Pokemon GBA ROM Hacks You Would Like to Rate Most

I has returned, with the latest addition of the ‘Like to rate most’ saga.
The Top Ten
1 Pokemon Glazed

- The character design is pretty bad. It's mostly actual trainer sprites edited but the designs just have this uncanny look to them.
- The variety of mons isn't the best.
- A Physical/Special split exists, but new moves added in later generations to help it don't. That and all the mons' movesets have only up to what they were in the GB generations. Any newer mon basically have a moveset with any new moves taken out.

- Some of the best gameplay I've had in anything Pokemon related.
- The secrets are fun to look out for.
- Plot isn't really that bad.

- Enjoyable.
- The first 2 flaws just simply add to the charm of the game.

Overall: 9/10. In spite of the problems (except for the last one) it is easily my favourite Pokemon hack. It just has this charm to it and the gameplay is just outstanding.

2 Pokemon theta emerald ex

- Apparently the first one had free starters/gifts you can get but this doesn't. Don't you just love sequels that remove stuff from the original?
- My nuzlocke of it is going atrociously.
- Pretty easy. There are even some trainers that use a weaker creature compared to what they had in the original.
- questionable movesets on certain mons.
- HMs can be deletable. (Even though it doesn't matter.)
- Massive variety of mons.
- Major bosses have near full teams.
- Almost all modern changes to the games are available.

Overall: 7.5/10. All my complaints to this hack are from my nuzlocke of it.

3 Pokemon Ultra Tipos

- The TMs. The TM situation in this game is simply horrendous. Almost everything is a horrible move, anything that wasn't bad was something that was way too situational. And the TM distribution was never changed.
- Nitpick, but the shiny encounter rate is off the scale. This makes it hard to decide what to do in a nuzlocke. Is it a free encounter, even if it shows up all the time? For me, I counted it at first but then decided that shinies in this hack don't count as free encounters.
- Too gimmicky with so many different forms of creatures.
- A lot of things in the hack were seemingly changed for no reason.

- Some new creatures are fun to use.

Overall: 2/10. I wanted to like this, I really did. But the TM situation, the shiny situation, and everything else made it just irritating for me to play. I legitimately quit my nuzlocke of it because the game was just not fun. I highly recommend you all don't play this.

4 Pokemon Cloud White

- Doesn't do a whole lot to keep your attention.
- There are some areas that get pretty boring.
- The fresh water glitch. Yeah, it's not a big pro, but all opponents constantly spamming fresh waters that genuinely don't do anything made the game pretty fun for my nuzlocke.
- The mons' summary screen show IVs.

Overall: 4.5/10 It's okay. Just okay. Not good or bad or anything, it's fine, just not that interesting. Maybe I should try the 2 (yes, 2) sequels...

5 Pokemon Fuligin
6 Pokemon Ultra Red Infinity
7 Pokemon Onyx Blue

- The mapping. (It's not really as bad as what people say, but it is still a thing)
- The opponent's levels don't change from the original. (The mons do though)
- Grinding spots. Tons of them. Though I mostly used them to grind my psuedo legendary up.
- The starter choices.
Overall: 7.5/10

8 Pokemon Naranja
9 Pokemon Cawps
10 Pokemon Nameless
The Contenders
11 Pokemon Dreams
12 Pokemon Resolute
13 Pokemon Mega Power
14 Pokemon Polka Aqua
15 Pokemon Snakewood
16 Pokemon Victory Fire

-Very rough beginning
-Ash Ketchum and N. cameos aren't that great.
-A few Pokemon are locked depending on your character gender
-Plenty of rivals that weren't really that necessary

-Variety of Pokemon up to Gen-7
-Victini is really useful when you get it in-story
-Post-game is actually a delightful challenge
-Main rival actually becomes a gym leader

Overall 6/10

17 Pokemon Light Platinum
18 Pokemon Sweet
19 Pokemon Rocket Science
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