Top 10 Animals That Should Have a Pokemon Based After Them

There are so many animals that should have a Pokémon based after them, but they don't. Tell me what they are.
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1 Red Panda The red panda (Ailurus fulgens), or also known as the red bear-cat or the red cat-bear, is a mammal native to the Eastern Himalayas and Southwestern China. Despite having the word "panda" in its name, it's not a panda. It's closely related to raccoons

I'm currently creating my own Pokemon region and the fire type starter is one YAY!

Red pandas could be a grass/fairy type

Welcome to the Pokemon world, Stuffel.

Should be a Pokémon version.

2 Blue Jay The Blue Jay (Latin name 'Cyanocitta Cristata') is a passerine bird in the Corvidae family . It's also known as a 'Jaybird' and it's name comes from it's noisy nature . It is native to North America and is in most of eastern and central US although some go to to other countries . Breeding populations more.

Funny how the top three are now Pokemon, I voted blue jay. It is one of my favorite birds, so it sounds like an awesome Pokemon.

There should be Pokémon based after specific birds

3 Orangutan

Welcome to the Pokemon world, Oranguru.

We have Oranguru.

4 Koala

Welcome to the Pokemon world, Komala.

We have Komala.

5 Platypus The platypus, also known as the duck-billed platypus, is a semiaquatic egg-laying mammal endemic to eastern Australia, including Tasmania.

If they make an Australia region for Gen 8, they better have a platypus as the water starter. I was thinking first it would start out as Water type, then the next two would be Water/Poison. Cute, slowly evolving into awesome.

I’m even though psyduck literally has duck in its name, I’m still convinced that it is a platypus

6 Mosquito Spanish for "small fly," mosquitoes are insects that have been known to cause various diseases. A sample of diseases caused by mosquitoes: malaria, yellow fever, Chikungunya, West Nile virus, dengue fever, filariasis, Zika virus.

Wonder what moves this Pokemon would use. Special ability: Mosquito Bite?

Welcome to the Pokemon world, Buzzwole! :D

its weak because they can punch it but it can have dangerous virus and can kill any pokemon disadvantage is that they are very irratating

We have Buzzwole.

7 Golden Frog
8 Ocelot The ocelot, also known as the dwarf leopard, is a wild cat distributed extensively within South America including the islands of Trinidad and Margarita, Central America, and Mexico. It has been reported as far north as Texas.

An Ocelot Pokemon would be very cute

Isn't Liepard kinda like both an ocelot and a cheetah?

9 Gorilla Gorillas are ground-dwelling, predominantly herbivorous apes that inhabit the forests of central Sub-Saharan Africa.

Bruh what. Forget rillaboom, Slaking is based partly on a gorilla that's why its speed is so high

They just added a Gorilla in sun and moon

We have Rillaboom and Slaking.

Welcome to the Pokémon world, Rillaboom!

10 Badger Badgers are short-legged omnivores in the family Mustelidae, which also includes the otters, polecats, weasels and wolverines.

Typhlosion is a honey badger

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11 Sponge

A Spongebob Pokemon?

12 Manatee

Any way there is dugong which a relative to manatee

13 Tanooki

We have Sentret.

14 Peacock The peafowl include two Asiatic bird species (the blue or Indian peafowl originally of India and Sri Lanka and the green peafowl of Myanmar, Indochina, and Java) and one African species (the Congo peafowl native only to the Congo Basin) of bird in the genera Pavo and Afropavo of the Phasianidae family, more.

Welcome to the pokemon world ho-Oh!

15 Narwhal
16 Worm

A worm? What is the market for a worm, when it evolves it evolves to a bigger worm,
Plus Weedle is named after a worm :/

There just should be

17 Dolphin Dolphins are a widely distributed and diverse group of fully aquatic marine mammals. They are an informal grouping within the order Cetacea, excluding whales and porpoises, so to zoologists the grouping is paraphyletic.

Ultra Sun and Moon might just be another chance to get a dolphin Pokémon.


18 Coqui
19 Bush Baby

poison and dark type maybe

20 Flamingo Flamingos or flamingoes are a type of wading bird in the genus Phoenicopterus, the only genus in the family Phoenicopteridae.

Shame to see it didn't make it to the Sun and Moon roster.

Mabye a Water-Flying or a Water-Steel even.ha a steel Flamingo!

21 Meerkat The meerkat or suricate is a small carnivoran belonging to the mongoose family. It is the only member of the genus Suricata.

We have Watchog,

22 Spix's Macaw
23 Tardigrade
24 Human Humans are not exactly wild animals, but they are not domesticated either. Humans are proven to be the most intelligent species of animals on Earth. Humans' colours vary from almost pepper black to milky white.

UH... Humanoid Pokemon get ruined by the fanbase so Human pokemon would be so much worse.

Um humans are NOT animals when will you people learn!?

There's a lot of human like pokemon,they even have there own egg group.

No way (there's already a bunch of Pokémon in Human-like Egg Groups)

25 Hummingbird Hummingbirds are birds from the Americas that constitute the family Trochilidae. They are among the smallest of birds, most species measuring 7.5–13 cm. they are the cutest birds in the world

I want to see this so bad! And the Alola region is the perfect place to introduce one. Make it happen!

It's perfect to be a pokemon! but, is altaria a hummingbird?

Speed stats would be optimally high if we were to ever get a hummingbird Pokémon.

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