

Didn't evolve until the introduction of Steelix in Gen 2. - NikBrusk

8 Murkrow Murkrow

Didn't evolve until Gen 4, when Honchkrow was released. - NikBrusk

9 Tangela Tangela

Gen 4 is when he got an evolution, with Tangrowth. - NikBrusk

10 Chansey Chansey

No evolution line until Blissey was released in Gen 2 and Happiny was released in Gen 4. - NikBrusk

The Contenders

11 Magmar Magmar
12 Aipom Aipom
13 Dusclops
14 Espeon Espeon
15 Umbreon Umbreon
16 Magneton Magneton
17 Lickitung Lickitung
18 Rhydon
19 Seadra Seadra
20 Gloom
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