Top 10 Best Pokemon ROM Hacks

The Top Ten
1 Pokémon Adventure - Red Chapter

You Play As Manga Red, enough Said

2 Pokémon Light Platinum
3 Pokémon Dark Rising
4 Pokémon Victory Fire
5 Pokémon AshGray
6 Pokémon Glazed
7 Pokemon DarkCry
8 Pokémon ChaosBlack
9 Pokémon Flora Sky
10 Pokémon Liquid Crystal
The Contenders
11 Pokémon Dark Rising 2
12 Pokemon Prism

It's crystal rom hack but
+You can customize your avatar
+You can play as your pokemon
+New types Gas and Sound
+New Legendaries
+New Regions named Naljo and Rijon
+You can evolve your pokemon without trade
+Gen 3-4-6 pokemons added

13 Pokémon My Ass

I love the smell of this game!

14 Pokémon Fuligin
15 Pokemon Clover
16 Pokémon Snakewood
17 Pokemon Insurgence
18 Pokemon FireRed: Rocket Edition
19 Pokemon Crystal 2.0
20 Pokémon Brown
21 Pokémon Adventure - Green Chapter
22 Pokemon Gaia

Even Though It's Still In Beta, It Has A Complete Storyline, Is A Hack Of Fire Red And Has Gen 4-6 Pokemon

23 Pokemon Uranium
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