Top 10 Easiest Pokemon Gym Leaders

Have you ever gone to a Gym Leader and thought to yourself, "Oh my god, this is going to be hard!" Then, you realize that you grinded levels for nothing, and you easily beat him or her. Today, I will be listing the easiest Gym Leaders.
The Top Ten
1 Bugsy (Generation 2)
2 Viola (Generation 6)
3 Blaine (Generation 1)

At this point, you pretty much had a Water type on your team that knows Surf, so it shouldn't be hard.

You literally HAVE to have a type advantage to battle him.

4 Ramos (Generation 6)

He's a grass gym leader for crying out loud. If you know me, I ALWAYS have a fire type with me. So to me, this was incredibly easy. At least the gym design was epic.

Gogoat for some shocking reason destroyed my Charmeleon, I don't know why (UM BULLDOZE) but other than that I sweeped him with Drifblim.

5 Brock (Generation 1) Brock is a character from Pokemon and is created by game freak & Nintendo. He was the first gym leader in pewter city, and specializes in rock Pokemon . more.

This might've been a challenge to people who chose Charmander, but all you really need is a Nidoran with Double Kick, or a Mankey.

6 Wulfric (Generation 6)
7 Chuck (Generation 2)
8 Whitney (Generation 2)

Before you get the pitchforks on me, let me explain. She's a NORMAL type, and I thought you guys said it's the worst type in the series. All you need is a female Geodude and crush her Milktank with Self-Destruct.

9 Crasher Wake (Generation 4)

I'm talking about Platinum, and it's not that hard IF you have a Grass or Lighting. I had a Kirlia with Magical Leaf, and a Luxio.

10 Roxanne (Generation 3)
The Contenders
11 Giovanni (Generation 1)
12 Sabrina (Generation 1) Sabrina is a fictional character in the Pokemon universe as the gym leader of the Saffron City Gym who specializes in psychic type Pokemon.

Psychic-types in gen 1 ended up being extremely overpowered due to the few bug-type moves available were very weak. Also, there was a glitch where Ghost-type moves didn't effect Psychic-types when they were supposed to be super-effective. The situation was fixed in gen 2 with the glitch being fixed, the addition of the dark-type, and better moves of all types.

What? She's easily one of the hardest, expcally if this is the original R/G/B/Y where psychic types where basically like dragon types with only 1 weakness, but that weakness was also weak to psychic types because the only ghost Pokemon where also poison type back then & bug Pokemon attacks only had 1 attack that only jolteon knew & it was a bad move anyways. Take into account that her Pokemon are around level 50 or higher (at least in yellow, for the others I don't remember) yea she's actually very hard expcally for a later on gym leader. Her alakazam is extremely high level & quick. You may be able to defeat her if you have a relatively high level gengar, but that's only possible nowadays if you have 2 game boys & a trade link cable. If we are counting them non cheating say then she's one of the hardest (though, Whitney is way more frustrating unless you have a female geodude).

13 Falkner (Generation 2)

If you chose Chikorita like I did, you will find this gym near impossible.

14 Clay (Generation 5)

This guy took me a minute or less on my first playthrough of White 1.

15 Burgh (Generation 5)
16 Milo (Generation 8)
17 Brawly (Generation 3)

Even though this was the 2nd gym in Hoenn, there a lot of options to use to take down his Pokemon, like Ralts, Taillow, and Combusken with Peck.

18 Flannery (Generation 6)

Ok, let me explain. I chose Mudkip, which is actually the best starter in every generation.
None of her Pokèmon are fully evolves, which means they have low base stats. Also, Swampert is 4x effective against Fire-types. If you chose Mudkip, it's basically an automatic win.

Best pokemon gym leaders!

19 Nessa (Generation 8)
20 Allister (Generation 8)
21 Kabu (Generation 8)
22 Misty (Generation 1)
23 Wattson (Generation 3)
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