Top 10 Pokeshipping Moments

Top 10 Pokeshipping moments from the Pokemon anime and movies.
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1 Team Rocket accusing them of being a couple and both Ash and Misty stare at each other for a few seconds before blushing and trying to deny it in Pokeball Peril

After being captured by Team Rocket they notice that Brock isn't with them and accuse them of being lovebirds followed by both Ash and Misty staring at each other for a couple of seconds before blushing than being in denial with Team Rocket continuing to tease them.

Those two were totally blushing.

Sorry but faulty proof to me (like all ash’s side of abuseshipping hints). Misty is the only one clearly blushing, it’s impossible to tell if ash is blushing. And Jessie just said “but you’re blushing” NOT “but you’re both blushing” or “but you two are blushing” or anything like that. Abuseshipping only one sided like boreshipping is.

2 Misty admitting to Melody that Ash is "her burden" and goes off to rescue him in The Power of One

And still this is one sided. Ash ditched misty after Johto & isn't ‘her burden’ anymore.

3 Misty roots for Ash over Rudy in Misty Meets Her Match

Misty actually becomes torn between staying with Rudy or staying with Ash, According to the original Japanese version Rudy not only asks her to stay with him but also asks her to marry him which causes Misty to make a very difficult decision during the battle Misty makes her choice pretty clear cheering on Ash with Rudy stating the obvious that she wants him he even tries to hint to Ash telling him that he's a very lucky guy of course Ash fails to understand what he means by that.

The best part in this episode was that his squirtle learns hydro pump

The user 'Liinde' needs to shut up and stop going anonymous you yellow bellied coward.

& then Danny comes along & she continually roots against him for a insta crush she got on Danny. Abuseshipping ftl

4 Ash returns to Kanto to be welcomed by Misty in Scott and the Battle Frontier

She can be a nice friend to ash once in awhile. Cool.

5 Ash's reaction to seeing Misty with her hair down and dressed in a formal kimono in The Ghost of Maiden's Peak

Ash really took notice to Misty's look, he took a really good look at her while the romantic harp strings being played in the background, and Misty's surprised facial expression clearly shows that she's being looked at with interest, I don't remember ever seeing Ash act that way around Serena during their time in Kalos.

Where he just stares at her stupidity without even a blush. Honestly, ash’s face screamed “wow, she can look like a girl.” And even if ash found her ‘attractive’ then, it was in clothes she usally has no interest in. So misty would have to dress uncomfortably to please ash. Too bad ash regularly finds her “ugly” & “looks like a boy,” not finding beauty in whatever she wears or how she has her hair.

And while I’m far for boreshipping, there’s a similar moment with ash & Serena where after Serena kissed ash, ash got a ‘spirkily look’ in his eyes (doesn't happen unless something emotional is happening) when saying goodbye to her. Obviously both things mean nothing & both ships are bad.

6 Misty follows Ash in Ash Catches a Pokemon

While making his way though the Viridan Forest Ash and Pikachu notice Misty following them and after being spotted hides behind a tree as Ash puts her on the spot asking why she is following him and she unconvincingly tells him that she holds him responsible for her bike being destroyed but it becomes apparent that it wasn't the bike that she is after but rather she really wanted to travel with him but doesn't want to admit the obvious especially at the end of the episode when she says "I've never known anyone like him, He really does love Pokemon"

Yes, it’s one sided like macey, Anabel, Angie, and Serena. Ash sees them as all friends, nothing more.

7 Misty getting jealous when Melody kissed Ash in The Power of One

If Misty didn't have any feeling for Ash it wouldn't have bothered her after seeing Melody kiss him, it didn't just bother her she was really upset about it not only in this scene but later during the ceremony after Melody performs then kneels next to Ash and grabs a hold of his arm causing Misty to gasp then growls as she gives her a really mean look of jealously, then later after Ash goes off to retrieve the stones and a storm hits leading to Melody to go his rescue as Misty joins her while continuing to try and convince her that she doesn't secretly like him even though Melody never brings it up in this scene Melody even states "You sure are sensitive about a guy who's not your boyfriend".

And ash never seemed to have gave a f about misty in that whole movie (he didn't care about melody ether, but still).

8 Misty asks Ash to dance with her in The Ghost of Maiden's Peak

And ash wanted to dance with May in a movie, but wasn't allowed to. And ash wanted to dance with dawn, but dawn wasn't into the festival so declined. Ash likes to dance, dancing with someone =/= both want to date each other. I guess Steven wanted to bang everyone at the ball in Steven Universe 🙄

The one thing that Serena never got to do with Ash.

Take that, serena!

Considering ashs dancing skills,that is too cute

9 Ash gets jealous of Misty's crush on Danny to the point where he becomes too distracted and falls down the mountain a bit in Navel Maneuvers

This wasn't the first time that Ash had gotten jealous by the thought of another guy in Misty's life, he becomes so distracted by Misty's crush on Danny that he almost falls to his death and when he and Danny finally make it to the top of the mountain he runs over to Misty and Tracy only for Misty to run right past him and goes over to Danny and this really bothers Ash.

Ash again didn't want misty romantically ever. Ash is a kid who wants to be seen as the best, & Misty who usally is mostly inparcal to ash’s matches is suddenly rooting AGAINST ash for a guy who they JUST MET WHO HAS NOTHING TO GAIN from beating ash. So yea, what IS so great about him? And ash didn't care that misty ran to Danny or was catering to him. He was upset that everyone had or was getting a blanket except him & he was freezing. Fail hint & moment.

I don’t think he was jealous, at least in not that he secretly wanted to bang her. He was just upset that a supposed ‘friend’ was cheering against him when she’s known him longer, & Danny has nothing to gain from ash losing. And the blanket thing? Please, ash was cold, & everyone ether had blankets or was getting catered to one. What about him?

And ether way, this is a terrible hint on Misty’s side, as she treated ash like he wasn’t there & showed no interest in him throughout the episode, going so far as to cheer against him & showing no support for ash.

Misty’s a b***h, cheering against Ash because of some insta crush. At least with Brock with Lucey, Brock supported both to win & didn’t completely cheer against Ash! Good riddance to this b***h.

10 Ash becoming distracted when rudy was flirting with misty from misty meets her match

Dumb abuseshippers. Ash was distracted because Rudy was being an awful judge & not paying proper attention to ash’s performance to be able to fairly judge him. I hope you all fail in something that requires a judge because they cared more about flirting/getting with someone than what your doing.

An for the third time Ash becomes really bothered by seeing Misty with another guy while going through the first part of the challenge.

I hate pokeshippers using this as a hint. He wasn’t distracted because ‘Rudy is flirting with his wannabe wifeu,” But because Rudy was being a terrible judge & not doing his job. He asks him what he thinks of ash’s performance, but when he turns around he notices the moron not even paying attention & gets pissed from that! Isn’t that understandable, at least more so than an oblivious 10 yr old wants to get with a girl whose called her ugly & implied she looks like a guy on multiple occasions? Rudy should be fired.

Yes he got distracted

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11 Misty says Ash is never alone, because he has her

So where is she in USUM now? I don't see her lol!

Ash and Misty belong eachother
Amourshiping sucks

12 Ash asks to dance with Misty and says no to Melody

Never happened. & in any case, it doesn’t matter, as ash wanted to dance with May in a movie, & dawn in the main series. & willingly went to a dance with minette.

That really happened

13 Misty says to Ash, you and I will be married someday too in The Heartbreak of Brock.

What a bad dub hint. She said something completely different in the original, & even in the dub, it was way more likely she meant in general & not with each other. Way to make misty sound like a phycho yandere, abuseshippers!

I wish It was true but it isn't

14 Misty diving in the water to save Ash from drowning

What are u guys talking
Misty just risked her life

Saving someone doesn't mean the person has to be forced to marry you or even love you. Ash has saved a lot of people, but it has nothing to do with him being meant to be with them & it’s more that he’s a caring person that doesn't want people to get hurt or die. Misty saved rudy’s sister from drowing, I guess misty & rudy’s sister belong together too?

15 Misty teasing Ash about taking his Z-ring
16 Ash telling Max that there once was a good friend he had and her misses her everyday.
17 Misty says Ash climbs just like a monkey with an impressed tone while she watches Ash climb to Celebi with a smile on her face

And ash never teases misty like that. Abuseshipping is one sided.

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