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21 Not Blametruth
22 Wooggle Smith
23 ThePokeCapital
24 Bird Keeper Toby

My favorite youtuber ingeneral, Honestly. Love his content.

Great theory's among other videos, bird keeper tody is a great and original youtuber 😉😊

25 shofu

Why the hell is shofu 26th? I love his videos and he should be in the top 3

Why the hell is shofu 24th? I love his videos and he should be in the top 3

Why the hell is shofu 28th? I love his videos and he should be in the top 3

Every thing is awesome because of him

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26 Pyrotoz

'You guys wanna see a dank play? '

27 Verlisify

Really passionate, great content on his channel and does all he can to make the pokemon community better.

Why is he 26? He should be lower.

Really nice guy, but he gets a lot of hate because he stands up against cheaters.

Just an awesome guy. Does not deserve the hate for not liking smogon and saying cheating is wrong. Plus, most people hate him because false attack videos.

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This guy's awesome! His theme team series is so much fun!

Second best to purple rodri

He is awesome pure awesome

He rekts teams...

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29 ShadyPenguinn

Shady is the most genuine person I've ever seen on YouTube. He's super funny and incredibly likable. He doesn't swear or call people he plays against "trash" when using certain Pokemon, and is always super positive. When he gets excited (which is a LOT) you get excited. By far that best on this list!

How is this guy not at the top?!?!?

You can watch any Youtuber but no one is as motivating and smile inducing as he is. Shady is the absolute best. I really wish he got more attention and views on youtube so he can truly do what he wants. Entertain you.

He is hilarious and did you ever heard him when he sees a critt

30 HoodlumScrafty V 2 Comments
31 Ace Trainer Liam

He’s a great LP tuber and really knows his stuff. He has a positive attitude and cares about his supporters

32 TheAuraGuardian

He is so funny

The Aura Guardian is senpai for all those who subscribe to him.

Quite surprised he's this far down, because he is the funniest PokeTuber I've ever watched. Scratch that, funniest YouTuber. He does things much differently from other PokeTubers, while still showing us the facts. Also, I know this is probably just me, but I like how he doesn't play the games that much, because I like watching fact videos. Don't get me wrong; I know he's not the best (TheJWittz definitely deserves #1), but in my opinion, TheAuraGuardian is my favorite PokeTuber of all time. Also, I recommend his video ¨How to Evolve Eevee Into Sylveon.¨ Most hilarious video ever. Just search that title into YouTube, and note the disclaimer at the beginning.

33 Adrive

Amazing Battler, Godlike Shiny hunter, and has the smile to please ALL

Really cool guy

34 Kristuvus
35 giancarloparimango11
36 AdamantDitto
37 TheCatsMeowth
38 Preston Ward Condra

Putting every single Team Rocket Blast Off in chronological order was fantastic.

39 Pokemon Insider
40 PokemonRangerboy12

He is the greatest Amourshipping channel on YouTube

He's a great Amourshipping Youtuber

Awesome guy, he makes hilarious crack videos and accurate evaluations of the anime. Also I love some of his AMV's and just the way he does his work. Probably in my top ten favorite YouTubers in general, not just Pokémon

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