Top Ten Pokemon That You Shouldn't Enter Competitions With


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1 Togekiss

I adore togekiss, but its got a lot of tricks up its sleeves and that makes it super annoying in battle. However, my favorite Pokemon. - keycha1n

To me, I find that having a Togekiss is well... Cliche. - Delgia2k

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2 Rotom-Wash

Rotom Wash. Where do I begin? You are a staple on my team, but gosh darn are you so annoying to face! - keycha1n

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3 Klefki Klefki
4 Smeargle
5 Sableye Sableye
6 Mega-Lopunny
7 Skarmory Skarmory

The reason why I choose to enter Skarmory is because that:
1: Skarmory has a high defense and is immune to pretty much everything
2: Skarmory balances out my Gallade's attack
3: It's possible for one to know roost, meaning more turns to take and less moves to use
So in my eyes, it's pretty decent. - FrostbitetheShivertooth

This Pokemon is great in competition, why he is in this list

8 Garchomp Garchomp

Wait, wait this Pokemon battle is tremendous and if you put it to compete destroys competition

It will crush any Pokemon in sight, it would be such a delightful battle for you. - Delgia2k

9 Chansey

This Pokemon... What did she/he ate in breakfast? - Delgia2k

10 Ferrothorn

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11 Magikarp Magikarp
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